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the gun leaks profusely. How can I fix it. If I buy a replacement, how much is


I waited patiently, no response after 8 days so I emailed again:

From: Randy Filkin <filkin_randy AT yahoo.com>

Subject: Re: Acknowledge: When you were offline (via LivePerson) (Ticket# LTK14501332942X)

To: "Support Group" <support AT fna-group.com>

Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2008, 9:30 AM

8 days later and still no response?

Still no response to my ticket, NO contact tn ANYWHERE on their website. I only found a ph # because I looked up their domain name. I called [protected] and all that is a recording referring me to a cust svc PH#. I called THAT #, [protected] and all that is a recording referring me BACK to the website.


  • Mi
    miles harden Nov 05, 2008

    i purchased some parts on or around the 20th of september and have yet to receive them. (part #7000292)I also ordered two too many and i would like that corrected as well. thankyou

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  • Jm
    jms Jun 13, 2009

    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Husky/Home Depot Powerwasher online

    Last year my 1550 husky powerwasher would loose pressure.

    This year it leaked water.

    I called for assistance and tried to describe the part I needed.

    I was told a part would be sent, but was given no confirmation information.

    A week later I called to confirm the order. It was never confirmed.

    Over 2 weeks later I get the part.

    I again have to call the help line because I can not get the plastic part out of the Micro Switch chamber (which is the part that was broken and leaking, there was nothing actually wrong with the Manifold.) An hour later, you tell me that the Manifold should have the Microswitch attached. All I recieved was the Manifold with no Microswitch attached.

    I call again to state that the part as you are describing it is not what I got.

    You send another one, and again it is not as you describe, again it is the Manifold with no Microswitch attached.

    I also discover you can not get the plastic part out of the Micro Switch chamber without breaking the chamber. (but that doesnt matter because according to you, you are sending a new one... not)

    After about 10 phone calls, (about 1/2 that went unanswered because during your time of 8 am - 6 pm CST you do not always answer the phone) and several hours of wasted time, I threw my broken powerwasher, in pieces, in a box and took it back to Home Depot and told them to remedy the problem.

    I would like to thank Tony for trying to help, he was nice.

    Overall you are clueless, and generally not helpful. If you do not have the ability to help a frustrated customer, you are in the wrong career. One guy commented, "not very mechanical are you", well ###, I got the thing apart and figured out what the problem was and for a middle aged female I would say, that classifies me as mechanical. Also I did not realize that my one year warranty meant I had to repair it.

    So thanks to you, I have wasted over a month just trying to get 1 stinking part for my under warranty power washer, only to receive the wrong parts and bad customer service. Get a clue, not all customers are idiots.

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  • Cu

    Dear valued customer,
    I represent the Customer Service Team here at Husky PowerWasher. I apologize for the experience you had with our Customer Service Department.
    We would like to correct this issue to your full satisfaction.

    Please contact us at 888-550-1606 or [email protected]

    Thank you,
    Husky PW Customer Service Team

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  • Up

    Do Not buy a Husky powerwasher. Getting a replacement part is impossible. They have had my money for over a month. THEY KEEP MAKING EXCUSES. CUSTOMER SERVICE... WHAT A JOKE.

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  • Cu

    I am a Customer Service Representative at the Husky Power washer Company. Please accept my apology for the issue you experienced with your order.

    Please contact us at 888 550 1606 or [email protected]

    When leaving us a voicemail, please provide your full telephone number including the area code. We also ask that you speak clearly.

    Reference this posting(07/30/1001) when you make contact and we will resolve this issue to your full satisfaction.

    Thank you,

    Husky Customer Service Team

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  • Th
    Thomie Bronx Jul 12, 2011

    I also had no luck contacting any one at an of the 8 phone # I was able to find. Its bad enough that my Husky 1550 caught fire after not even 80 hrs of overall use but they have the worst customers service dept I have ever dealt with . They say they will contact you in less than 48 hrs - they dont. and the online chat staff is a joke. Spend some extra money & buy a better product. My problem has been going on for weeks now. When they finally did respond & sent me a refurbished machine they also sent me a broken nozzle that made using the machine impossible. which prompted a second go round with these idiots.Im about to ready to drive to Elk Grove, Ill & throw this piece of junk through their window. DON'T buy one.

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