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When we first started talking to first universal lending. they were very convincing that they could get our mortgage loan reworked and could lower our payment 30% to 60%. I asked Gary about their success rate and he stated 100%. After we got signed up and a payment of 399.00 got made they would get started. The payment was made but after i got signed up they never assigned a loan officer to me.every time i would call they would ask me who my loan officer was and i would tell them i don't know. No one would contact me back.


  • Ba
    Barbara Sep 26, 2008

    Im sure you are only telling 1/2 the truth. I did a loan workout with them that took about 4 months and it was so worth it. Ive saved $520.00 a month and they save my house from going into foreclosure

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  • An
    Angela Sep 27, 2008

    I can tell you why you never heard back from them and why you were asked that question over and over when you called. You see...they use an answering service in order to seem more legit. The call center has a script they follow, they take down your message and then guess what!? First Universal Lending NEVER EVER EVER EVER picks up their messages. Once they have the authorization to take your money every month you will not hear back regardless of if you know your Loan Officer/Account Rep or NOT!

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  • Sa
    Sam Sep 28, 2008

    Well I have been with First Universal Lending now for 6 months and I have nothing positive to say about them. I get the same old answer - WE'RE WORKING ON IT ... When I leave messages it takes about a week for them to get back with me sometimes longer. For the person who said that it took them 4 months (Barbara) who is your lender or better yet who worked on your loan modification.. maybe they can help the person doing our modification out move a little faster.

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  • So
    sonia Oct 06, 2008

    rachel reeves and some guy name brad told me they would help me lower my payments within two to three months, not pass three months, it has been seven months and no one even return my messages.of course i stop my payments after four months.not a reputable company.

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  • Ch
    charity dragoo Oct 06, 2008

    just started talking with them. gave me same line i am reading here. gaurenteed me within 3 months at 199.00 a month for atourney fees. checking their reputation before i agree. little more input if u have any.

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  • Ch
    Chuck Oct 07, 2008

    Just check them out on the BBB. They have several complaints against them. I was also guarenteed it would take 3 months at $249 a month and it has now been 7 months and no results. Ask them to send you legit references as well as send you a guarentee in writing - I bet they won't send you anything in writing just phone calls - BIG RED FLAG.

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  • Su
    Susan Oct 10, 2008

    I just got a call from Adam at 1st univ.Lending and I was told that I could lower my hundreds of dollars and it just cost $399.00.
    He told me that all mtge.companies are offering this loan modification program, lower rates to stay with them. After reading the comments regarding this company I guess I should just say no thank you.

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  • Kr
    Kristen Oltman Oct 14, 2008

    I have to disagree with you, I have been with them for 4 months and I have already gotten 2 offers from my lender Citiresidential. Now they were both good offers one to lower my ayments by 200.00 a month and one to lower my interest rate and payments by 460.00, now I turned down both because my workout officer thought she could do better, and judging from the first offer to the second offer it seems as though she can, I also have spoken with Citi myself throughout the process and on rep told me "off the record" that if i had done this myself it would not have gone past the 1st offer, he said the reason companies like first universal can get these done is because one they are persistent and are constantly calling them all day bugging them and there supervisors hence why its difficuly to get in touch with your specialist (although mine did call me once a week which was good enough for me) anyways secondly he said they know how to negotiate and work the financial information into the way that the lender wants to see it, and farhtermore he said they also have contacts within many lenders who help them out in ways a regular client could not get it done. I am going on my 5th month and am am hoping this last offer is the one im looking for since the other 2 have expired but I am confident she will get it done. Also I was never guaranteed anything my contract with First Universal specifically stated that this was not guaranteed as nothing like this could be and you are silly to think it would. But as for now First Universal has gotten me 5 free month at my home at the least. I think some people need to realize you got yourself into this situation dont blame anyone but yourself if it cant be fixed.

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  • Sa
    sam Oct 20, 2008

    WOW!!! If I were satisified with what First Universal Lending did for me I would not be still doing reasearch on them in the complaints section of the internet (Why are you here)... these positive comments must come from employees within First Universal Lending office.

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  • Ch
    christine Oct 31, 2008

    to modify my loan but instead, let it be forclosrd. now i have lost my home and need to find a new one.

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  • Ri
    ric Nov 04, 2008

    I completely agree with the last person's comment that if a customer is satisfied with the service, he or she will not go to a complaint site or research about complaints with that company. How does First Universal charge its clients - ONE TIME FEE or MONTH BY MONTH UNTIL WHEN?

