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The biggest mistake of our lives was the day my husband and I joined Fidelity Debt Solutions in order to lower our credit card bills. Their website and their reps. mislead you and misrepresent what they are able to do. We were given a monthly payment plan and told that they could lower our credit card balances by up to 60%. Our plan was for 30 months. They charged us very high fees also. Long story short, 8 months into the program these accounts went to collections and one got a money judgment on us. The entire time the collection agencies were contacting us Fidelity convinced us that all was well and they rarely ever took anyone to court. BIG lie, both of them have. We were faced with garnishments. We had no choice but to file bankruptcy. Fidelity has ruined us financially. You see... before we joined Fidelity we had only been late a couple times on one account, the other always on time. The problem was we were without income for almost a year and had to use the cards to get by. Once the income started up again we knew we had to find a way to lower our monthly bills in order to build up our savings again. We never wanted to get in the position again of not being able to meet our bills. Only on Fidelity's advice did we stop making payments. They told us once we joined their debt management program we had to stop paying the credit card bills because of the negotiations. Well sadly and too late we realize that the credit card companies will not work with these types of debt solutions. We were under the impression that payments would start right away. That is not true. Fidelity does absolutely nothing until you have built up enough funds in their special account to make the creditors an offer. And guess what??? They do not wait for you to get enough money, they turn your accounts over to collections and the next thing you know you are being sued for money judgments and the creditors always win. Then they can proceed with garnishments. And I learned that just because you are self-employed you are not protected from garnishments. They can garnish a checking account! I called Fidelity many many times and was very upset and frantic because things were really heating up. They always told me not to worry, nothing was going to happen. They also told me the only thing they could do if they got a judgment was put a lien on my house and as long as I was not planning to sell it, it meant nothing. Not one time did they say they could garnish wages or bank accounts. We have filed a complaint against them with our state attorney general. I know nothing will come of it, but at least Fidelity knows the complaint will be on record. If you ever want to do a debt solution there is only one that can help you. It is Consumer Credit Counseling Service, which is a non-profit organization. They do start payments immediately but it works best when you do it before accounts are given to collections. We tried but the collection agencies would not work with them. Therefore our only recourse has been bankruptcy. We are hoping that our future will be brighter and happier soon! Stay away from any debt solution agency you find online. They always charge huge fees too. CCCS does not charge much at all. Fidelity Debt Solutions website is online and they are based out of Irvine, CA.


  • Ja
    Jang1023 Mar 23, 2012

    I totally agree. WHAT A SCAM. I used them and was told to do the same thing, stop paying my bills. We sent them a lot of money that sat in our FDS account that they said would be used to pay the creditors, and most of it was taken out for their fees. 3 years later I have finally cleaned up my credit, with NO help from them. I was served on two accounts and called them every day. Got a different person every time and was told that they are waiting on the company to get back to them while they are negotiating. All said and done TERRIBLE SERVICE, TERRIBLE ADVISE, AND BIG LIES. If you can, try to deal with the creditors your self as most of them are willing to work with you if you have been a good customer. Good luck, and am sick to see that they have roped so many of us in.

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  • Ci
    Cinncinatus Mar 23, 2012

    Some of the lawyers listed above that are associated with this criminal enterprise are the most vile of piggish specimens. They would sell out their own grandmothers. They are true sociopaths with obviously damaged prefrontal cortexes. Their collective executive functions sputter along like the thought process between a grunting farm pig and a ground slug. These are society's bottom feeders. These are the lawyers thatt economically rape and pillage fellow citizens while proudly sitting in the front row of their church on Sunday. Granted, the company is a glorified loan sharking enterprise...but it is the lawyers that must take the matters to court in a fraudulent fashion.

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  • Sw
    swerdy Mar 29, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a horrible company to work with! I wish I would of really googled them to read this board 8 months ago as this has happened to me also! These stories are exactly what happened to me... NO JOKE! I would be willing to file a class action lawsuit against them... This a fraud and ruins peoples lives! I have been in contact with the Minnesota Attorney General's Office in hopes to get my money back. Can't fix my credit or the financial bind they have now put me in! But words of advice if it sounds to good to be true it is!

