Fifth Third Bankopt-out of credit card changes

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Fifth Third sent my husband and myself Notices about changes in Credit Card Terms. My husband recently paid his off, I still have a balance with a low interest rate. The notice came on June 19 and it states to opt-out you have to have the opt-out response at their address by June 23. My husband is out of town until June 22. With the postal service, unless we pay for overnight mail, these opt-out letters probably will not get there on time. I spoke with two customer reps at Fifth Third. They could only say "We're sorry you feel that way". I asked to speak to a supervicor. After waiting five minutes they came back and said the Supervisor had too many calls ahead of mine. No wonder!!! We have excellent credit, are never late, pay way more than required. This is just another example of a bailed out bank destroying the public trust. D. Robinson


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      Jul 01, 2009

    Same thing happened with me. I got the notice on June 30, with the opt-out letter due by July 7. Between the July 4 holidya and the weekend, that gave me 2 days to get a letter in.

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