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First Warranty Group of FloridaCar Warranty Scam

I was not able to get my car fixed and I had to pay for the estimate because Dealer Warranty Services need to see proof of oil change for the LAST 2 YRS. But we service our car at home. There is no reference in the contract for proof of oil change when done at home. The car isn't even in bad condition. It was just making a small noise and one of the other problems wasn't even motor related. It is the back a/c panel and they won't even cover that.


  • Mi
    MissDisplaced Feb 21, 2014

    Does anyone have a POSITIVE experience with Automotive Warranty Services (The Mechanic or other plans)? I'm just curious. I purchased a platinum warranty and am considering cancelling the policy.

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  • Do
    Donekal Mar 31, 2010

    Hi Pls contact Royal Admin services phone#: [protected].
    Looks like they have taken over FirstWarranty. Their response to me was quite satisfactory.

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  • Ou
    Outtanames999 Oct 06, 2009

    As of July 28, 2009, First Warranty Group of Florida (and who knows "of" how many other states) aka Intercontinental Marine Service Corporation, is in receivership with the State of Florida, Dept. of Financial Services, Division of Rehabilitation & Liquidation. If you have a warranty with this company, you may have received a letter from the state along with a claim form.

    See - the state's web site.

    Good luck!

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  • Ir
    Ira Radnick Sep 27, 2009

    In my experience all but a handful or warranty companies (usually a vehicle manufacturer warranty is fine) end up playing the same games as any insurance company. They all take the consumer's money, happy to collect premiums. But when it comes time to file a claim it is all about trying to find any way possible to weasel out of a claim - and any tactic or excuse is fair game. The only way to effectively deal with these folks is to document everything, record all phone calls (follow legal requirements of the state(s) involved for yourself and any office you call, Google on "Advanced Phone Recorder"), only send documents via USPS, FedEx or UPS where a signature acknowledging receipt is required, document every person's name you speak with, date & time stamp all conversations (even if you record the calls, so you can quickly reference verbal statements that you recorded), and if the amount in question is large enough (and if you have the bucks to do so), retain an attorney and sue for the amount in question in addition to legal fees.

    The only way to deal with insurance and warranty claims, if the first effort seems to be falling apart, is to hit the ### right between the eyes - and hit hard. How do I know all this? I fought over 2 years with a "reputable" insurance company over a claim I filed for a private disability policy before I saw one dime (now they are paying consistently, and stopped messing with me). The attorney I hired 6 months into the process told me the insurance companies are notorious for taking premiums, than try to starve out claimants by dragging their feet under any pretense they can contrive, and hope folks give up. He told me 80% of such claimants do give up, or run out of money and have to stop their efforts. And guess what, their tactics are perfectly legal, albeit unethical. It is the threat of a lawsuit that usually causes them to folk in 20% of claims files, and at that half of those are settled for pennies on the dollar.

    I HATE dealing with insurance and warranty companies, but when I have had to (I have had auto service contracts where the insurer tried to weasel out on me, and I always prevailed by bullying them right back in a firm, logical and diplomatic manner - always advising that I am ready to "drop the hammer" at any point where I feel I am getting needless push-back). I let them know they are being recorded in case the claim ends up in court, and let them know I have the resources to bring down fire from the heavens if they keep making things difficult for me and my rightful claim. Nobody gets over on me, nobody. I hate having to deal with those thieving ###!

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  • Ke
    Ken Overton Aug 30, 2009

    When I purchased my 2005 GMC Truck in 2005 I paid $1800.00 for the extended warranty from AA AutoWarranty through the dealer. Last month I had to have my drive shaft replaced. The GMC service agent called the number on my policy [protected]). He was told that I had to pay for the repair ($1, 057.00) and they would reimburse me. They faxed a "REIMBURSEMENT CONSIDERATION PROCEDURE" form to me. This form demanded "ALL FACTORY RECOMMENDED MAINTENANCE RECORDS WHETHER RELATED TO THE REPAIR OF NOT!!!" This form did not have AA AUTOWARRANTY on it. The new company is "FIRST WARRANTY GROUP, 9624 Bailey Road, Suite 283, Cornelius, NC".

    I sent these records via UPS which required a signature. It was received by the company.
    After about 10 days I called the phone number again and received a recorded message that the company is no longer in business and to call the Florida Financial Consumer Affairs Division [protected]). I have called this number numerous times. It either rang busy or I was advised that all lines were full. I will follow up with the State this week.