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  • Ba
    bataan_boy Jan 14, 2011
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    I agree with Babs, I was in the same boat. I had a good credit, never late with my payments. I joined them 6 months ago and told me not to pay my payments since we got their service and it will make it easier for them to negotiate my debts. Month of July I started getting a lot of calls from the banks. I told them, I started to get a lot of calls. I asked them if they already negotiate my debts. They told me that we don't have enough money in the account to negotiate. This word never mention to me when they trying to sale me their service. Comes December 9, 2010 I received a letter from the bank, letting me know that they will going to sue me for unpaid debts. I scan the letter and send it to them, she reply back and told me that she will forward the letter to their legal department. Legal department responded and ask me to send them a lot of paperworks. Ofcourse, I got worried about this letter, I ask to myself "are they really negotiating my debts and why do we need to come to this far and why only now asking all these paperworks?" Lawsuit! thats really big for me. So, I emailed her back and ask which banks are already making contact with them, in terms of negotiating my debts? She never told which banks. Instead, she told me All of your accounts have been notified of your current representation, but it its not against the law for your creditors to collect what is owed to them. We have clients that have been in the program for 30 months that have never been sued and some that come into the program with a summons, it really depends how long the account has been delinquent and who the creditor is. Our job is to help you through it and help negotiate your accounts down to an amount that is more affordable for the client. So, to answer your questions all of your accounts have been notified and represented. Our Litigation's department is currently reviewing your Summons and trying to negotiate the best possible deal for you. In the next week you will start to receive phone calls and e-mails requesting information that is used for case. Oh! by the way I called the bank that sent me the letter, they told me that they don't negotiate with them. (how bad is that!!!?) Now, I'm terminating my contract with them. I hope, I can get my money back. My credit is ruined, thanks to this company...

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  • Fr
    Frustrated12345 Sep 28, 2010

    My experience has been the same with Fidelity. I have had countless numbers of people supposedly assigned to my account. I can never get a hold of anyone. It took me two weeks of calling and leaving messages every day and sending e-mails to one of the people working on my account until they finally called me back. I ended up getting a court summons and going to court and I had to settle the account myself. What did I pay them for? No one ever seems to know what they are talking about. They tell you not to talk to any of your creditors or collection agencies or lawyers but yet you end up doing that anyway because Fidelity doesn't do their job. I had to keep asking questions to one person because he never answered my questions or explained anything to me. Then I got an e-mail from another person there who was telling me he was taking over my account. I read to the bottom of the e-mail to discover it was a forwarded message from the previous man that was assigned to my account and he called me [censor]ed. I wrote the new man another e-mail about how I was not getting a good first impression and how dare him call me that and that I expected something be done about his actions. The new worker wrote me back saying he would be taken care of and put on probation. Really? That's all? I would think they should be made to write me an apology or something. Once again today, I tried getting through to someone there and one of the phone numbers won't even go through. I left two messages again and no one called back. I don't even know who is working my case anymore. I agree with everyone else...stay away from Fidelity. I can't wait to be done with them.

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  • He
    helpmenow1023 Sep 21, 2010
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    Verified customer

    HELP!! I have just read this whole post and am literly sick to my stomach. I have been "TRYING" to work with them for almost 3 years and have been told by serveral employees (my account was also tossed arround to different people, because the ones I was talking to no longer work there) that they are working with the creditors to work out the payoff. Well I have since than had 2 summons and just yesterday recieved another lawyers letter and phone calls. What do I do. They have supposedly paid off one account but I still have 3 more with them. How do I go about getting my money back? Now all my accounts have gone to collection agencies and interest and late fees have been added on. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. you can e-mail me at [email protected]

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  • Po
    POdinCO Sep 03, 2010

    I wished I had read this and did some research before I agreed to do business with Fidelity. I closed my NoteWorld Account out and should be getting my money that I've had "sitting" in my account for the last four months. I also plan on letting my bank know not to be allowing transactions from Noteworld or Fidelity just to be on the safe side. The lady I spoke with at Noteworld seemed to be compassionate enough to let me speak and get what I needed to say out, the people at Fidelity (I think there's two in the "call center") won't even answer my calls and when they do they transfer me right in to the manager's voicemail; who has yet to return my phone call. It also seems they have a very high turn over, which I can only speculate may mean that the former employees grew a conscience and quit for ethical reasons.

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  • Ru
    RUTHIE66 Aug 22, 2010

    Not sure how many people actually read this thread, but I'm here to warn you about this company. Whether they call themselves Fidelity Debt Solutions or the Legal Helpers, they are shady, lying, scamming people. The only reason why they changed their name was because they were involved in so many illegal practices it was about to catch up with them.

    As a former employee I was informed that clients were told to stop paying credit card payments. That they would not be sued. The Vice President-Thomas Belefanti or TJ is a complete crook. It doesn't surprise me that I read on here about him never returning phone calls to current clients. This company has had to settle with former employees who were owed money and never paid. It's taken multiple complaints to the labor board of California, but eventually fidelity ends up having to settle out of court.



