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I have had an account with FF for one year now. They have me on a weekly payment of 67 dollars i have asked them over 10 times to have the payment fall on my pay period. They keep telling me that i am unable to do so. So every week i am late do to that, i have had my car reposed once in the year it took me a month to get it back after paying over 2,000 i had no choice but to do so. they have called and left threating messages over my answering machine and my friends as well. It's embarrassing to have everyone know that they are taking your car. They call me 8 times a day on top of calling me at work. I can not have personal calls at work, especial 8 times a day with them yelling at me. They will not work with me i tell them they will have the money in two days yet i still get calls every day. They don't care about you nor do they try to ever help you. I have had a loan thru a bank they did every thing to help me out. They never called me unless there was a short payment. All they want is there money but they don't give brakes nor will they ever an the people that work there don't care. it's horrible customer service if i acted like they do with my job i would of been fired a long time ago. I will re-finance as soon as i can. I will never tell anyone to go through them. I don't understand how they have not been shut down by the state yet. There is not one happy customer with them.


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Dec 14, 2010 11:44 pm

First off i would like to say your all my best friends and heros for being able to stick with this company. Here is my story, i was 20 yrs old and was looking to get a new car and i was told i could be finanaced through flamingo financing. My interest rate was 28% i knew little of interest at the time and how it really worked, it was my own fault but whatever, i asked after the first week to have bi monthy payment as mine were once a week and i got paid every 2 weeks, they said no and were very rude about it, well in the next few months there was a couple of times i was 1 day late they would contact my employer, family, and continue to call my cell phone non stop, i got the loan in oct of 06, and in apr of 07 i joined the marines, and sent them a copy of my service members relief act stating any payment i would have to make for the 3 months while i was at boot camp would be pushed back or thrown on the back end, while i was away they called my wife threatening to put me in jail if the payments wearent made, she got scared and made the payment for my protection, she didnt know the law, and the person she spoke with said she was a detective that worked for flamingo, i know now they were lying as i spoke with the same woman, so i got out of bootcamp, moved to california, everything was great until they called and said i owed 850 for the payments that were missed during those months, and the worst thing was they contacted my superiors, which is a very big deal, i told them i would try to make the payment by friday, i was able to pay them 950 an extra 100 for the next weeks payment, they called back 2 weeks later and said i owed them another 1000 dollars or they would come repo the car, i was fed up with the rudeness, lying, and just horrible customer service, so i gave them my address so they can come get the car, well it sat there for 2 weeks and they never came and got it, so i started to drive it again, its almost been 3 years since ive spoken with them they have not contacted me since then, well i was rear ended in the beginning of nov 2010 and the insurance company i totaling the car, and i know once they decide on the settlement they will need the lein holders info and when they contact them they are gonna come for me, well flamingo financing come get it, it will be sitting on cinderblocks in my driveway, stripped of anything valuable, i cant wait for them to contact me so i can give them a piece of my mind, I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE. FOR THE PEOPLE!

Oct 07, 2008 9:50 am

Flamingo Financing company is the worst company to get financed with. We purchased a car with them for 5000. and by the time we finish paying them off we would have paid 11000. They called my little sister who is 14 at the time and told her that they were going to put us in jail because we were one day late. They call us all time of the night and if you tell them its against the law the say its their automated system. My husband and i have had incident when we pay and they still call and say that we owe them money. Word of advice for anyone pay them only what you owe them Our payments use to be 55.00 a week and we decided to send them 5.00 extras for each of our payments; on day i decided to ask them where does our extra money go to and the said that our payments wasn't 55.00 anymore but it was now 60.00 so all the extra money we were given was part of our payment. We informed them that we were not adviced of thi and they could not do that because we didn't sign for that agreement and they told us either we make the payments or they will come and repo or car because we are a high risk loan. Recently we called them back because someone called and threaten my husband and myself and we call back to inform them they do not need to speak in that manner and the lady that placed the call hung up. We call back a total of 15 times and each time we had the same response. When we ask for their corporate number they continuously hung up and please don't dare ask for a supervisor because they will also hang up on you and tell you F**k You and hang up. Just to let anyone know that is having this problem their corporate number is online but i don't think that will be much help. i had the opportunity to speak with one nice person and she said if we call corporate they could lose their jobs for that

Apr 26, 2010 1:27 pm

I have retained a lawyer, anyone who would like to join or information my email is [email protected] I am in Florida.


