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FOB AccessoriesRip off

Horrible products, cheaply constructed, ignorant employees and they use foreign labor. In business you expect to deal with reasonable people, of course you are going to have deals go wrong that this is no excuse for poor people skills and ignorance. I know the owner of this company on a personal level and he is a bad person and a deadbeat. I would strongly avoid people to avoid dealing with this company or with this man, Don McLane. He will find a way to rip you off, rest assured.

I have never written a bad review ever until today, thats how upset I am!


  • Ji
    Jim Nov 14, 2008

    I agree. He ripped off me and a few of my customers. I also know Don personally, and at first he is a very pleasant guy, but after you get to know him, he the kind of guy that will stab you in the back.

    I will never do business with him again. It looks to me as if their website is down. I wonder if they are going out of business. I sure hope so, so that other unsuspecting customers don't get ripped off.

    Don't buy foreign made merchandise! It undermining our economy. Dont buy from Fobaccessories. I MEAN YOU HOT TOPIC!!!

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  • Bo
    Boo May 15, 2009

    From knowing the situation first hand, and seeing that nothing has changed, I have to say these comments are not completely off base. In fact I think these gentlemen are being more than diplomatic than I would had I not had these few years to dissipate and simmer off my rage. He is a bad man.

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  • Ek
    ekdavis37 Sep 22, 2010

    I have bought from him and was so embarrassed. Each item I have paid for has baicially broken with in the first time wearing it. Once even in front of someone. I knew I wasn't getting complete quality but only having something for an hour I would have thought my item for 7 dollars or more would have lasted me at least that. I feel robbed by this man and he sold me with a genuine smile as being a small business family man. Pathetic... I have learned my lesson and will never spent another dime on his products. I have met this man and his family, and yes he does seem like a nice guy but he is a rip off and have not heard any other decent thing about that man at all. Horrible boss and horrible business owner. It's such a shame and absolutely pathetic.

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  • Sc
    Scammed by Don Dec 02, 2015

    Him and his wife are now scamming people on eBay under the user id of "alexisjadeboutique" but this time with hoverboards. They advertise a fair market price with stock in Maryland but the truth is they don't have any. They scammed hundreds of people.

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