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  • Fr
    Fraudwatchdog Aug 21, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Fidelity has changed its name to Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC which is owned by the aarongrp. They appear to have a F rating with the BBB.

    Notice the same address:

    Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC is a true national law firm with offices in fifty states. We are dedicated to helping consumers resolve their debt problems. We provide debt resolution services nationwide and work in professional alliance with many of the nation’s top reputable debt negotiation companies to assist clients as advocates for their rights.

    Here is their new website:

    Here is the Owner's contact information:

    Legal Helpers Debt Resolution
    Tim Aaron
    [protected] ext 222 Direct [protected]
    fax [protected] (toll free) Direct [protected]

    Attorney Partners

    Thomas Macey

    Thomas Macey is a Senior Partner with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC. He has extensive experience in law firm development and marketing. Thomas has devoted his entire career to advocating for the rights of consumers, specifically those experiencing financial hardship.
    Jeffrey Aleman

    Jeffrey Aleman is a Senior Partner with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC wherein he focuses his contributions on business development and partner relations. Jeffrey grew up in Highland, Illinois and currently lives in Chicago. Jeffrey is a doting father to his two children, Mia and Ashton. He graduated from the University of Missouri — Columbia (A.B.) and from Marquette University School of Law (J.D.). While at Marquette, he was awarded the Law Alumni Scholarship as well as the Frisch, Dudek Scholarship. Jeffrey is a staunch consumer advocate and has advised over 10, 000 consumers in need of financial advice and assistance.
    Jeffrey Hyslip

    Jeffrey Hyslip is a Partner with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC. Jeffrey grew up in Columbus, Ohio and graduated from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. During his undergraduate studies, Jeffrey focused his coursework on economics and crime and completed an intensive accredited independent study on financial prejudice and public housing. He graduated law school from Capital University, with honors. Jeffrey began his legal career representing and defending Creditors and Collection Agencies. Additionally, he earned a reputation of being on the cutting edge of foreclosure law and assisted several law firms with their foreclosure practices. Several years ago, Jeffrey returned to his passion for helping consumers experiencing financial distress. In addition to being a Partner with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, he manages a Fair Collection law firm where he focuses on curbing collection agency abuse on behalf of consumers.
    Jason Searns

    Jason is the Managing Partner and General Counsel of Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. Jason brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience pertaining to the multijurisdictional practice of law. He is the former General Counsel for We The People USA, the largest consumer legal document preparation service in the country and was Special counsel to Sokolove Law, the largest consumer personal injury firm in the nation. He was an advocate for the rights of consumers and negotiated their rights to obtain appropriate debt resolution services in Washington D.C and in twenty two states.

    Eric Auten (AK)
    Melinda Dionne (AL)
    Steve Westerfield (AR)
    Carlene Simmons (AZ)
    Richard Gustafson (CA)
    Jason Searns (CO)
    Matt Rousseau (CT)
    Michael Culkin (CT)
    Joseph Vuckovich (DC)
    Matthew Carucci (DE)
    Karen Gatto (FL)
    Berk Sauls (GA)
    Greg Dunn (HI)
    Sam Turco (IA)
    William Ranill (ID)
    Angela Hermosillo (ID)
    Jeffrey Aleman (IL)
    Shobhana Kasturi (IN)
    Keith Wellman (KS)
    Debbie Bowman (KY)
    Gary Brown (LA)
    Troy Morrison (MA)
    Sonia Kochhar (MD)
    Thomas Wall (MD)
    Jeremey Miller (ME/NH/MA)
    Lori Leigh (MI)
    James Agosto (MN)
    Sean Paul (MO)
    John Windsor (MS)
    Mark Anderson (MT)
    Ralph Wilkerson (MT)
    Grant Patten (NC)
    Keith Trader (ND)
    Sam Turco (NE)
    Brian McCaffrey (NH)
    Thomas Nicely (NJ)
    Ronald Banerji (NM)
    Tim Daniel (NM)
    Donald Norris (NV)
    Maria Coen (NY)
    Jeffrey Hyslip (OH)
    Ron Brown (OK)
    Amber Wolf (OR)
    Thomas Nicely (PA)
    Ronald Rojas (PA)
    Robert Jacquard (RI)
    John Cantrell (SC)
    Tim Hogan (SD)
    Everett Mechem (TN)
    C. Bryan Fears (TX)
    Oliver Myers (UT)
    Martin Conway (VA)
    Tim King (VT)
    Mona Lisa Gacutan (WA)
    William Murphy (WI)
    E. Lavoyd Morgan(WV)
    Guy Cleveland (WY)

