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wedding favors

These guys are criminals! I suggest everyone immediately contract the ny attorney general’s office...

waste of money!

I have purchased something from for an even but my order did not arrive on time even though I've ordered long in advance.
I contacted customer service many times and never received a reply!
My order finally showed up three weeks after the event was held. When I opened the package I found out there were several items missing!
I tried to get some response from them many times but it got me nowhere!

sent wrong amount

Do not order from favor warehouse...they are terrible...Ordered 36 place card holders from them and only 25 came. Their solution is to refund me for the missing 11. If I want a refund, I have to pay for shipping so it pretty much negates the refund. Do not order from this horrible company.

Their business model seems to be, when things go wrong, blame the customer.

I'm sure all favorable reviews are written by them...

  • Ka
    kata Sep 29, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just check out the Better Business Bureau's website for this company...72 complaints...enough said.

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terrible customer service

I completely agree with other complaints!!! I have placed an order on 6/16/09 as a rush order (and have paid the rush fees), up until 6 business days after the order placement I have not received an email notification that the order has been shipped. Then I got worried and called to find out if the order was shipped out on time and will make it before my event. I found out that only one item out of four has been shipped, and other items have not. The girl in the customer service was very nice and said that she will check if they can ship out the same day (6/22/09) and will get back to me in 15. No call back received. After being put on hold for at least 8 times, and after 2 emails and 2 voicemails nobody got back to me. Then (6/24/09) I decided to call every 5 minutes to get to talk to someone (many many minutes are spent on the cell phone with a lot of extra charges). And only then I found out that one of the items I ordered had been on the back order and will not be available for at least a week. It is unbelievable! In the desclaimer on the website it says:
Items that are out of stock:
If item is not in stock you will be notified of via email or telephone as to when it will become available. If you cannot wait until the item is back in stock and cannot find an item on the site to replace it you will receive a full refund on your order.
All orders placed using a credit card will ship within 5 business days.
UPS delivery time is between 1 and 5 business days depending on your location. If you need your wedding favors or favors sooner we also offer 3 day select,
Just a recomendation: First of all, if the item is on the back order you have to notify your customers before they place an order online (so they can go to a different vendor and purchase with no problems). If you find out that the item is no longer avaialble, NOTIFY THE CUSTOMER, especially if the order was placed as a RUSH order. RUSH usually means that the customer needs the items ASAP and willing to pay extra just to receive it on time. You are dilling with people who prepare for their very important events in their lives (weddings, bridal showers, baby showers). You have to understand the importance. And the money they you may return if the ites are broken or not received on time are not going to help, THE EVEN MIGHT BE RUINED!!! I plan to contact the Better Business Bureau.

late items

I will never order from this company again!!!First my tags were wrong and they woundn't help me.Then my other item I had to wait two weeks before it was even shipped.So much for upto 5 days for shipping, and ofcoarse noone could help with that either.The people who work there are very rude!!!I had a lady tell me they can't make it a rush order but they can pull it so it doesnt ship, isnt that nice. TO EVERYONE DON'T ORDER FROM THERE!!!IT WILL BE WRONG OR LATE!!!

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scam on price match guarantee

Did you know that this company plays nasty tricks on their customers?
I made an order of their place card holders for my wedding thru their customer representative. The reason why I made the effort to call instead of just simply ordering the item on their website, is because I was availing their "100% Price Match Guarantee". The lady c.s. indeed matched the price from their competitor's website, so, I was happy!
When my package arrived, I simply counted if the number of boxes totaled to what I ordered. My HUGE mistake was I was too complacent thinking that each of the box would contain 4 pieces of place card holder in them as it is set of 4/box. I found out very late that there were 4 boxes that lacked 1 piece of place card holder in them. So, it means that they took the exact no. of place card holder that is equivalent to what they supposed to let me "save" out from their 100% price match guarantee! VERY BAD! It's comparable to stealing!

  • Gr
    gracekt13 Dec 29, 2009

    Honestly I worked for this company years ago and must say they wouldn't do something like that. First of all the people that work in the warehouse don't care who pays what for what they just pack the boxes and ship it. How ever mistakes do happen. They are a family run company and also a very busy one at that the reps wouldnt have time to go into the warehouse and take out the card holders. They were a great company to work for I was just young and had too much going on. They were so kind to me even when I left on such short notice. I can assure you they aren't out to steal from people and the do honor the price match like they have for YEARS! I'm actually going to be placing an order with them soon because they are the only company I trust. I'm sure there was some mistake in the system it can and does happen to everyone. Don't be so quick to be angry.

