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This company did very bad to me, big time scam...They sign me up very quick and as soon that I start using they services they kick me out because I was a risk? a Risk of what is not my fault that people try to purchase something with stolen credit card, I have a web site and I sell Electronics and Computers and I give the option to customer to pay with credit cards, just because there were declined transaction was enough to closed my account when there was no charge back and the transaction didnt even go through? I sign papers and I make myself responsible for any charge back so what was the deal in been a risk ? Ok they closed the account not big deal the problem is that the hold legitimate transactions and they will not realease until I ship. Ok I sent the first order for $1600, later I sent the second order for $700, no deposit yet and quickl I run out of funds course I'm not going to be sending orders without getting money to keep working, so I decide to start refunding the last 2 or 3 orders.

Nivia is the person that I been spoking with from First Data risk management phone is [protected] ext 46907, after closing the account and verify the transaction they still refused to deposit the money into my account when I talk to her she told me that I have to wait a least 6 months (Is this legal?) that's not all, the money that I refund from the customer was take it direct from my account and not from the funds that they were holding when I didnt even the the funds? Let me think, they holding my users (clients) money for backup purpose or interest ?? and refunding the clients from my bank account?

Any lawyer/attorney is welcome to contact me and I will be glad to take you all the way to court even if I have to pay.

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    cadnetllc Jul 10, 2011

    This sounds like a scam I nearly fell for. An alleged Chinese company named Xintage Group got my resume off of and offered me a job selling low prices electronic products manufactured in China. All they required me to do was setup a corporation, open a bank account and get a merchant account through and FirstData. These are all things I needed to do anyway so once I completed this my banker Comerica Bank, informed me this was a scam. They charge fraudulent credit cards through their website which is linked to your account and bank. Your supposed to wire them 90% of money and keep 10% commission. When I asked if I could call each customer to verify they placed the order for the electronic products I never heard from Mr. Tsa Guo. Info an original offer below. DON'T FALL FOR THIS SCAM. THEY ARE VERY PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZED AND HAVE A GOOD WEBSITE WHICH IS REGISTERED IN RUSSIA.

    Tsa Guo.
    Chief Manager of the USA market of Xintage Group.
    [email protected]
    Phone/Fax for the USA: 206-202-3681


    Allow me to introduce myself: I am Keen Ma working as the HR Manager
    at the company Xintage Group. I have selected your resume and marked
    it as that of a potential candidate to work on a project that our
    company is currently implementing.

    Below, I will provide some details regarding the project, information
    about our company, and your future job responsibilities; this
    information will allow you to decide whether or not you would be
    interested in our offer. If you should have any questions, which I
    believe you will have, I will be most happy to answer them for you.

    Information about our company:
    Our company is located in China, in the city of Hong Kong, which is
    Asia’s most important transportation and industrial center; in the
    north, Hong Kong borders on one of the most successful Special
    Economic Zones, the province of Guangdong with the city of Shenzhen as
    its center. In Shenzhen, there are factories and plants of the leading
    companies operating in the fields of telecommunications, electronics,
    IT, consumer goods. Over 10 000 manufacturing facilities are located
    in the vicinity of Guangdong, and it was precisely the great number of
    those that gave the start to the development of our company’s
    What we do is assist European, American, and any other companies
    located in China to establish business contacts with local
    manufacturers, purchase equipment or buy wholesale any and every type
    of products, from CDs to complex technical equipment and machinery,
    such as manufacturing machines and other industrial equipment.

    In the 8 years of the company’s operation, we have established solid
    ties with local companies not only in Shenzhen, but all over China and
    other countries of the Asian region. Thus, we have access to product
    database including over 1 million product items at prices several
    times lower than sales prices at retail stores in USA, Europe, or any
    other country.

    Information about our project:
    Above, I have described the advantages that our company has, but we
    have been using them in a rather limited way working only in the
    wholesale market; since 2010, our company has been developing a new
    project, which will allow us to enter the retail market as some of our
    competitors have done. The retail market that we are primarily
    targeting is the US market, which is the world’s largest market.

    The key objective when entering the US retail market will be
    establishing the so-called ‘point of presence’ in the USA; the
    simplest way for us would be to open an Internet store which would
    present and sell products at wholesale Chinese prices, but the
    Internet store would sell these products retail. This idea has been
    thoroughly worked through, and we are confident that the project will
    be successful. Our competitors have already implemented a somewhat
    similar project, and they have seen their profits increase by hundreds
    of percent.

    The only minus of this business model is that we do not have
    established business contacts in the USA, therefore, we need a
    representative who would manage the local business processes. And, we
    would like to see you as our local representative!

    What is required of you?

    # Over 21
    # Bachelors Degree (Preferred)
    # Detail Oriented
    # Persuasive and the ability to overcome objections
    # Excellent communicator: face-to-face, via phone, email and other
    written channels

    Also, to launch the project, you will need to have a company
    registered in your name (LLC, Corp, Inc, or any other type of company)
    in the state of your residence. I will provide step-by-step
    instructions for registering a company to assist you in that matter.

    What will you get for working with us?

    # Initial salary of USD 3, 000.00 per month, with a possibility of
    salary increase.
    # Flexible working schedule. You will be able to work on our project
    part-time, alongside your primary job.
    # Yearly bonus payment in the amount of 25-30% of your net wages. The
    bonus is paid in December.

    If our offer sounds interesting to you, send me an email with your
    questions, and I will contact you shortly.

    Best Regards,
    Keen Ma,
    HR Manager,
    Xintage Group, Hong Kong.

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