    * 9217 Old Greensboro Road Tuscaloosa, AL 35405
    * 229 Woodbine Hot Springs, AR 71901
    * 101 N First Ave, Suite 2430 Phoenix, AZ 85003
    * 4300 Long Beach Blvd., Ste. 420 Long Beach, CA 90807
    * 303 East 17th Avenue, Suite: 1070 Denver, CO 80203
    * 102 Connecticut Blvd East Hartford, CT 06108
    * 75 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite E. Frederick, MD 21702
    * 2901 W Busch Blvd, Suite 201 Tampa, FL 33618
    * 225 Peachtree St. SW, South Tower Suite 1625 Atlanta, GA 30303
    * 841 Bishop St, Suite 2221 Honolulu, HI 96813
    * 120 S. 6th St. Council Bluffs, IA 51501
    * 233 S. Wacker Dr, Suite 5150 Chicago, IL 60606
    * 136 E. Market St., Ste. 600 Indianapolis, IN 46204
    * 1125 Grand Blvd, #916 Kansas City, MO 64106
    * 332 W. Broadway, #300, Heyburn Building Louisille, KY 40202
    * 400 Lafayette St, Suite 150 New Orleans, LA 70130
    * 255 Park Ave, Suite 702 Worcester, MA 01609
    * 190 Bates St Lewiston, ME 04240
    * 17117 W. Nine Mile Rd, Suite 1020 Southfield, MI 48075
    * 1970 Oakcrest Ave, Ste 210 Roseville, MN 55113
    * 515 Olive St, Ste 702 St. Louis, MO 63101
    * 208 N 29th St, Suite 224 Billings, MT 59101
    * 108 Hay St., Suite 302 Fayetteville, NC 28301
    * 501 40th St, S., Suite 201 S.W. Fargo, ND 58103
    * 3006 S 87th St Omaha, NE 68124
    * 163 Water St, PO Box 616 Exeter, NH 03833
    * 17 Academy St, Suite 615 Newark, NJ 07102
    * 414 East Tenth Street Alamogordo, NM 88310
    * 1701 W Charleston Blvd, Suite 320 Las Vegas, NV 89102
    * 420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 2132 New York, NY 10170
    * 40 W. 4th St., #525 Dayton, OH 45402
    * 320 S Boston, Suite 1130 Tulsa, OK 74103
    * 10260 SW Greenburg Rd, #415 Porland, OR 97223
    * 111 S. Independence, #555 Philadelphia, PA 19106
    * 231 Reservoir Ave Providence, RI 02907
    * PO Box 1276 Goose Creek, SC 29445
    * 317 6th Ave Brookings, SD 57006
    * 1101 E. Stone Dr., #4 Kingsport, TN 37660
    * 4925 Greenville Ave., Ste. 715 Dallas, TX 75206
    * 265 East 100 South, #301 Salt Lake City, UT 84111
    * 600 Stewart St, #1224 Seattle, WA 98101
    * 611 N Broadway, #105 Milwaukee, WI 53202
    * 103 N. Court St. Lewisburg, WV 24901
    * 815 East 20th Street Cheyenne, WY 82001
    * 151 Thomas Street Hamilton, MT 59840
    * 108 N Main, Suite 625 South Bend, IN 46601

    /URL removed/

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  • Fr
    Fraudwatchdog Aug 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It looks like these guys changed their name to Debt Legal helpers. They are part of the aarongrp and owned by Tim Aaron.

    -- Here is the contact information

    Legal Helpers Debt Resolution
    Tim Aaron
    [protected] ext 222 Direct [protected]
    fax [protected] (toll free) Direct [protected]

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  • Lo
    lou lou Aug 13, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Believe me when I say, you are not alone. I am going through hell because of Fidelity Debt. We need to contact the Attorney General and get a class action going to get our money back.

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  • De
    debtsucks70 Aug 11, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Maybe somebody can help me. I am in the same situation as I am reading here. I have been served with papers for one credit card company and most likely another one will follow. I have spoken to many diffeent people in the company (as my account keeps being flipped to different people) and all I get is dont worry we are in contact.
    I have been in the program since sept. 09.
    any advice on what to do next?