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  • He
    Heather Howell Nov 06, 2008

    I inquired for help with Lower My Bills and First Universal Lending called my husband, Robert, last evening. The guy (no name) made the offer seem like a great thing to Bob, who knows nothing about finance. Of course, we didn't have any part of $399 which they asked for up front in order to look into our mortgage problem. Then he came down to $249 and then $199 which we don't have either if we care to eat for this month. We are Senior Citizens and only get money once a month. I told Bob immediately to forget it, that they are only looking to earn money for themselves! We had been 2 months behind from the beginning of the year due to medical problems, but have paid all the payments since then. The bank we had sold the mortgage and the new company has been less than friendly in our efforts to catch up. I'm not sure where to go from here, so if anyone has any ideas...I'd love to hear about it.

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  • Sp
    Spragling Nov 17, 2008

    I just read the emails posted about Universal Lending. Thanks for the information. There are so many companies on the internet pretending to help people when you are most vunerable. I was about to sign up with Universal. I contracted with Oceanview for the purpose of saving my home, paying them $2100. This company did the same thing I did in an effort to save my home. My mortgage payments are higher than they were prior to using Oceanview.

    Thanks for the information

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  • Lu
    Lu Nov 18, 2008

    My mother is about to lose her home because of Universal. They NEVER called her back and she always payed them on time (200 a month for 5 months). They told her not to pay anything to the lender because she had a better shot at lowering her payment if the lender thought she had nothing. Thank goodness she saved that money and can pay it towards what is owed. Still, she is behind over 5, 000 in legal fees and such. She never told me any of this until she needed the money or she would lose her home. I woulld have told her to stop paying them and to pay the lender. This is FRAUD in any language. I am seriously thinking to contact a lawyer since she is a senior citizen and prone to this type of scam. Are there any suits against these people pending?

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  • Th
    The Insider Nov 20, 2008

    This is a boiler room operation. Troy Levy is the guy who runs the office in Pompano. They are only interested in getting new accounts and then do basically nothing except send the lender letters on the borrowers behalf. The people they employ are not mortgage people, just telemarketers. If you really want to get a feel for who you will be giving your information to, just swing by their office off of Gateway Drive in Broward County. It even smells bad in there. Honestly. And they were even banned from Club Med in Port Saint Lucie during one of their "employee meetings". These guys got drunk and out of control, some even smoking pot by the pool. Just give Club Med a call, they will confirm.

    In short, dont let these guys take advanatage of you...THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND THEN NEVER CALL YOU BACK

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  • Kn
    KNOW THEM WELL Nov 20, 2008

    As an experiment, I urge all locals who are thinking of doing business with these guys to just visit the office in Broward County. Ask for Troy Levy. Take a good look around the office, the furniture, the set up, the employees. How they look, how they dress, how they speak. Alot can be learned from observing these things. Any ethical business promotes professional standards in order to attain professional results. No finance professional would ever be caught working for these guys. Want to make it more interesting, go apply for a job with them. No much required, just say you have extensive PHONE SALES EXPERIENCE. Then observe and let it all soak in.

    I wouldnt let most of these people serve me food, much less would I entrust my personal information and MY money to them.

    I agree with The Insider, just go to the office and decide for yourself. Or give them your money. Either way, you WILL find out for yourself. Troy Levy = JUICE MONSTER AND CONMAN

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  • To
    tom jenkins Dec 01, 2008

    I pretended I was interested in their services so I could go in and get a better look around after they caused my grandmother to lose her home. I planned on taking it into my hands, getting the scoop and having their business closed down. If anyone is thinking about doing this with them, do yourself a favor and flush your money down the toilet, you will fare better.

    It is a total scam, they hire thugs from the street who can barley read and tell people they are loan modification specialists. There is heavy drug use in the office, and 99% of the people who work there are either in work release programs or drug addiction programs.

    These types of jobs are the only thing these people can or will do, and Troy Levy who is the owner along with his partner Oscar Gonzalez uses them to scam others while paying them just enough to get their next crack fix.

    The people make up the price they charge based on how much they think they can get out of you and will lie through the teeth to get the money since there is no regulations.

    These people are not only ripping off helpless people who dont know any better, but are also ripping off their own employees.

    Troy Levy and Oscar Gonzalez are trying to take as much money as they can get from people to inflate their own bank accounts with no remorse, knowledge of the industry or actual mortgage industry experience.

    You would really have to be a fool to do business with them.

    Just like the gentleman above, I would strongly urge anyone in south florida to make a trip to the office (if you dont mind being disgusted) to take a look at the joke they are calling a business.

    They are under investigation by the IRS for not paying taxes, and the Florida Department of Labor for cheating employees out of money among other issues.

