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Genuine review from recent experience. I ordered 2 outfits for my sister's wedding, and paid for Express delivery. The date of the delivery day passed and no items were delivered. I had no communications from Cbazaar. After 2 days passed, I contacted them to ask where the goods were. They stated that the goods were delayed and that they wouldn't arrive for at least another 3-5 working days. This would not serve the purpose of the outfits and so I asked for them to let me know if they are ready to ship. They weren't, but there was nothing they were prepared to do. I was INCREDIBLY disappointed with the lack of professionalism and their attitude towards the inconvenience they had caused. I spoke with a manager who stated that all they could do was refund the express delivery cost and 10% off the item. Given the item would have been delivered at least 2 weeks after it was due, I'd have expected more than this but they valued their own pocket more than their customer. Won't be buying again from them and I wouldn't recommend it to anybody else... especially if you want good clear communications from them and hassle free services.

Oct 11, 2019

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