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  • Sp
    spirit of 76 Jul 30, 2010

    I have finally FINALLY gotten all my money back from Fidelity. It did take 8 months of constant battles and numerous threats but I got it all back. 100% and I paid thousands and thousands. I did contact the BBB of San Diego looking for some assistance but they did NOTHING. I did have my states attorney general invloved and they are the ones who helped me win this battle. TJ is a thief and he belongs in jail. For all of you that have paid money to Fidelity should continue the fight. It is a hassle but its your money. Im sure that all of us here dont have money to just give away or we would have never been in this predicament in thie first place. You are only asking for what is yours in the first place. Fidelity is still in operations. How many more people need to be taken advantage of!

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  • Sm
    smart brains Jul 09, 2010

    Would have researched this FDS b4 joining up. I have a court date tomorrow with a creditor. If I find out they never contacted these creditors, who are taking me to court now, I will sue them for all back. Thx for the heads up all.
    Credit Cards

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  • Mu
    murmur78 Jun 30, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    lots of promises, without any action. the KIT I was sent basically was telling me everything I needed to do, while they did NOTHING. Now Im going to collections.

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  • Mu
    murmur78 Jun 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just going through exactly the same nightmare! Id also like to join a class action suit against fds. Theyve done nothing BUT take my money!

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  • Sp
    SPH May 11, 2010

    Interestingly enough my husband and I were in much of the same situation. I tried negotiating with TJ to get my money back and he only gave me just more than half. I called our Banking Commission here in Connecticut only to find out they are not even licensed in the state of Connecticut to conduct business. After my money was deposited I reported them to the Banking Commission. I am not sure that I will get more of my money back but wanted to have it on record as a complaint. TJ is the owner I found out and that they used to be a mortgage company. I am glad people are filing complaints as many have been taken advantage of in hard times. If there is a class action I would like to be notified. I have settled all my debt on my own without their help. It was after we received a summons I realized they were doing no good for us and I decided to take things into my own hands.

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  • Ja
    janmd Apr 08, 2010

    I to unfortunately got burned by fds. It took me awhile but discovered what they were telling me and what was factual was two different things. they are very good at slinging the bull around. I am now talking with an attorney and have contacted the attorney general office in there state also. Boy did I get screwed over. They never once contact my creditors tolet them know they were handling this for me. I got a partial payment back from noteworld. fds pays themselves first and when they get there money then they contact creditors and work out payment arrangements if it is not to late. i wish I would have listened. Guess I had tolearn the hard way. this is a very dishonest company who takes advantage of people during stressful times. People never think straight when they are under a lot of stress. Wish I had opened my eyes earlier. Now they are wide open ; still got the same problem but I am on the right track. By the way one of my creditors employees is how I found fds. Getting a referral from one of my creditors after explaining my situation to them and the creditor not being willing to work with me on what I owed. I thought a creditor would be honest enough to steer me in the right direction for help. and because the referral came from a creditor I thought they be a legitmate company. Boy was I wrong.

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  • Sp
    spirit of 76 Apr 08, 2010


    It was good that you took what you can get right now, but after you get that money you should contiune to fight for what is yours. Im guessing you talked to TJ the VP of FDS and he was rather smart with that mouth of his. Companies like this should not be taking advantage of consumers and they need to be shut down. I have gotten a good chunk of my money back however Im figthing this till no end. I had to get my AG and the BBB involved and I will say its been a headache. I also did just sign with an attorney this week to allow him to get the rest of my money. I am so dissatisifed with FDS that I do not want them to keep one cent of mine. Im all for letting the attorney have it instead. Do not give up and fight for what is yours. The attorney did talk to me about a class action law suit so Ill see where that leads. I made the mistake of doing business with FDS however they made a bigger mistake trying to take advantage of ME. GOOD LUCK TO YOU.

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  • Mi
    miguel520 Apr 08, 2010

    I just cancelled my arrangement with FDS this week after reading lots of complaints on this discussion board and others. I have not found one good review on this company and am very frustrated at myself for not looking into their history better before joining. Thankfully my accounts had not gone to collections so I've made some arrangements with the CC companies and they are gonna work with me to pay off my debt. I'll have to pay the full debt off but it beats bankruptcy or going to collections and then being sued.

    I have given 2 payments to them so far and have requested a full refund. I was contacted today and offered about 15% of my money back. I countered by asking for 50% back (one payment). They then came back with a 30% refund offer. I'm going to accept the 30% refund and be done with this company. I could probably fight with them and write letters to the AG's office but that will take more time and this way I'll get 30% back right away.

    If you are new with FDS or are thinking about it...PLEASE STAY AWAY!!! All settlement companies are bad news. Credit Counseling is the way to go. I've done that option and it just have to be patient...which I obviously wasn't. I might join another credit counseling company for a couple of CC's that aren't working with me.