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not able to contact them about order, order never sent

5/2/08 re:
I ordered in-stock coffee mugs as part of bridal shower favors I was putting together for my daughter's shower. I did receive an order confirmation email the same day I placed the order. However, After a few days, I checked online, as they said you can do "anytime", and there wasn't any status on my order, meanwhile, my credit card was billed immediately. I sent an email to customer service, and it was not answered. About a week later, I sent another email, (inbetween these 2 emails I was trying to reach them by phone. The line was always busy, except for after business hours. How convienient)and it was answered after a day or two. I was told my order was arriving on the 29th. of April and I would then receive it in one business day. Well, needless to say, It's now May 2, the shower is May 10, I still can't reach them by phone, the website order status still shows no status or tracking number, still haven't answered a third email to them. So, I called my credit card provider, explained all of this, and how I came to find out that this company has many complaints against them. They are taking the charge off my account, and will be going after Favorwarehouse for the money.
I wish I had checked to see if there were any complaints beforehand, but quite honestly, didn't think to, until I was not able to reach them by phone.
I've been shopping the internet for the past 6-7 years now, and this is my first bad experience. I will never use this company again, for sure, and I will definitely be passing this along to my friends who have children getting married.

  • Kr
    Kristin Apr 29, 2009

    This was by far the worst company I have ever dealt with! I experienced many of the same issues as the others, but am still in the middle of dealing with it. I too had not come across these warnings previous to my order and anyone who is considering ordering from this site should take the advice and run in another direction!

    My order was placed for 75 keychains on April 10 with a promise to ship in 5 days. I received an email confirming my order, but heard nothing else from the company to this day. Once two weeks had gone by, I contacted them by phone by was not able to leave a message or get a real person. I sent an email inquiring about why my order was still listed as 'processing, ' but did not get any response. I then sent a follow up email canceling my order and I immediately filed a dispute with my credit card company.

    Yesterday, a week after I sent an email canceling the order, I received my shipment! It seems that once they found out that they would need to pay back the credit card company, they were able to ship my order. This was yesterday and needless to say, I was on fire! I now have to pay to send them back and can only hope that they will refund my purchase.


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very poor service

I ordered favors for my daughter's shower to arrive on or before April 4, 2008. When they did not arrive on that day, I called Favor Warehouse to ask about the status. After being placed on hold for long periods of time, a sales associate came on the line and told me that the favors had never been shipped. After asking about next day air, she put me on hold several more times and said for an additional $30.00, they would next day air them (I had already paid $12.95 for rush fees to no avail). I agreed to the extra $30.00 and was assured they would leave their warehouse for delivery the next morning. We never received them. In fact, tracking the shipment with UPS showed that they had never received the package, although Favor Warehouse provided me with a tracking number. I then began a three-week odyssey of trying to get my $211.02 credited to my card. I called them numerous times only to receive a message that all operators were busy and to leave a message. I left several messages and e-mails and received no response. On April 24, I finally reached Favor Warehouse (after 16 minutes on hold) and after 35 minutes of listening to the operator trash her co-workers because the package was never shipped and being put on hold three times, she finally came back on the line and told me that they would issue the credit.

Buyer beware -- terrible customer service!!

  • An
    Ana Gonzalez Aug 21, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On Thursday June 15, 2006, I called Favor Warehouse to order 100 Frames for favors for my daughter's baptism. I placed a RUSH on it, which was an additional fee of $12.95 for shipping, so that I could receive them as they promised "no later than Tuesday, June 20th". When Tuesday arrived and had not yet received the favors, I called Favor Warehouse again. I asked for a status on my order. The lady on the phone said "they will ship out today". I told her that was not what I was told. That I placed a RUSH on it and was promised that by Tuesday I would receive them. She confirmed that there was a RUSH on it and did not understand why it wasn't sent out. She said she could get them to me on Friday, June 23rd. I said I needed time to prepare them as I wasn't going to give them just as they were. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She put me on hold and came back on the phone and said that her supervisor was in a meeting but that he said that they I would receive them by Thursday. I asked for the name of the supervisor and she said his name was Jim. I asked what I should do if I did NOT receive them on Thursday and she said call us back. Sure enough, Thursday rolls around and I still had not received the favors. I called again and was told that I would receive them in the afternoon. I said the mailman had already came and they said that UPS will come on the afternoon and that they couldn't provide me with a tracking # for my order. When I got out of work at 5pm, I called my mother whom is at my house and she said I hadn't received anything. I called back and talked to another lady answered. She said that the favors I had ordered had to be shipped out from another warehouse because they didn't have them in their warehouse and that it was too late for her to call for a status and a tracking #. She took my phone number and promised to call me first thing Friday morning. She did not call. I called back once more on Friday and again was told I'd receive them that day. I explained that I was told that each day I called and the lady just said she couldn't do anything about that but said she'd call the other warehouse and put me on hold. She came back on the phone and said that they didn't answer. I gave her my phone number, even though I knew they wouldn't call me, and said she'd call me when she got a hold of the other warehouse. I never received a call. By this time, I knew I had to think of something else for favors and I just taped the picture of my baby that was going to go in the frame on some cardstock cards. I was very disappointed as deep inside I was hoping to receive the favors on Saturday and I didn't. I didn't expect to have a charge on my bank card, yet I do and now I have to call tomorrow and dispute that part. Not only did they charge me for the 100 favors but also for the additional $12.95 for the RUSH delivery.

