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Burger King / unprofessional and poor attitude towards customer

Oct 04, 2019

This morning, Friday, October 4, 2019 at 10:03 am, as I do every morning, I stopped by Burger King to buy my coffee, 4 sugars, 4 creams, and my cheese croissant. As usual, I always take a sip of the coffee and I noticed that there was no sugar neither cream in it. So I stay on the......

Zaxby’s / order at drive through

Aug 26, 2019

On 8/25/19 I went through the drive through at the Ocala Zaxby's. I ordered 1 nibbler meal with a Diet Coke, 10 boneless wings -hot with a tea. My total was $19.33. I had been driving for 4 hours and still had 4 to go. I went to the window, paid and was given the two drinks. About 30......

RaceTrac / public humiliation

Jul 25, 2019

My wife and I went to this store for the third time ever and were first told my wife has been put on no trespass or something. We told them they were confused. We proceeded to fill our mug and were approached again by the same lady who decided to get more rude and tell her she isn't......

Dollar Tree / shopper discrimination/ racial profiling

Jul 18, 2019

Was at the Dollar Tree #125 this afternoon and there was a line at register 1, and a cashier at #3 so I asked her if she was open and she said NO. So I go over to the long line and she proceeds to wave over certain customers to her line one at a time. The cashier At #3 is black and I am a......

Taco Bell / manager and service

Jul 11, 2019

The "manager" Briana at this location was has 0 customer service skills. She was extremely rude an frankly you could tell she hates her job she looks miserable. When I asked her name because they messed up my order she pointed to a name tag. As if she was unable to speak. This women should...... / unethical business

Jun 25, 2019

Purchased a mattress at Mattress 1 one at 2606 College RD Ocala. Ordered a plush bed. They delivered a super firm one, because thats all they had in stock. I called Cora and complained. Two weeks later and 23 phone calls I went to the store and picked out a replacement mattress, firm, and......

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / food/customer service

Jun 19, 2019

I ordered Speciality Burgers thru an app. When I picked them up, was not what I ordered. I received 2 plain Burgers cause they were out of the required toppings. I asked for a refund and was refused. The rude manager told me to "take it up with Corporate " Ive contacted them, and have......

Cinch Translations / translation

May 21, 2019

Cinch translation did a terrible job translating a legal document. It was so bad that we had to retract it from our legal proceedings. I emailed support, which is really just one guy behind a fancy web page, and although he had received my email requesting a refund (we paid over $1......

Circle K Stores / overcharging for cigarettes

Apr 25, 2019

I go to this location because it is close to my house. The cigarette sign says $2.99each when you buy 3. I have been there now 3 times and been being charged more than that I usually buy 6 packs. Not to mention that before I had to ring up my transaction separately because it would charge almost $2 more to ring them together. My number [protected]...

Bob Evans Restaurants / lack of kitchen staff

Apr 07, 2019

Our family of four went to this location on 4/7/2019 @ 5:30 pm. It took 40 minutes to be seated in a half empty restaurant, but almost an hour to get food on the table. This is not a wait staff issue, rather a management concern; failure to have an adequate amount of trained kitchen staff......