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  • To
    too much debt Mar 29, 2010

    I just joined on March 19th, first payment is April 1st, I never got a package in the mail, so how would I be able to stop or cancel? Are there no success stories? I guess maybe cancel my account?

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  • Su
    sugarandspice Mar 22, 2010

    FYI: Fidelity Debt solutions is now running a collection agency out of the same office. How can that be legal?

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  • Ll
    LL Cool Cracker Mar 15, 2010

    I joined FDS a little over a year ago, & it's the same story as everyone else-making minimum payments, living paycheck to paycheck, just barely staying afloat. I signed up with FDS in hopes that this could be rectified, because I don't believe in not paying back a debt that's owed. They don't call back, make you believe no news is good news, & now I've received court papers from 2 of my accounts!!, after I've jumped through all the hoops they wanted me to. I'd like to join in the class action lawsuit. I'm going to cancel my account & contact my state attorney general. I guess I'm going to have to file bankruptcy too. If anybody has anymore information on recovering any of the money that I've lost, PLEASE contact me @ [email protected] Thank you.

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  • Ja
    janmd Mar 01, 2010

    correction that was suppose toread I would rather be out ofdebt in 34 months and rebuild my credit then have 7 years of bad credit caused by bankruptcy

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  • Ja
    janmd Mar 01, 2010

    My experience so far with fidelity has been ok. 5 months and only one collection call. Yes my account is still building . The bills I have were not created over night and willnotgo away over night. I so far have talked to fidelity several times on the phone, just to ask where we are at. The creditors were calling continously in the begining, which was quite annoying for a couple of months. I filled out out a phone long and had caller i.d. I listed each andevery call to my phone date and time of call and wrote down names ofcallers if they left a message. Each creditor received a letter that was certified telling them to to refer all calls etc... to fidelity debt solutions. The calls have stopped. I received one call from a collection agency which was down right rude and harassing. I immediately filed a complaint on the do not call list for harrassment. I also directed the collection agency to fidelity. I am in debt so far that It will take forever for me to crawl out of debt unless this economy makes a fast turn around. Fidelity debt solutions is one of the few companies after being audited that was not shut down. The recently went through a audit and passed it with flying colors. I can understand your frustrations, cause I have been frustrated with the stress of being in debt. I to never had a problem paying my bills untilthis economy hit. My choice was a debt solution company or bankruptcy. I decided debt solutions first over bankruptcy. Before I went into debt solutions I had called each and everyone of my creditors asking them to work with me. None of my creditorswere willing to work with me; even after explaing the situation I was in. I had already exhausted all of my savings paying my monthly payments that I use to be able to make easily. My mistake was using credit cards. At the time ofusing the credit cards, I had a good job and knew I would be able to pay my bills on time. But then uncle sam decided to make cutbacks. These cutbacks caused me to loose $16, 0000 in income. This hurt and is what forced me into this situation. So far fidelity debt solutions has kept the one collection agency away and has talked to the colection agency. I do not expect this process to be easy and I know it will be a long road before I am financially sound. Any time you can not meet you bills your credit rating does go south; that just can be expected. But what else can you do if you can not meet minium payment that the creditors want and they are not willing to work with you? I understand the creditors want there money and I want to pay them, but I can notpay what I do not have. i was told it wouldtake 34 months to get me out of debt by fidelity, that beats 7 years of bad credit when filing bankrupcty. I would rather be out of debt in 34 years and rebuild my credit then have 7 years of bad credit caused by bankruptcy. If fidelity does not work out then I am left with bankrupcty. I would rather take a chance with fidelity than go into bankruptcy immediately. All I have left to say is thank you uncle sam for getting me into this mess. Thank you uncle sam for the lost of work due to your cutbacks, while you sit in the white house with your servants eating steak, lobster and caviear; while meand my family eat whatever the food bank provides us.

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  • Sp
    spirit of 76 Feb 17, 2010