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  • Ca
    Carol Carreno May 12, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have never had a problem with the I have ordered from there on numerous occasions (wedding, baby shower, christening etc.). You should always plan events in accordance.

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wedding favors/service

On 03/24/08 I ordered 165 luggage tags from Favorwarehouse for my April 25, 2008 wedding. Like everyone, I too believed I would receive my product in the 1 to 5 days as promised on their website. I PATIENTLY waited and called to check on the status on a Friday, April 4 (well beyond the 5 days) and was put on hold...several times. Finally a young man answered the phone and assured me that I would receive the order on TUESDAY April 8. He said that he did not have a tracking number yet, hmmm. Of course, Tuesday came and went so I tried to call back and received busy signals. I started to check complaints on this company and landed this site (SHOULD HAVE CHECKED before my order I KNOW!!!) Anyhow, I started panicking. because some people said that they received the product late, issues with the phone, no tracking #'s etc.. all what I had experienced. I also noted complaints about a CONNIE and how rude and unhelpful she was... so by now I was freaking out.
FINALLY on Thursday April 10, the company's phone rang (I felt like I won the lottery) only to be put on hold twice. (INCIDENTLY, I pushed the option for a NEW order, hoping to get quicker response, ha ha jokes on me!) A female answered "favorwarehouse please hold" at first, said it again 11minutes and 14 seconds into the call, came back on the phone at 14 minutes and 12 seconds and FINALLY took my call at 19 minutes. NEEDLESS to say, I WAS not hanging up (wasted time and cell minutes) but it was so difficult to get through, so I didn't take the chance to hang up and call back.
A woman answered and I was TRYING not to be NASTY and asked why I would be put on hold SOOO long and she said that it was lunch time and she appologized, because it was busy. She checked my order and PROMISED me that I would receive it the next day, Friday, April 11. I explained that thise was WAY later then the one to five days as promised on the website and she appologized citing it was busy! She even provided me a tracking number, so I felt a little better. As I hung up, she had said if there were any problems to call her back and believe it or not gave her name as CONNIE!!!
Friday came and I received all of my things in good condition as promised. I got a decent price, so after all, I guess it was worth the stress?!... so if you are waiting for your items...don't give up hope...Mine came. This company really needs to do SOMETHING about the way they answer calls and delivery dates that they don't live up to.
thank you and I hope this helps who ever!!

  • Do
    Doris Apr 10, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    order from this company some party favors they say it ship within the 5 business days after placing your order i placed order on the 31 of march today is the 10 of april and havent received any item yet not even a tracking number the phone they provide always got a busy signal. very dissaponted!!! wont order from them any more. please be carefull i informed my credit card.

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order not received on time

I orden 100 candles from this website on 03/23/08, received an e-mail confirmation order and was supposed to wait for a second e-mail to advise when my items were shipped. On 04/01/08 I send them an e-mail inquiring about the status of my order, since I didn't receive a fast response I called and the CSR told me that my order was going to be mail TODAY. I BELIEVE IT! two days later on 04/04/08 I called to track my order and find out that was not yet shipped. Connie was the name of the CSR that instead of helping made me more mad. I was not going to get my order on time for my event, she recommend for me to pay for overnight or 2-day shipping!!! Why am I supposed to pay extra when it was their mistake. They did not take any responsability and left me with the problem. I am supposed to received my order on 04/09/08! hopefully is the right one, but sincerely after reading all the complaints I doubt it. THIS IS A SCAM! PLEASE AVOID THE HASSLE!.

  • Di
    Diane Solis Jun 18, 2009

    I placed order for baby shower favors, received 1 week after baby shower. I returned order still no credit to my credit card. Diane Solis

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  • Di
    Diane Solis Jun 18, 2009

    Want to know if my order was received?

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wrong item, still no credit!

I placed an order for small picture frames three weeks before I needed them. Multiple e-mails and calls to the status went unanswered. After finally getting a person I was told it would arrive the day before I needed them. When they did arrive the black picture frames I ordered for my son's 1st birthday were silver with bells. I got all kinds of run around on the phone when I called. Why couldn't I use them? If I order now and have shipped overnight I MIGHT get the right ones. The agreement was that I would send back and they would reimburse me for the shipping. It has been three weeks since the box arrived with them (thank goodness for delivery tracking). I called about my credit and was told they didn't have any record of receiving the box. Then was told that the person that would handle that only works Thurs. and Fridays. I kept calling and the person was "not here", "running late", "on the phone" etc. I was told each time she would call me back and no call. I was told I was being impatient. Ummm, they charged me the minute I got the item... why shouldn't I be credited when THEY get the item back. Three weeks is ridiculous. My guess is that they hope people just give up. I just called my credit card company and had the charge reversed. I wish I had come on this site before I placed my order. I am only out the shipping but I'm sure other's have it worse. Save your blood pressure and order from somewhere else. This company is a fraud and their employees are rude and unprofessional.

delivery issues!

