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Resolved Terrible experience

I went to their interview just today. The way they project their company is all incredible. There can be no company with soo many branches, and no website!!

They posted a vacancy for a recruiting assistant, and end up offering a position for a branch manager. They don't even provide a company name in their ad on careerbuilder!

How can anyone believe that they will recruit a mere fresher to handle their branches, and handle all the money they 'say' will be collected?

I am so happy I found this website, and saw that many many people have reported against this company. Its no surprise to see that the same kind of fraud is taking place in so many states! And the descriptions match exactly as I experienced too! They want you to dress well, and wear a smile! They play loud music on the office. And the office itself looks completely unofficial for that which is supposed to be having soo many regional offices too.

Nothing they tell you is straight forward. They talk very easy, and try to show that everything is crystal clear.

The regional managers of this place are Rob and Ricki Zuckert, and are assisted by Alan, who is supposed to be a mere 20 years of age, and is recruiting branch managers for their company! His speech in the 2nd phase of the interview did include the smile requirement, the mandatory optional saturday work, and the 2week business vacation as they call it!

I must thank all the others on this website who confirmed all my doubts and opened my eyes wider to watch out for fraudulent companies like this in USA!! Never thought i would encounter such people when I moved here! And I seriously recommend all of us taking serious action against these kind of companies. All of which are supposedly associated to Sentura Creations.

Guys!! please DO something!!!

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    C and T Mar 12, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I worked for Rob and Ricki Zuckert back when they were in Birmingham Alabama. Back then their right hand guy was named Denny.

    I invested over 2 years of my life with them before I finally had enough of the misleading scripted way they did business. I remember Rob telling me once that I needed to leave myself a "trapdoor" when I answered peoples questions. He encouraged me and my partner to mislead them to keep them selling the merchandise. Then later when they started to get wise to the misleading lies, the trapdoor strategy allowed a person who gave the interview to claim that the new person had simply comprehended what was said the wrong way, however they actually meant to mislead people.

    Rob and Ricky have no conscience whatsoever when misleading people down this road. All they cared about back then was making the payment on their Mercedes and their house located in an affluent part of town called Greystone.

    They finally accumulated such a horrible reputation over several years that the company told them they just needed to get out of the state of Alabama and move away so they could continue to recruit new victims in a fresh territory.

    They claim this isn't a pyramid scheme, but if the people below them don't sell any product, they don't make any money. Doesn't take a genius to figure out what it's really all about. The very first thing they do is teach you how to lie to people to sell fake perfume on the street.

    Rob and Ricki Zuckert have left a trail of people with devastated lives and bank accounts. People who trusted them, who are no doubt now jaded and find it hard to trust.

    They particularly prey on the young, because the young tend to be naive and trusting. However, they get educated very quickly when dealing with the Zuckerts.

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