    I'm out over $2800.00.

    In March I purchased a vehicle warranty from AUTOMOTIVE WARRANTY SERVICES OF FLORIDA, INC (MEMBERS CHOICE AUTOCARE) from my Credit Union on a recent purchase. I am in the process now of getting a refund from that company. I have no confidence in any warranty service.

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  • Ki
    KID CUDDIE Aug 28, 2009

    Call this # for help [protected]

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  • Je
    JerseyJim Aug 25, 2009

    My mother fell into this scam. After she passed away last month I tried to get a refund for the balance of the policy. I called no one answered the phone. I sent the policy with all the proper documents to cancel. It was returned, someone at the office refused to sign for it.

    I think Whistleblower is right, the company has changed names. I searched Warranty Central and got a web site for Provida Group. The phone number look very familiar, I called and spoke with a rep.. After speaking with him for a few minutes he gave me the companies address, 9115 Harris Corners Parkway, Suite 100 Charlotte NC 28669. Which is the address that Eric from Warranty Activation HQ of St. Louis, MO gave me for First Warranty Group. Also a few different searches and UPS has this as the address for First Warranty Group.

    This is just a scam. These people would steal from their own mother.

    Im going to contact my states Consumer dept., but i think its going to be an expensive learning experience.

    Good luck to all.

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  • Wa
    WarrantyBureau Aug 15, 2009

    See our "Cancel Warranty" section. There are lots of things you can do to fight back.

    Warranty Investigation Bureau

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  • Da
    davidemory Aug 05, 2009

    Company is in receivership from the Fla Dept of Insurance. Supposedly they have started answering the phones this week. If not, I'd call the department directly.

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  • Li
    LittleMoe Jul 31, 2009

    Does anyone have a current phone # for First Warranty Group? The Customer Service Number I have [protected]) just rings - no message, no answer. The claims phone # same thing. I am trying to help my 86 year old neighbor cancel his policy. Any advice?

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  • Pa
    PastorJerry Jul 31, 2009

    ONLY get an extended warranty agreement from a dealership. The others are just scams.

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  • Pr
    PrabhakarS Jul 21, 2009

    Do not ever sign up with Dealer Warranty Activations
    3500 Boca Raton Bld Ste 711, Boca Ratan 33431.
    It is SCAM. You will hear all good talk from SKIP and then you will get ### when you go to file a clam.

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  • Pa
    PastorJerry Jun 25, 2009

    I had taken my GMC Jimmy twice before with no required records of maintenance. In April 2009, I called them for pre-approval and was told to take it to the repair facility. The GM facility said that any further driving could severely damage my Jimmy. First Warranty Group, then, wanted everything and told the repair facility, "Oh, that is just the beginning". I needed a vehicle to visit a member of my congregation who was on hospice and getting worse. NO COMPASSION from First Warranty Group. I have learned my lesson. I just wish there was a way of warning people about First Warranty ahead of time instead of complaining. Now that I know about this site, I will check it for any information before buying something that sounds too good to be true.

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  • Zi
    zippodcr Jun 10, 2009

    Hey Whistleblower - I'm in the same boat as others here; major claim but i can't even get in touch with anyone from this warranty company. I'd really appreciate any additional information you can offer. please send message to zippodcr at aol dot com.


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  • Ka
    Karrisa Jun 02, 2009

    I 've had this company for 3 yrs now. Up until last yr 2008 I had no problems. I would go to the dealer and if it was covered they would pay by phone. Now apparently since I have now caused them to pay out more than I payed for my contract they are giving me the run around. When I went to the dealer last month May 09, they said I needed to fax them proof of maintenance. I did, now they are saying because I live in Florida my car maintanance is different fron other states. are you kinding me the book says 5000 niles to change the oil. They First warranty group says no 3000 because of Florida. LOL I guess now they must think they are Ford! I'm going to continue pushing them. I dont if this helps anyone but this is the number I've been calling this number [protected]. You can tell they have changed. Before you would call and they had voice mail and recordings all proffesional. Now you call and they say SERVICE not even the company name. I see alot of ppl have given up. But I plan to annoy them. By the way they want proof of stuff that have nothing to do with what broke. AC compressor has nothing to do with oil changes...

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  • Bu
    Buffal Steve Apr 15, 2009

    I am having similar problems. I was with this company for many years and 3 vehicles, but they are out of business and will not answer their calls.

    Leson learned here, the dealership is the only way to protect your asset.

