flight centre holiday bookingsdid not get what was paid for


To whom it may concern

Please could you advise me on a travel matter.

My family and I booked and paid for in full a travel holiday on a boat through Flight Centre Ballito.

We went to Flight Centre Ballito last year September and asked the travel agent please to book a familycabin (my husband, myself and two teenagers) then a cabin for my parents, and a cabin for my husbands parents. She then showed us the diffrent cruises and we agreed on one and told her to book. We paid deposits when asked and continually through out the year into 2012 I liased with her via email confirming our FAMILY cabin and were there web links so I could see that the Family cabin was big enough to which she sent me a FAMILY ROOM web link. I reponded to her that the FAMILY room was stunning and I could not wait! In 2012 we paid the outstanding amount and in June we went on the cruise! To our shock she had booked both our parents and us in THREE rooms that were identical... NO FAMILY ROOM (these rooms are really tiny). On the boat we tried to call her, no luck when we enquired with the staff on the boat they said the agent had never booked a Family room and the boat was full so they were unable to help us. The y were even shocked she put us in this little room as she knew the children were 15 and 17 and far to big to be put on a small matress, they confirmed that a family room would have been the best option especially since we booked so long in advance!

Once we arrived back from the vacation we asked why she never booked the FAMILY cabin she just replyed "you never asked!" This is definitally not true.

Please could you advise me of my rights as I cant believe that she can just deny it like this as all my emails continually asked about the FAMILY room!! I HAVE KEPT COPIES OF THEM SHOULD YOU REQUIRE PROOF.

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