Sep 22, 2009 2:17 pm

Is anyone actively suing FF...I intend to sue them asap. I am the classic customer who has been lied to and robbed by this company. If anyone can provide any advice or would like to join in on the law suit, please contact me via email [email protected]



Sep 18, 2009 9:47 pm

FF is the absolute worst loan company I have ever dealt with. The other day I dealt with a pleasant person and worked out a payment option because I lost my job. Money is tight and I am working on that. I paid a month of payments and I had two more weekly payments to get caught up. I called today to make a payment and she was an ###. She stated that if I make the one of two payments they can still come and repo the car. I asked her how they make money on loans and she said that most people that make their payments are on time but we would make money on your car going to the auction. LOL come take it! Some people take their job so personal and when you give a person that has never had power like these people they abuse it. I said listen I don't car I just want to make a payment.

She says, "I am going to end this phone call with you don't care and I will put your car in repo." WOW, I hope she comes to personally get it because I will beat her ###! DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY< HUGE MISTAKE AND I AM TAKING THIS TO THE PRESS. THAT IS IF I CAN GET THERE WITHOUT MY CAR GETTING REPO'D BECAUSE OF ONE WEEK $60.00 LATE PAYMENT. THAT'S RIGHT SIXTY DOLLARS NOT ANY MORE. LOL. I have been a customer over a year by the way. IDIOTS! YOU CAN CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE WWW.ABSOLUTEIDIOTS.COM/FLAMINGOFINANCING/SCREWINGYOUOVER.
The key to this story is I was calling to make a payment. I WAS MAKING A PAYMENT! NOT TRYING TO GET OUT OF ONE. IT’S BEEN LIKE THIS SINCE DAY ONE.

Sep 04, 2009 9:20 am

I agree with a lot of the comments that was mentioned. However, i see a lot of our complaints are not exactly alike but similar. We purchased our van from Chrysler in Ocala, Florida (Main Street). We purchased a 2003 Pontiac Montana and our payments were scheduled to be paid on Tuesday's & we went into the local office to sign a document with Flamingo to change our payment date & we changed to Friday's so we want be late and they have chaged it back twice to to Tuesday's & we have had to argue the fact that we have signed in their office to pay on Friday and there is a legal document states that & they still after six months want change it. We have also found where they are trying to make us pay on our vehicle longer then we suppose to. Everyone needs to get a lawyer or get together and get one because they are a rip off.

Two of there employeers mentioned to me that they are in bankruptcy and they have down size from over three hundred people inthe company & when they are finished with all of there contracts they will be closing the whole company...

So yes, they are trying to be very nasty (nastier) before they close the company. if you can until you resolve u'r situation try u'r best to pay on TIME!

Can't 4 get, yes, they r very nast, rude liars & have NO CONCIOUS!

Send u'r cimplaint to the better business bureau...


I have had FF for almost 3 years. They have applied my money to other peoples accounts and in turn call my mother & father. They dont talk to them though. Once I called them back they rudely say "So are you going to make your payment or am I going to have to come and take the car." They talked to me like I was trash! I think the dealerships have some type of deal with them. They must... I am paying 12000 for a 5500 car. WTF!? I was only 18 when I got it so I was dumb.. THANK GOD THEY ARE CLOSING AND NO ONE ELSE HAS TO DEAL WITH THEM. &&&&& it has not been reported to the credit people that I have never missed a payment or been late SOOOOO I cant refinance. Pretty smooth on their move... They must not report it until the final payment... I hate these people. && I agree with everyone... My water pump blew 33 days after having it... the warranty was for 30 days. Its a 2000 VW Jetta.. We have spent over 5, 000 fixing this hunk of junk & FF says they couldnt do anything...

Jul 13, 2009 11:09 pm

I too agree with all that I have heard. As of tonight I just experience the worst of Flamingo Finance. I have been attempting to make a payment and their automated system is not working. They have been calling my work phone which I will get fired for personal calls. I have asked them several times not to call and they do so anyway. Well today I called and called the numbers they are calling me from and could not get through to make my payment. They took my care sometime tonight and I cant even call them to find out where they took it or anything. I hate FF and I am in agreeance to anyone getting together and fighting back. It has to be unethical the way customers are treated as well as how they harass you on your job and with your relatives this is not fair at all.

