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T Nov 25, 2017

FedEx Ground service have now misplaced a few expensive packages. About a month ago my attorney Overnighted me a large sum of money from a settlement. Upon notification that my package was delivered, via tracking number, we searched high and low to find nothing at all. "Signature Required" someone I don't even know signed for my package. Upon investigation and several phone calls, we had found that the package was ma's-delivered in a lump of packages to be shipped somewhere else. Finally two days late received my package.

Yesterday, my fiancee had received notification that her wedding dresses were delivered. Could not find them anywhere once again. After playing phone tag with a couple reps yesterday afternoon they resolved nothing and we had no information about the two packages. Being left hanging about two expensive dresses is very frustrating!! Now this morning FedEx delivery driver came to the door and rang. Dogs barking, growling and howling, the door was answered. The man said hello I'm dropping by to check on a filed investigation regarding two parcels. It says that you didn't receive them yesterday. Well yes, no packages anywhere and it says delivered.. The man then argued and said well I delivered those packages yesterday. Did you check with everyone in the house hold? Our response. 1. Yes and nobody saw the packages. 2. The packages were not delivered yesterday to this address or else we would have heard this (Barking) frustrated the delivery driver stomped off huffing and puffing. Not five minutes later there was another ring at the door. Upon opening the door. Delivery guy was long down the road in his truck and our two dresses left on the doorstep.

This is what I call [censor] Shifty customer service. We are tired of this happening to us and want it fixed.

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