    My husband and I also signed up with FDS a year ago hoping to get back on track financially. We were never ever late on our credit cards but were only making the minimum payment. We struggled month by month to get by. When we signed up with FDS it was like a dream come true. They told me what I wanted to hear. We were told to immediately stop paying on our credit cards because it would make it easier for them to negotiate a pay off amount. Every month we paid almost 8oo dollars to them and the first two were double payments. Within 2 months the creditor’s calls got out of control that we were forced to change our number. Many of them were never even contacted by FDS even tho FDS told us they had. 7 months later we were summons to court. I contacted FDS and was told not to worry that they would contact the attorney for us. About 2 weeks later I still had heard nothing. Finally I contacted the attorneys myself and they had heard nothing from FDS and they also told us that they refuse to work with a company like FDS. They are nothing but a bunch of scammers and they advised me to pull out with them. Needless to say things got so out of control that my husband and I ended up filing for bankruptcy in November. FDS has completely ruined everything for us. Our credit was okay until we signed up with them. We had paid almost 12 thousand dollars to them and only had about 6 grand in our “Pay off” account. I contacted FDS to inform them that we wanted out money back. I sent them a certified letter as well and finally after 2 weeks I received a call from them but that wasn’t until I filed a complaint with the my state attorney general. Turns out also that FDS is not even licensed to work in our state. We have received some money back but not all. They still owe me about 3 grand. I am fighting this to no end to get it back. I cannot believe that places like this even exist in our country. I hope that this company gets what they deserve one day. JAIL!! for literally robbing the public

    1 Votes
  • He
    HeatherHasDebt Feb 13, 2010

    I'm in the boat too. I had good credit but was about to start falling behind because of lack of work and so I went with I have horrible credit and they haven't paid crap off. How do you go about cancelling your account and can you get the money out of the noteworld account they have set up for you? I dont' want to file bankruptcy but don't really know what to!

    1 Votes
  • Ja
    janmd Feb 11, 2010

    I can not understand why, knownly you would continue to use your cards in the position you were in? If you know you are in debt; the wise decision is you do not create more debt. When continuing to use your credit cards do to hard economy times; this is like borrowing money which you are already aware, you can not afford to pay back. By continuing to use your credit cards to get by; it is just the same as stealing. When you go into debt solutions programs, you are not suppose to continue building up your debt by adding to it. This is what sets you up for collections, wage garnishment etc... I understand that the economy is really tough right now and has put everyone in a mess. I myself have fallen behind do to job market and job cut backs. Our wonderful goverment made cutbacks in the medicare and medicaid. These cutbacks caused cutbacks in my job. Now thanks to the goverment I am lucky if I get 30 hours a week working 2 jobs instead of one. The goverment is the reason why we are in the mess we are in. I am currently looking for a 3rd job. I called my creditors, asking them to work with me and explain my situation. The answers I got from my creditors was no as far as being willing to work with me. This left me no choice but to go into a debt solution program. It may not be the answer I like, but it is either that orbankruptcy. That leaves me not much to choose from. The goverment is to blame. Currently I feed my family by the use of food banks and I am working on paying off my smaller bills. I had no financial problems before the medicaid, medicare cutbacks. I thought I had all my bills covered and could manage my debt completely . If I could sue Uncle sam for puting me in this mess I would. Instead of blaming debt solution businesses, you should be putting the blame on where it all started; the economy and all the cutbacks. Sure Uncle sam is trying to help, but I have yet to see where he has helped me any. If debt solutions does not work then I will file bankruptcy. Yes a creditor can garnish accounts, but it is awfully hard to garnish that account if you close it or do not put money into it. Yes your wages can be garnished, but most companies will not garnish your wages, instead they will fire you first. Yes you can always be taken to court, but it is really hard to get blood out of a turnip. Yes I have a home but my dad carries the note. It is kind of hard to take a house away from you that you still owe money on and is very far from being paid for, they can not take your home and force you to sell something that has a lien holder, it would go to the lien holder first and that would be only enough to cover the lien holder exspense first. I basically have nothing they can take unless of course they want a wrecked car. The Goverment has got me in this mess just like everyone else and that is where the blame should lie.

    -1 Votes
  • Bt
    bth Feb 10, 2010

    I have had the same experience with them. All they do is lie. I also would like to know what I have to do to get my money back. Please Help

    1 Votes
  • Jr
    jrp22 Feb 03, 2010

    When those of you who got money back by fileing a complaint with your state's attorney general what did you include in your complaint? Being that there is a signed document you had to have proven that you did not get what was promised in that document. Since they state that there are no guarantees what did you use as an argument. My argument at this point is the lack of attention and how it is impossible to get a hold of them. I never leave messages anymore because they don't call back. I simply call and call and call until they finally pick up. Any help would be appreciated, I am about to cancel the account now. I was issued a summons and I finally gave up on what my Rep was trying to do and called the lawfirm directly and they were ready to help and said to stay away from these types of companies.