Jun 29, 2009 8:29 pm

I have had my loan with this company for about 1 1/2 years.. Like reading the above complaints, I have to say they have been the same to me. One second late on a payment and the phone calls start.. Not only my phone but my friends and family.
I remember one time where I actually had a "nice" person to talk to and she told me that as long as the loan was current by the end of the month, that would be ok.
I usually call the automated system and see what I need to pay. One payment was less that what I owed. I paid that plus the stupid $5 fee they tack on. Well, about a week later, they were calling my friends and family again saying they needed to talk to me. I PAID WHAT THE SYSTEM TOLD ME TO!
I HATE this company! They're awful, rude and they use their scare tactics to everyone! I hate them so much that I wish the more people complain, they would shut down.
I'm trying so hard to get into another loan but as of now, like many, I have to deal with this horrible company. Awful! Makes you wonder if they're going thru tough times, but it gives them NO RIGHT to be so horrible!

Mar 24, 2009 2:19 pm

this is the worstttttttttttt company ever we shout join to get this repo off out of bussines, one time my husband was sick on the hospital for 1 month and i was on maternity so no of us was working...i call flamingo for some undertanding and help w any paymento option and they say no so we run late on our payments and 1 nigth at 3 am they came and took the car, but because the car block wen the alarm sound the ask me for the keys and i say let me take my stuff and i give u the keys so they did, i get my car back after pay like 1, 000 dollar plus 20 dollar for every day the car was there...i am 2180 so fay for finish after almost 2 year plus that wen the call all the numbers on your list the al rude and nasty, they call my job and tell about my bussines, that not eligal? my brother in law make a complaint w florida bussines let see what happen so if any one want to take accion email me or contact me i will more than happy

Feb 12, 2009 4:33 pm

I too have been screwed big time by them. I managed to pay this stupid loan off, or so I thought, now they're trying to tell me that they gave me a 3 month grace period. Now, anyone dealing with this company knows they call they start calling and harrassing you the second after your car payment is late, so how in the hell would I have gotten a grace period from them is beyond me. They said that I got a 56 day grace a couple of years back and that last week I got a 34 day grace period. I know for a fact that I didn't get a grace period last week because I thought I was done paying for the car and haven't spoken with them for months now. To me, the 56 days didn't make sense so they decided to add another 34 days, and when I confronted them with this the guy just hangs up on me. I'm trying to get a print out of my payments and of course have gotten nowhere with this. I call and get hung up on and trying to talk to someone there is ridiculous. My payment is over 400 a month so that's 1200 more they want from me for a car that I've paid well over 10 times the value of it. I will be finding out some more info on a class action suit, because this is just absolutely ridiculous and unjust. If anyone has gotten an attorney or wishes to join in a suit, please respond ASAP.

Jan 22, 2009 9:42 am


Sep 29, 2008 12:54 pm

I have had my loan now with FF a year Going thru some very difficult times now I called them requested some help or advise because my loan is behind 1month with weekly payments of 78.00 the rep. was very rude and said my car has been posted for repo.I said I have never been late and got very upset then she began to tell me to control my attitude and told me to make my payments and this would be avoided HOW DARE SHE TELL ME THAT!She does not know me or my situation I have worked 25 yrs.+ providing customer service and never would make that kind of REMARK or SUGESTION .I am taking the financial measures needed to end this loan ASAp because I refuse to let this company handle any of my FINANCIAL NEEDS .If you are wise you would do the same!

Jun 18, 2008 1:56 am

Hi I had A 2005 dodge carvan sxt i was making payment I fell behind 300 I call them but they still took my car at 1:30 am while my son was looking on I told them let me get my stuff out of the car and the towing company just drove off. I was very upset and sad at the sametime about what happen that time of night.

May 23, 2008 10:29 pm

I strongly agree to all previous statments listed above! When I purchased my car over 2 years ago from Manatee Motors in Jacksonville Fl, I explained that I worked for the state and my pay periods were By/Weekly. I told them that I wanted my payments to fall on Friday every other week. Manatee Motors agreed that There was no problem with the arangements. Shortly after I purchased the vehicle the owner of Manatee Motors was shot and Killed. Flamingo Financing immediatly started calling me a week later telling me my payment was late. I told them what my contract stated when I signed it. I was informed VERY RUDELY that Flamingo does not except those agrangements. That their payments are weekly. I then requested a copy of my contract and they stated that they do not have it, the company who sold the car is the ones who would hold that information. I explained that Manatee Motors is no longer open due to the owners death. They stated there was nothing they could do. After 6 months of talking to several people at Flamingo, they miraciously came up with a contract but after it was sent to me I noticed that it had been altered from the original one I signed. When I contacted them, they stated that it was not altered and informed me to PAY MY BILLS ON TIME. I even ask for a balance statement but they have never sent me one as of today.They call me about 20 times or more a day. They call my cell phone, my work, my home phone, as well as all my friends. When I ask them not to call my friends and my work number, I was informed that they use an automated service and that they have no control over the calling process. I explained that my payments are current then I ask why they are still calling. Again they stated until the system updated which can take to 7 days, the calls will still continue. They even told me to pay my payments ahead of time if I did not want them to call anymore. This is the WORST company I have ever had to deal with. The customer service Reps are Very Ignorant and Very Rude. They will not listen to anything you have to say, all they want to do is argue with you. I would not recommend this company nor will I ever use them again. I wish someone would do a class action lawsuit against this company, I would GLADLY join in.

