Ferrochrome Smelterthe building of this smelter in sault ste. marie, ontario

Awhile back I have to admit that I thought this plant coming to the Sault was a good thing and would create jobs for the people here. However it has come to my attention more recently that this Smelter is NOT a good idea for the city of Sault Ste. Marie, ON at all. In fact there was a list of twenty-two doctors here that would consider moving out of our City if this Smelter is built. My posting with the names of those doctors was removed by Facebook shortly after I posted it and there was an article from a woman from The Sault Star stating that despite their education these doctors were not very wise. What an insult to those doctors who have given so much to the people in our City! Or at least in some context very very similar to this. There was word from the Mayor that much intense testing would be done to ensure the safety of health for the citizens of the Sault for five years before this Ferrochrome Smelter would be built. I posted yet another article written by a male employee of The Sault Star which was not as strong but did indicate that this Smelter should not be built here which I obviously whole heartingly agree with of course and naturally. If my memory serves me correctly at this moment there is a meeting on the 23rd of October to discuss/talk to representatives from Ferrochrome to ease it seems the apprehension now caused in many of the people in the Sault. What I agree with most assuradly is WHY the Mayor wishes this Smelter to be built here - or at least it certainly strongly seems that way. He and his family live here too. Is he not concerned about his, his wife, and their children's health???! Look at Sudbury, Ontario and the Inco thing - there were dead trees everywhere and they even I believe made documentaries about it looking like being on the Moon for God's sake. They have been looking at what exactly does cause Cancer in so many people especially in certain areas and this Smelter no doubt in my mind at least would be at the very least polluting the air in Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding areas. WHY are they not scouting out and looking for ways for people to have jobs in Sault Ste. Marie, ON for this is such a gorgeous gorgeous place surrounded by amazing lakes, countryside, et all. I, for one, don't get it!!

Oct 07, 2019

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