I was interested in ordering 200 party favors. I was concerned about standard delivery versus rush delivery. I called and was told that I had enough time to use standard delivery. I was no0t asked if ALL of my items were in stock or if any item was backordered. I proceeded with ordering the favors on the internet. I decided to add in a couple of extra items which were backordered, thinking that I could give those to the guest of honor at a later date (her birthday). My party favors did not arrive in time. When I called favorwarehouse, I was told that the entire order would not be shipped out until the few backordered items were ready to ship. So, my order would not come for almost a month. The information regarding holding orders to wait for backordered items was not clear from their website! The people I spoke to (including a "manager" named Cybil) were rude and unhelpful! They did not seem to care at all.

take people's money, do not send merchandise!

Hi, My name is Elizabeth and I have a complaint against telephone number [protected] located 96 Verdi Street Farmingdale, NY 11735. They promised me that I would receive my merchandise 5/4/07 because I needed it for 5/5/07 and I never received the favors for my nieces communion. I call and call and all I get is an answering machine to leave a message and nobody calls back. I wish they would have just told me they couldn't have it on time instead of lying to me. I am very disappointed with their service and I wish that someone would do something about it. They will continue to take people's money and they don't send the merchandise. They are ruining peoples parties because we count on them when we place our orders and in turn they take our money and don't send any merchandise. The better business bureau needs to know about this.

  • We
    Wellconsumer Jun 08, 2009

    DO NOT PATRONIZE FAVORWAREHOUSE!!! I also ordered favors for an event and they never arrived. No one answered my calls and my tracking number could not be used for online tracking. I was told I would receive a refund and a call with the confirmation and have never received it. I am seeking the local BBB information to report them. Maybe the police should be called about the theft of monies that goes on there.

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  • Bl
    blllank Jul 29, 2009

    Exactly-favorwarehouse should be charged with theft-my order was cancelled, they took my money and then lied about refunding-when I finally got thru to a live person (a feat in itself), I was told, "the refund went in to your bank account yesterday, will show up on your bank statement today or tomorrow"-Huh! never did, my bank is trying to get my money for me. I don't understand why this company is allowed to operate!!! Wake up NY BBB.

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  • Ka
    Katie Graham Apr 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered my wedding favors 4 weeks before my wedding. The website states shipping would be 1-5 days. I received my favors 4 weeks after my wedding. I mailed the favors back according to the return instructions. I wasn't refunded. I sent 3 emails, left two messages, spoke to someone who guaranteed a call back and was never called back. I still need my $150 back.

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  • Fa
    favorwarehouse Apr 13, 2011

    What is your order number?
    There is no order from a "Katie Graham" in our system.

    We have absolutely no record of contact from a customer named Katie Graham either.

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  • Ca
    Carol Paris Apr 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I placed my order and they charged my credit card the same day. It's been a month and I am trying to reach them to inquire about my purchase but to no avail. I don't know what to do.
    96 Verdi Street Farmingdale,
    NY 11735

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credit card charged, items did not arrived!

I ordered a number of candles online from favor warehouse. They charged my credit card. The items didn't arrive. I e-mailed the company and asked where my order was. I didn't receive a response. I went online to "track" my order, to learn it had been placed "on hold," although I had already been charged for the items. I e-mailed the company a second time. Again, they did not respond.

When I called the company, I was told that the item I had ordered and had been charged for had been discontinued, that they had no more of this item -- but that I could order it personalized, which would be more expensive. I asked them when they were ever going to notify me that they did not have what I ordered. No response. I declined their offer to provide me with the more expensive "personalized" items and asked them to credit my credit card. So far, there is no information that they have done this (I contacted my credit card company already).

Complaint re:
email: fwhouse AT
their phone numbers: [protected] and [protected]

  • Ca
    Carrie May 03, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same thing happened to me. I got billed on 4/17 and my items are backordered until 6/15 (I didn't find that out until AFTER I placed the items.) I would NOT purchase from this company if you have any sort of deadline.

    Their customer service phone number is busy
    Their "online chat" is ALWAYS offline
    I'm beginning to think that NO ONE works there!

    Very frustrating. I will be reporting them to my credit card company today.

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[Resolved] not reliable and very rude service

On July 3, 2006, I placed an order with Favor Warehouse, Inc. via internet. Their advertisement claims to...

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