    If you or a family member has been a victim to their scam I urge you to call Troy and Oscar directly

    here are their cell phone numbers:

    Troy Levy: 954 552 6256

    Oscar Gonzalez: 954 778 1486

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  • Su
    Susan Young Dec 01, 2008

    I've come across another company which would be considered a predatory lender - True Value Lending - - they just ripped off my daughter of $900 - I know she's not getting the consolidation loan they promised her - they told her they needed $500 more to process it - she's a single mom of 2 toddlers and in the military - their website shows their offices in Canton, OH but no such address when you look it up. These people are the ### of the earth - just like Universal.

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  • Ka
    karen Dec 03, 2008

    Finally some truth. These guys are scammers. Period. They hire people who cant get any other jobs, pay them miserably and steal money from those willing to do business with them.

    Troy Levy is a smooth talking ### and so is his sidekick Oscar, I worked for them for a whole DAY and never came back. I was totally embarrassed and disgusted at what I saw. If I chose to work for such sleaze balls I may as well work at a strip joint, and make much more money.
    But I do not need to do either.

    Please go and see for yourself...its the only way to really grasp it all

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  • Ki
    Kim Ditty Dec 04, 2008

    I have been calling all week and get nobody is available they are always busy I have no problem up until this week. I received one phone call this week and that was while I was at work . I am stopping payments tomorrow and also calling my attorney. to see if I can recoup my money as my payments wer399.00 a month

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  • Fe
    Fed Up with this company Jan 20, 2009

    This company called my home after we have called Ditech to inquire about a refinance on our two homes. They spoke to my husband. They had told him over the phone that we would have to pay an initial fee of $399 and every month for six months $499.00. I never heard of such a thing, but my husband seem to believe it. Then he actually gave them his email address so they could send him and application. In the email sent to him from First Universal was also an attached scanned magazine article (in black and white) supposedly from Forbes magazine on what a fantastic company First Universal Lending was. So I checked my Caller ID and wrote the phone number down. When I did a reverse look up on the internet, it said it was this company. Then I searched for their wesite and Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines failed to pull up a website for them. That seemed fishy. THen I found this website with all these complaints. THank you so much everyone. You've saved us from being scammed.

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  • Hu
    huntman23 Jan 23, 2009

    This company is a total scam...typical Boiler Room operation. As a former employee, I can tell you that we had sheets that had rebuttles on them, with the main goal of getting the person's credit card number on the phone...does this sound familiar to anyone? "What day will you make the first payment? With visa mastercard or american express?" After getting out of their training program (where I was paid less than a cambodian prostitute), I continued to go along with Sean Zausner and Dave Feingold's scam of an operation, until i reached the point where I couldn't stomach myself for ripping people off and taking their last dime. Almost NOBODY at this company has a broker's license, and yes, it's true, drugs are everywhere (cocaine being sniffed off desks), and people are literally hired "off the streets", and high school dropouts...Sean Zausner, I REPEAT, SEAN ZAUSNER and DAVE FEINGOLD of "FEINGOLD & KAM" law firm ( First Universal's front for a legit company), are two total douchebags who are money driven whores, who will take your last penny before you are living on the street..If there is a hell, SEAN ZAUSNER and DAVE FEINGOLD will be there...If you want, feel free to call SEAN ZAUSNER on his cell phone at (561)-441-4892

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  • Di
    disapointed Jan 27, 2009

    I agree with "huntman23". I am a former employee and I agree with everything he said. They cheat their staff out of money and pay them poorly for what they do. They claim they pay full salary, but if you have to be out for a personal day or if you are sick they dock your pay. That is not salary! I also agree that a monthly fee is unheard of. Im glad to say I am a FORMER employee. Do not use this company!!! I hope they get shut down.

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  • Fa
    Faithful Jan 29, 2009


    I am currently in the process of remodifiying my mortgage with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and decided to shop around for lenders through Lower My Bills who could assist with negotiating the remodification. Within 1 minute I was asked to pay a fee for services by Firs Universal Lending Group, which is illegal for loan remodification according to the US Congress. The news has been blaring with warnings about predators companies like this. No one should pay up front fees when remodifying a mortgage with his/her own mortgage company. In the meantime, I have also been working with my own mortgage company to renegotiate the terms, with my attorneys assistance and we have been presented with 3 options as of yesterday. I have had to pay no additional expenses.

    Again, being expected to pay these fees up front before receiving any contract to review or proof proposed service is simply ridiculous, predatory and downright illegal. People, please do not slip into desparation and lose more of your hard earned money working with these morally bankrupt people. It's shameful that they would pray on uninformed unsuspecting people who just want some economic equity. We've got to wise up and not act in haste.