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  • Wh
    Whistle Blower Apr 06, 2009

    The company is completely tanking. They are no longer selling warranties, and are delaying customers who try to file a claim. I have witnessed their operation before they moved out and another warranty company replaced them. They purposely deny claims for the most inane things.

    For example, they state a TSB means they do not have to handle the warranty. a TSB can be as simple as "The seal fails, Replace with this type of improved seal." The TSB is basically a manufacturer note that basically specs a replacement part. First Warranty Group (FWG) will refuse a warranty because they feel an improved part is grounds to say the old part was defective. Other reasons are just as silly, such as requesting Maintenance records for YEARS, even for totally unrelated issues. Then, 'losing' the records.

    The company is in Receivership. This is a fancy way of saying bankruptcy. They have also lost their insurance license in Florida. They moved to North Carolina and sold their operation center to another company named 'INDS.' They are now doing business as Warranty Central. Even though they claim they are not related, the person who runs the operation is the one who owns FWG. FWG is now run by 5 or 6 people working in a tiny office hidden away in some business park. The new FWG spends its time mostly dodging calls and harassing people into not going through on claims. They pay their employees nothing, and encourage them to outright lie during sales calls. They 'don't share the whole truth' and use seriously misleading sales tactics that prey on those who don't know their vehicles.

    Their contract does permit them to have you pay for the repairs, then pay you. But it doesnt specify how long it will take for you to be paid back, nor do they ever really intend on it.

    They 'approve' repairs then after you pay, start making it hard. Locking you into the process and not demanding a refund. YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A REFUND OF THE UNUSED WARRANTY PORTION.

    I would probably just get the refund than try to deal with their lies. Dont even bother going to their 'offices.' its a rent-a-space in a crowded and confusing business complex. probably chosen to be as cheap as possible.

    Email me if you need to know more.


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  • Bk
    BKosnop Mar 29, 2009

    We have experienced the same scam with First Warranty Group. We attempted to get our car repaired: first, their phones were all down--supposedly they moved offices and the phone company could not connect their phones. Then, after several days, we made contact. In order to approve the repair we had to send 2-3 years worth of car maintenance to them. Done. Every time we sent proof of maintenance, they requested more. Then, they said we had "excessive claims" paid. Lie--we only had two repairs totalling under $500 for both repairs together. Fianally, they SAY they will pay for the repair BUT NOT the whole cost of the repair. Oh yeah, we have to pay for the repair up front and then submit for reimbursement. Even though our warranty card states they pay the "authorized repair service with a company credit card." AND this is how they paid the previous two claims. Sooo, we pay for the repairs up front--had to borrow $$$ to do it. Now, we can't get our reimbursement. Several faxes have been sent, documentation has been sent via certified mail, still no reimbursement. Better Business Bureau has closed the case--we did not agree with the findings. The company told the BBB that they were waiting for proof of maintenance. No help from the BBB. We have filed a complaint with the MN State Attorney General's office. They can't make final determinations but have sent a letter to First Warranty on our behalf requesting a response. Their suggestion is to file with Consumer Affairs. We will be doing this with the State and Federal levels. I personally think a class action lawsuit may apply but I don't have the $$$ to get a lawyer. First Warranty has changed their phone numbers and fax numbers several times since we have been trying to resolve. And as they are located in another state, I cannot go to their office to resolve. I would NOT recommend this company to ANYONE, EVER!! If you are searching for an extended warranty, go through the dealer.

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  • Bo
    Bob Mar 17, 2009

    First Warranty Group is a major scam. They set up "Warranty" companies where their only provider is First Warrnty Group and then don't perform. The shill warranty company then dissapears and reimurges as another comany i.e Auto Warranty Broker is now Dependable Auto Warranty Service. Bewaree of any warranty serevice that offers First Warranty Group as a provider

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  • Ww
    WWIIVET Mar 11, 2009

    For six months I have been getting the run around from Warranty Activation Headquarters Inc. who sold me this contract. I sold the covered vehicle in September 09 and after they "never received" my first letter then fax, (no one looses faxes) then my certified letter, still no refund of the unused portion of my contract. Today, 3-11-09 I was told to contact First Warranty in South Carolina for the refund since Warranty Activation is only the sales agents. First Warranty's claims dept stated they presently have no Customer Service dept therefore are not able to cut a check for my refund and on top of that, it is unknown when, if ever they would or could send me a refund. This great service I getting after they quickly cashed my check for $1880.00!
    In my opinion, these outfits are crooks.

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