    1 Votes
  • Iw
    iwntpar Jan 25, 2010

    FIDELITY DEBT SOLUTIONS out of San Diego is a HUGE SCAM!!! I am an ex employee who left because how wrong people were treated! I had elderly calling me crying because they didn't know what to do... and we were supposed to keep feeding them lies! 9 times out of 10 YOU WILL GET SUED!!! It always happens even though we say in our sales pitch that it's a slim chance and happens to less than 1%. Most companies won't even work with us even though we "say" we have had a relationship with them. THE SALES REPS WILL TELL YOU ANYTHING TO GET YOU TO SIGN ON SO THEY GET THEIR COMMISSION!!! PLEASE SEAK OTHER HELP... THIS WILL ONLY ADD TO YOUR TROUBLES!!!

    1 Votes
  • Ba
    babs Dec 04, 2009

    You can terminate the contract at anytime. Only thing is if you have paid in any money you may not get that back. An alternative to just making minimum payments would be to locate a non-profit debt management company that also offers financial counseling. This type of business will have the BBB seal. They will have a business location where you actually go and talk to counselors in person. They are a long established business. You will get immediate help. They do not tell you to stop making payments and then wait until you have enough money in the acct to make an offer. They contact your creditors and work out a payment plan. Do this before your creditors turn the accounts over to collection agencies. Collection agencies are not as easy to work with as the original creditor, such as a credit card acct.

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  • Jd
    jdejesus Dec 04, 2009

    i wish i read this before i finished my enrollment call with them(just now). Will they let me out now? after reading this i'd rather continue to at least pay the minimum on accounts till i can figure something else out.

    1 Votes
  • Ba
    babs Nov 17, 2009

    Metalgold, File a complaint against them with your state Attorney General. We did and got back about 3/4 of the money we paid to Fidelity. Your story is almost word for word the same as ours. We were current but barely keeping our heads above water. I wish we had listened to our gut when they told us to stop making our monthly payments! Good luck to you!

    1 Votes
  • Me
    MetalGod Nov 17, 2009

    After 17 years of working for my former employer I was laid off early this year. While looking for a new job we began to use our savings to keep afloat and as the lay off and job hunt drug on we began to contact our creditors in an effort to work with them on a way to continue paying and avoid turning to an outside comany to help us. We got nowhere with our creditors and in most cases ended up talking with some guy in India who didn't have the best english skills, or where given the option of making a payment in full at a slightly reduced rate which wasn't possible at the time. So my wife signed us up with Fidelity and we are in a much worse situation. We had great credit and had no late or missed payments on any account in over 20 years and were current but struggling when we joined Fidelity. They miss represented what they would do and every time we called we had a new rep in charge of our account and were always told don't worry we are here to working with your creditors and will give you a monthly updates. That never happened. They told us we had to be in default before any of the creditors would begin to negotiate on anything...Red Flag!!..Should have canceled then...But again were told no to worry this is how it works...We had one very small credit card settled on (maybe a $600.00 one they got down to $400.00) and have been sued twice and we have just dropped the program yesterday and have chossen to try and make the payments on our own now that I have found a new job that pays very well. Our credit has been totally destroyed by Fidelity...not that it would have been great doing this ourselves but we could have stayed current and not have gone into default as we were advised to by Fidelity...We still have $1300.00 in our account with them and demaned it returned and to have a manager or someone other than a rep call call as of yet and when I try to call them..These people are always in a be discussing all the lawsuits that will be in the future...

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  • Ba
    babs Nov 04, 2009

    Nobody here is calling CCCS great!!! They are simply saying companies like CCCS have a much better track record. I guess bottom line is there is no way you know for sure who is posting. But I am here to tell you our experience with FDS was a nightmare that forced us into bankruptcy!!! Any debt solution co. that tells you to deliberately default on your payments is corrupt!!! Gee how do we know you are not a FDS employee?

    1 Votes
  • Fu
    fulminous Nov 04, 2009

    How do I know that all these complaints against Fidelity Debt Solutions aren't CCCS's way of bashing them so they can discourage people from using them.I would be very leery of people bashing a company and at the same time saying how great another company is.

    1 Votes
  • Gt
    gtdf Oct 27, 2009

    thank you all I also talked to FDS but after read this my husband and I stop everthing and called the companys and are working out deals

    1 Votes
  • Ba
    babs Oct 26, 2009

    I advise you not to continue with them. If you must go with a debt consolidation company look for one with the BBB seal.

    1 Votes
  • Ri
    rich149 Oct 26, 2009

    I just signed up with FDS. I've yet to make my first payment. I found this website by looking up FDS. and now I'm reading all the horror stories. I'm now thinking seriously of canceling everything. As a matter of fact, I'm calling right now to talk to someone with FDS. If anyone out there has advise for me on what to do please let me know.

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