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Field McConnell is claiming the Zim Bond notes that are from Zimbabwe and going to have value in the future. He is telling people that they will be rich. This is a easy yto prove and lond running scam from 2015. There obsolete money has zero value. He is already spending his money in his mind . Buying a $ 250 million ranch and more. He will be made to be a fool and conman. Many sites have commented on the scam. 1-5-2015 . There are families in china that will pay for the 1 trillion zim Bond Notes . Just as soon as the 1 800 # are released . The deadline was Aug. 15, 2019 and the new deadline is Aug. 31, 2019. It is a SCAM !!!

Field McConnell

Aug 22, 2019
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  • Wa
      Aug 30, 2019

    The new date to get rich, aug. 31, 2019. has past and nothing happened. a new date and excuse will be given over and oved. the zim bond started in 2015. see historical bond scam. zim bond notes are a big scam. zimbabwe bond notes scam 2013. are just zim bond scam. // scam //.

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  • Wa
      Aug 30, 2019

    Dinars, Chinese Elders, Dragon Families, Bond scam, 1-5-2015 The post states how the Dragon families will buy the zim bonds. A old scam still going around . also see Zimbabawe Bond Note Scam : znews [protected] / Skeptoid : The next currency scam . Jul. 12, 2015

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  • Wa
      Aug 30, 2019

    Here are 2 numbers for the bank involved in the Zim bond SCAM ! H.S.B.C. [protected] and [protected] . Let me know what happened after you call . One website that is involved in putting out the false info is .

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  • Kh
      Aug 31, 2019

    Zim Bond is a SCAM . Going back to 2015 .

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  • Sc
      Sep 01, 2019

    It is august 31, 2019 and there is no 1 800 # for the Zim Bond redemption . Field is a liar and conman .

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  • Jo
      Sep 03, 2019 who is honoring the alleged value of the Zimbabwe currency ?

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  • Ds
      Sep 05, 2019

    The childrens crusade will never happened. If the Zim Bond is a scam . Google zim bond scam . And you will have your answer. The photo show change from Zimbabwe . It was called Bond as well. Bond is used differently . The AA series old money is not a real BOND !!! And not redeemable . It it worthless !!!

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  • Tr
      Sep 07, 2019

    I promise to pay the bearer on demand . Is printed on the old Zimbabwean money . Stupid people think it is a BOND. It is not. The old change is called bond as well . the infamous Zimbabwean $ 100 Trillion dollar bill . It is all a scam . That is easy to prove. The old money ( pre 2015) is printed on bond paper from Germany .

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  • Go
      Sep 10, 2019
    Best Best Advice

    Field Mcconnell put out so much false info. It is hard to know where to start . And when proven wrong refuses to admit it. Or comes up with a excuse. But never his fault . # dates for the Zim . G.E.S.E.R.A. will cause a election in 180 days . The new gold S.S. card means something special. HRC, Obama in Gitmo . John Kerry in Gitmo after a gun fight. Gold frindge removed from Govt buildings . JFK Jr. will appear on July 4 th in D.C. All false !!!

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  • Kn
      Oct 05, 2019

    Field McConnell is still at it. Now he is going to have a Fla Att. ( Kim Picazio ) disbarred on Nov. 10, 2019. [protected] year disp. records //////// none ////////// . Broward, circ . 17 # 69547 . All over Timothy Holmseth . Who is on the run with a warrant for failure to appear in Minnesota . In 35 days he will be wrong again. And the Zim Bond is still a scam !!!

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  • Bi
      Oct 07, 2019

    Field McConnell stated that Pres. Trump signed a E.O. on Oct. 2 . To protect children . He signed 33 E.O. in 2019. The last one on [protected]. None in Oct. The Federal Register . False !!!

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  • Sc
      Oct 14, 2019

    Field has a 4th prediction for the Zim Bond. It is this week . It is still worth less. He will never give out a 1 800 # . He can not. It is a scam. And JFK Jr. is going to show up in Dallas. On Oct. the 17 th .

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