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William, I had a same problem. I paid $4, 200 to FLM to process our loan modification. Before I paid the fees, this guy named John Chu, a Korean ### called me days and nights to convince me to open the case. I didn't believe them in the beginning. He called me 6 times a day to reach me. I think he had a great training skills to convince people like us. Guess what? after they got the fees it was my turn to call them days and nights to reach them. IT was January 09 to open the case. It's been 5 months that I haven't heard from them. I was contacted once from the ### called Vanessa Holland saying she needs some paperwork to be received. I faxed the same documents over and over. After that there was no response... I finally decided to reach them and as you know I couldn't get through. It seems like there are no one work in the company except this voice message machine. I kept leaving the message and no one called us back. Around February I was trying to get the refund because I felt it was kind of scam. When I called to get refund this ### called Michelle Morrow faxed me the refund paper to fill out. Right before I faxed it over, this son of a ### John called me again to convince me not to get the refund and had a full promise to get the money back if the case result is not satisfied. So I had to change my mind to continue.
At that time, I sort of believed them because they were willing to refund and faxed over the refund release form. You probably know what happened after that... I don't have to explain the exactly same thing...

After I read your complaints, I gave up on getting my refund. I think it's my fault that I didn't research fully on FLM. But I do not want to let them loose to take advantage of the already hurt innocent people like us. Someone blaiming homeowner like us (what was her name? Kitty?) I was so mad about her comment. Me and my husband work like a ### to have our 1st dream home and i had to quit my job to raise my adorable baby girl. Unfortunately I became disable (I lost my hearing...) and we had to take out 2nd mortgage for my medical expenses. At the same time, these housing crisis came and our house value dropped and can't even sell the house to pay back the loan. The reason why we are clinging to save our house is because it has sentimental values on it. It was our 1st home and we paid mortgages about 10 years now. We missed the 2 payments and the mortgages have been doubled. When I contacted our bank " Countrywide" for modification option, they haven't return my phone calls. I tried so many times but no body returned messages. This is why I ended up calling FLM. Of course we can always give up the house and move out to rent an apartment. But anybody here can give up the house they made payments for 10 years ! It was like your life savings. Maybe Kitty never had any chance to own home.
Anyway, I just like you want to revenge FLM. Is there anyway we can go for a class action? Maybe we can get our money back through small claims but I really want them to suffer. These people do not have feelings for the vulnerable people like us. Totally taking advantage of the vulnerable homeowners. Is there any way we can contacat the attorney who is specializing in class action civil suit? I can't even sleep these days whenever thinking about FLM. LET"S F_ _ _K THEM UP ! (Excuse my language, and excuse my English Grammer)


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