    Also - I agree the so called testimonies in favor of Universal are clearly written by someone who reps the company. The story doesn't add up especially since Universal guarantees loans can be modified within 60 days with interest rates of 5.36 for ANYONE. Shameful! I have reported the company to all of the proper authorities after my first and only day of persistant calls for them Tuesday, Jan. 27th.

    Keep the faith WHILE doing your due diligence and we will all get through this current crisis.

    May peace be with you all.

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  • Ri
    Rich L Jan 30, 2009

    I agree with all of the dis-satisfied customers who has fallen into their trap. I have been refunded part of the moneies that they took from me but not all of it. I am also considering a class action law suite. If any of you would be interested in helping me with this please send me an e-mail at [email protected] The more people I can get on my side the sooner we can put a stop to this Scam.


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  • Al
    Alan Hardimon Feb 02, 2009

    I totally agree and in my case I sent them money and I had an agreement to pay them 250.00 every month till the mortguage was setteled in a modification when I asked what had been done after 2 months I was told that if I pay another month I would be told what had been done!!! Please everyone dont send this company money ! Their phone number is 561-340-1210 they are out of South Florida!

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  • Un
    Unknown Feb 07, 2009

    Sounds to me like the ex employees are Ex.’s for a reason. One of you are complaining that you weren’t paid for time off. Why should someone who takes advantage of a SALARY be paid for the time they took off? Seems you abused your right? As for the people who claim they have been scammed. You are a bunch of whiners that have screwed up your own lives and want the sympathy of other. So go ahead and jump on the band wagon of irresponsible people who blame their problems on other. “You cannot help those who cannot help themselves”.

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  • An
    anom Feb 13, 2009

    I can tell you exactly why this place has so many complaints, luckily I got my issue resolved with not much help from the company. The problem is you take a gamble when you sign up for this company as to who your representative will be. I was passed from rep to rep to rep going through 3 in 2 months until I finally was assigned to Lois J. who took the time to handle my file and get it closed out and completed with a pretty good mod in less than 5 weeks. I was only transferred so much due to my complaints if I would have kept quiet First Universal would have just left me with my current reps who were doing the bare minimum so I took it upon myself. I would urge you to talk in depth with your rep when first signing up if you decide to take the chance and ask ALOT of questions to grasp an idea if they know what they are doing, also please ask for managers, no one else can do anything there except the managers NOT supervisors. There are 2 managers Sarah and Kristina and only they can actually get you with a rep who will work on your file and not leave you hanging. Although I did get a very good modification from them I would still be careful about signing up if you are not willing to put in time to make sure you get the best rep they have.

    Good Luck

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  • Ge
    Genie Ferguson Feb 15, 2009

    I have been trying to get my $400.00 refund since Nov 2008, and they finally told me in an email, I would have to call a nurmber for a Mr. David Feingold, who handles this. I tried that number over and over, and fonaly emailed the person whom I had been communicating with, and he emailed back saying it was a typ0, and gave me the correct number, I called and he was in a meeting, I left my name and number and purpose of my call, and the receptiontist said she would give him my message as soon as he was out of his meeting. He has never called me back and it has been 5 days, Thios company shoud be investigated for fraud.

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  • Ma
    mad as hell Feb 17, 2009


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  • Ma
    mad as hell Feb 20, 2009


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  • Re
    Reverend Stephen Greene Sr Mar 04, 2009

    A First Universal Lending rep called my house back in July of 2008 and painted this picture that they could get us a fixed rate mortgage at a lower interest rate as well as lower monthly payments. The fee for this was $1, 800.00, which was paid in four installments from my checking account. They also led me to believe that they would negotiate a settlement offer with my current mortgage holder, Homeq Servicing (another ripoff!). They based this on the fact that my nortgage was higher than the value of my property, which had been reduced by almost 50%. They went on to tell me that the difference that was saved from the settlement offer would go to paying off my credit cards and pay off the balance of a repossession note I had with Toyota Financial. In October, they encouraged me to stop making my mortgage payments because this would speed up the settlement process because Homeq was "playing hardball and not budging."
    Well, $2, 700 and six months later, I am still with Homeq Servicing, who wants $2, 852.13 as down payment, and four payments of $1, 332.24 each before they will grant me a 6% fixed rate mortgage and lower monthly payments of $893.05. My original payments were $1, 204.25.
    Not only did they take $899.90 more than they should have from my account without my prior knowledge and authorization, but also, they only made a deal with Homeq Servicing for a reduced interest rate mortgage with lower monthly payments; something I could have done myself. When I asked and then demanded that they return my $899.90, they refused. I contacted the Florida Attorney General's office and reported them.
    Reverend Stephen Greene, Sr

