Feesco Y Mas / about the manager on duty estrella

1 12107 sw 152 street, United States

On june 4 at 2.38 pm I was approaching the cashier station 4 from counting from produce and I slip and fell when I look on the floor there was something spill in the aisle when estrella saw it was me she was nonchalant and took her time started wiping the floor instead of asking me if I was ok if it was any other person they would have imediate attention but I guess since im a regular they didnt care not good service the cashier luis saw me on the floor was the only one ask me how I was
I told them it was my back and foot but you know when you get in a car accident you really dont know how you feel until the next day. when I woke up in the middle of the night I could barely walk my let toe was bruise and swollen but with no insurance I couldnt go to er I even call corporate customer service which someone will call soon mean while im suffering I hope someone can contact me tonight or in morning so I can go to urgent care to have my toes look at and someone can train the manager to attend to customer first to see how they are very upset with the store

Jun 05, 2019

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