First American Title & M/I Homescomplaint

M Jul 31, 2018

My husband and I were closing on our new home to find that First American Title was ineligibly hacked and our wired money did not go to them. We are out $65, 517.36 on top of the $20, 000 we gave MI Homes to start building the home. Everyone has been extremely rude to us and even hung up on me at some point. We are two teachers trying to live the american dream and it was stolen from us. We are homeless at the moment with barely enough money to feed ourselves. Chase bank found the man who received our wire and he claims no foul play. However, all the money is out of his account within hours. Please help us get the word out about how these big companies do not use secure messaging and will do anything for the almighty dollar. We went our home and to get our lives back on track financially. Please help!

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