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  • Cr
    Creditor Mar 04, 2009

    First let me say I am a creditor and I am researching this company because some of my borrowers have decided to use First Universal Lending. This is a big mistake on their part. ALL CREDITORS have the means to work out something with each and every borrower to help both sides out. It doesn't make sense to pay someone to work out something with your creditors. I have given tens of millions of dollars in deferments in the past year and will continue to do so as long as I get a written request from my borrowers. As a creditor to any borrowers, please send your creditors a letter requesting any help they can offer. Deferments are huge right now and don't cost either side any money to put in place. I defer 1st mortgages, 2nd deeds of trust, signature loans, auto loans, RV's, lines of credit, Visa cards, etc. and have put deferments in place for every type of loan we have offered. If you fall behind on your credit cards, ask them if they have a re-aging program in place. This is where you make 3 minimum payments in a row and the credit card company will bring the entire account current as if you didn't miss a payment. The best thing you can do as a borrower is to stay in touch with your creditor and don't avoid them. Avoiding them puts up red flags and moves your accounts to the head of the class when it comes to sending it to the attorney for a lawsuit yours will be first in line. Keep in touch with your creditors at all costs.

    Now, regarding the "thumbs up clan" on this blog...these are obviously people who work for the firm and want to refute any negative blogging against their company. Do not believe what they are saying. They do this to lure you into a sense of security to get you to pay their monthly fee so their commissions will be higher each month.

    Please research out companies before you pay them anything.

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  • Ro
    roberts66 Mar 09, 2009

    they had convinced me they could help and that it should not take more than sixty days to complete that was fourteen months ago. i have been paying them 99.00 dollars a month for nothing . if anyone has had trouble with them you can file a complaint with palm beach county florida thanks ron roberts

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  • Mo
    mom42n02 Mar 12, 2009

    My husband and I went through a chapter 13 bankruptcy in the fall due to his job loss, and we were able to save our home. We were looking to lower our house payment to further help us with our finances. We have not been able to get help through other lenders because of the bankruptcy, but they told us that was not an issue. We should have gotten the hint when the guy talked to us like a used care salesman. He talked a good talk, so we agreed to $999.95 per month starting on 3/20/09. Like stated above, they told us not to pay our mortgage company and make payment to them directly. I was very skeptical and felt like something fishy was going on so after we got off the phone with them I started researching on the internet just to find that they are a fraud. We immediately called back and asked to speak with the guy we had spoken to (Chris Horne) no more than 5 minutes ago and guess what, he was unavailable. So we called customer service, well they stated that they could not help us, they had to take a message and get a "loan/ mortgage specialist " to call us back. Guess what, we never received a call back. And Chris was nice enough to give us his telephone number with extension and his cell phone number. When we called the numbers... one was disconnected and the other just went to a general mailbox?! So we immediately called our bank and shut down our debit cards, so boy will they be shocked when they try to get some money on the 20th!! What a shady group of people, preying on people looking for and needing help.

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  • Ve
    vexatious1 Mar 19, 2009

    Thats funny in a time when the economy was already going south you were able to ascertain a mortgage, and or homere-finance wow I love my mortgage !!! pay your bills and you wont rforclose I promise you probably are'nt a good listener loans tend to re-cast so I would concentrate on neccesities rather than luxarys .Thank You First Universal,

    Happy Client, D.Dokken

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  • Cc
    C.C. Mar 19, 2009

    I feel first universal is a scam everything in the above passage are true. The company never calls you back and can never give you any updates on your account. All they ask for everytime you do speak with someone is new check stubs!!!SCAM!!!

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  • Bo
    bogie Mar 24, 2009

    i paid for a loan modification 450.00 us they made 2 phone calls did nothing 4 me at all then would not give me my money back!!! they steal your money and never call back & no emails the worst in the states.

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  • Aa
    aaron roger Mar 26, 2009

    THEY almost got me, just so happen my card had problems and thats the one with the information I had given them. It really felt good knowing that they couldn't use the card after I had read all these complaints. I have to say " There must be a GOD looking out for me" sorry for the rest of yall. Good luck in getting some type of closure.

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  • Me
    melisa Apr 03, 2009

    I have had them working on my modification for the past 4 mth. and i am on the verge of losing my house. At first they were very good about calling back and quick to take the monthly payments but now I have been trying to talk to someone for the past 2 wks and no one returns my calls nor emails. The only person I have spoken to is a customer service employee which just tells me to have patience! I have left messages Supervisors, Account Reps. even collections and no one calls back or emails me. I am trying to contact someone to stop them from take payments out of my account. Because they are FIRED!!!

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