May 22, 2008 11:17 am

I would not suggest this company to ANYONE! I was a day late on my weekly car payment of $50, they called me 8 TIMES IN ONE DAY! they left voice mail after voice mail!
It is ridiculous! Then they are very rude to you and hang up on the phone with you!
I can not wait to finish this loan because The car i got was CRAP and SO are the customer service reps there!
I would not suggest this car company to anybody and that is my honest opinion!

May 02, 2008 12:43 pm

FF is by far the wost company to ever exsist. They call me everyday, even when my monthly payments were paid. Every month that tell me I have no car insurance, which I do, or tell me I'm behind which I'm not. When you call them and ask to speak with a manager, they say they are. Not only are they the biggest group of RUDE people, they are very unorganized. I love my car but hate paying FF money for it. I will never recommend this financing company to anyone. It's sad the stress they cause in my life everyday. They harrass their clients as well. It's ok to call me when my payment is late, but not my friends and family, and my poor 90 grandma who lives in Philly (mind you I live in Florida)! This company is HORRIBLE. I can't believe they are even allowed to exsist. I asked for a statement letting me know how much longer I have till my car is paid, 5 months later I'm still waiting for it... Were trapped in hell with this company...I feel the pain of us who made the wrong choice when we said ok to this company...

Feb 22, 2008 10:24 pm

I've been with flamingo going on a year and and 6 months,i have a 2000 'Lexus,I got it through European Auto Brokers,which went out of business last year, ever since i've had the car i've had to fix something on it, This is the worst decision i've ever made in my life, They harrass and call you all damn day, there very rude, there corporate number is a damn call center, which where nobody has any customer service skills,OK! Heres a little bit of my situation, So the transmission needs to be rebuilt after,not even one year that i've had the car,not including when i first purcahed the car Oct.2006 i had to put motor mounts,CV joints,brakes... on the car, and everything else. So the transmission had to be rebuilt,which cost well over $1,500, financing company has a repair program that you can go through to get your car fixed, i guess they know the cars are pieces of ###. So we made the decision my car notes of ($82) would be frozen until i was done paying on the repair at least thats what i thought,nobody ever made it clear what was what, i never signed anything binding me to actually anything,So when they repoed my car in Feb.,not because of late payments but because of this damn repair,they tell me that i was suppose to be making payments on the note($82) and the repair, which was suppose to be ($61) every week, So i have to go pick my car up all the way in Brooksville,Fl. and still had to give them $100 dollars for the towing, I need to get out of this loan, which i was,
So, the salesman that working with me, calls me and tells me that i have a repossession on my credit,they dont want to take it off so i guess my lawyer will be handling this case for me, The whole financing company is crooked and i would not reccommend anyone to finance a car through them.

Feb 05, 2008 8:25 pm

I have been with ff for about 3 yrs now and i will never! recomend anyone to go through them they are terrible. They have very bad attitudes and poor customer service. I have asked them several times to send me a statment but i never recieved one. I was on maternity leave so i fell behind on my payments and i spoke with someone there asking what is the minimum i can pay to not have my car taken away, the lady there told me under $200, so i go make my payment feeling a little relieved. when i woke up the next day ready to go to my appt. My car is missing. I was very upset that was my only vehicle. I called them and the person told me, very carelessly that i made my payment after hours and its nothing they can do about it. I argued that i had made an arrangment to pay but at one time i got hung up on. when i called the towing place they told me the amout. I didn't know where i would come up with over $1,000 but i had to. (i also pay every week,$87). The towing company all american is bad to they took out my personal stuff and charged me $20 a day, i ended up leaving my personal stuff including 3 months of my new born babys wic i begged standing outside the gate in the hot sun for them to give me at least that and they didn't. I can't wait to finish dealing with them it is the worst decision i ever made. Oh and even when you're on time with you're payments and calling to make another one, still more attitude.