FAQ for Businesses

First of all, what is this website anyway? Are you trying to sell something to us or charge us for something? is one of the oldest consumer complaints websites on the internet, established in 2004 and is completely free, safe and easy to use for everyone. By saying free, we mean it's absolutely free, no beta, no cut versions. acts as a platform for consumers worldwide to take their complaints to the respective companies in order to resolve whatever issues they have with the respective companies, their products or their services.

Why should we care about the posted complaint anyway? Can't we just ignore posted complaints?

First of all, is the most popular and influential complaint resolution platform on the internet. There are plenty of potential consumers worldwide seeking information about the company before engaging into any interaction with it.

Second, it's rather unusual for a company not to care about those thanks to whom the company exists to begin with. Plenty of companies flopped due to lack of care towards their customers, nearly non-existent feedback and negative "word of mouth" spreading around.

Our years of experience show that customers generally have more trust towards the company that can admit it's mistakes and works on resolving them, rather than towards a company that simply ignores everything.

Additionally, majority of consumers nowadays are Generation X and Generation Y: both of them are tech and internet savvy (especially Generation Y), therefore in their eyes a company with crystal clear reputation on the internet is a company that shines in censoring negative voices above anything else. And numbers of such customers only increase every day due to natural causes.

It gets even worse if the company doesn't have any reviews whatsoever, be they positive or negative, as customers are unwilling to gamble by spending their money on a completely unknown company.

How do we even use your website?

First of all you need to log into an account on our website.

If you have discovered our website after receiving an email from us, then it means we have already created an account for your convenience on our website and granted it additional features that normally aren't accessable to a regular user.

These features include, but are not limited to, easy tracking of complaints (and their updates) against your company, seal of approval of being a verified representative of the company, ability to see user contact details and their sensitive information and many more. We strongly recommend to use an account we've provided you with, as it will differentiate you from other users on our website and will erase any doubts of your customers that you're indeed a legitimate, verified representative of the respected company.

If you have stumbled on our website by browsing the internet and/or found your company's profile on our website, then you can either

1.) Create an account on your own AND notify us via email so we can grant you theses additional features

2.) Contact us via email and make a request to provide you with such account

Afterwards, you can either use a complaint tracker to track fresh/updated complaints against your company, or visit your company's profile on our website to find a complaint you wish to respond to, open it, read it and post your response.

Do we have to pay anything?

No, our website is absolutely free, easy and safe to use for everyone.

Can we create an account on our own?

Yes, but in general it's not advised. A self-made account won't have special features (such as complaints tracker and ability to see sensitive information that is hidden from other users); it will not be marked as a legitimate, verified representative of the respected company; it will not stand out of a crowd and won't receive any recognition from your customers.

If you have already created an account yourself and want it to be verified as an account of a legitimate, verified representative of the respected company, please contact us via email

How the resolution process works?

To put it simply: the complainant posts a complaint against your company. You receive a notification about a fresh complaint. You visit a complaint, you read it and you post your response. A complainant will receive an almost immediate notification that you have responded.

If a complainant isn't responding back for 30 days after your response, we consider that either an issue has been resolved or a complainant is no longer interested in his complaint. In this case a complaint will be marked as "resolved".

How can we improve our company's rating?

Respond and resolve complaints! The rating relies not only on the amount of complaints that have been resolved, but also on how fast a company responded and how fast a complaint has been resolved.

Responding to a complaint within 48 hours (not counting weekends/holiday, we're all humans after all!) and getting it resolved quickly is a sure road to a 5 star rating. But if you're responding a week later after a complaint has been posted and then it takes a month to resolve a complaint, do you really think you deserve anything more than 1-2 stars?

Can we remove a complaint from your website?

No, you cannot. We do not remove complaints, unless explicitly ordered to delete it by a court order.

Can you ask our customers to directly email us instead of posting complaints?

In theory we could, but that is very likely to have a long-term negative effect on the customers in general.

Why do customers even began to take their complaints to the public? Why they prefer to post it on our website instead of sending it directly to you? Because there are/were plenty of companies that simply ignore(d) complaints as long as they're private. We're more than positive that you have heard of at least one incident when something was finally done only after the word got out and spread like a wildfire on the internet, news and/or TV. Yes, it's unpleasant, but that's how the world functions nowadays.

And that is why people come to us: they believe that by voicing their concern in public they're more likely to draw their attention to the issue.

Besides, we notify you via email each and every time a complaint is posted or an already existing complaint is updated. We also provide a live tracking system on our website. Surely it isn't that hard to simply check it at least once a day?

Can we remove a complaint that we consider to be false from your website?

No, you cannot. We cannot possibly be sure that a complaint is indeed false, or it's just a company feeling uneasy of being exposed. If you feel like a complaint is indeed false, make a statement by responding to it. After all, in the end you care about what other people (your customers) think, right? Well, make them think for themselves by making a strong statement as to why you feel a specific complaint is false. People aren't stupid and a company that can defend itself against defamation by making a strong statement gets much more respect than a company who goes berserk in it's desire to delete everything negative about itself.

In immortal words of Steve Jobs about people that submit malicious apps to Apple and then complain to the press that their "perfectly clean" apps are getting rejected by Apple: "This guy is a son of a bitch liar!"

We have an internal ticketing system and we do not use complaint platforms.

Fair enough, plenty of companies do. However, your customer may simply be unaware of it (or may find it uncomfortable to use, or any other reason as to why he decided to contact you through us). You can simply inform him about it in your response, it's not hard nor it takes long.

Who created our company's profile on your website?

Your company's profile was created by our website editors, The information has been taken from publicly available sources.

How can we change some information about our company's profile or our account on your website?

Please contact us via our tickets system

Can we remove our company's information from your website?

No. Not only it's publicly accessible anyway, therefore it's possible to find it on the internet, but also why would you want to reduce chances of your customers to find a way to contact you?

Can't we just sue you into an oblivion and get you shut down, instead of going through all this trouble to respond to our customers?

Oh yeah, we get questions/threats like that all the time. Plenty of companies tried it since 2004, but none have succeed so far.

Well, perhaps your company is a special one that considers it can get us deleted from the internet and sweep all the complaints under a rug, but a bigger question is to be asked: what kind of successful company would focus on shutting someone's mouth instead of focusing on it's customers? If you indeed have such an attitude, mayhap you should reconsider the direction your company is going.

I have another question!

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