FlyDubaino refund and flydubai lie about not showing up at the airport

K Sep 30, 2019

I had booked three Flydubai tickets costing INR 29, 472‬ through Cheaptickets from Mumbai to Dubai on 14th September 2019. At the airport, ticketing staff didn't allow us to board the flight claiming that 30kgs is not included in the tickets. When we had checked with Cheaptickets on baggage allowance, they had confirmed that as per airlines the allowed baggage is 30kg check in and 7kg hand luggage. We didn't call Cheaptickets once but three times to confirm this information and each time they assured us the same thing. I lost INR 29, 472‬ and had to re-book flight for 17th September which costed INR 32, 136. Now, both flydubai and Cheaptickets blame each other for what has happened. When we called airlines to complaint and get the refund, they asked us to call Chepatickets. Cheaptickets refused to give the refund saying that they received confirmation from airlines that it was a 'no show', whereas when confirmed with Flydubai office, I was told that the report generated shows that because of the baggage issue we were not allowed to board the flight.

No mercy was shown to three ladies ( me, my mom who is an oestoarthritis patient and my younger sister) travelling alone for an early morning 5:10 a.m. flight. My mother was suppose to rejoin work from 14th September and now due to this incident, she suffered a loss of pay. My sister studying in 9th grade had her exams starting from 15th September which she wasn't be able write. How can an airlines claim 'no show' when we had reached airport on time? Don't airports have CCTV cameras? After communicating wrong information, how nicely Cheaptickets lied that the airlines has confirmed 'no show' and they cannot refund the money. Who will compensate for previous and re-booked tickets along with my mother's salary and my sisters missed exams?

I misjudged Cheaptickets as a good service provider and committed a mistake by booking through their site. I never expected FlyDubai to lie to its passengers as well. My strong advise to others not to book from these fraud companies and be a victim of their game.

Details of the booked flight, FZ - 446 are as below:

1st Passenger Name: Sangita Jayant Khiara
Pnr: PCH5B8

2nd Passenger Name: Kajol Jayant Khiara

3rd Passenger Name: Diya Jayant Khiara
Pnr: KW387I

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