first source markettingno channels and bill


I'm jenni hayes I live at 1819 hickory tree rd kendallville, in 46755. Your company has told me that there r 3 or 4 checks that have bounced. I have a statements from my bank stating there were only 2 checks to dish network. And there r no checks for 200.00. Brent from first source marketing will not call me back they wont even call radio shack here in kendallville. They promised to be here on wednesday the 24th of june. I have a witness that can say we were home all day and nobody showed up from his company. Brent even told radio shack that they would be here that day and nothing. I signed up for the 9.99 package I have had no local channels for who knows how long they say my bill is over 3 hundred dollars. Ryan arp from radio shack has figured what my bill should be it should be around 60 dollars I have paid 55.74 and 21. Oo. Ryan arp from radio shack has called his field manager mark fields. I called in the 25 th of june could not talk to a supervisor, talked to harry, amanda, michael, and they told to call brent at first source, how can I when he won't answer my calls or radioshacks. Please help get my channels back, if u need proof from my bank I will need a fax number to send it to, ryan and I would like a tech to come my house and fix this problem and then we can work on fixing the bill, nobody at dishnetwork will listen to the custom, and in this case the customer is right. Account #[protected]

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