Fantastic Sams Clarksville Tennesseehighlights

P Aug 16, 2018

I went to Fantastic Sams on a Saturday morning a week ago not this past Saturday to get highlights blonde ones in my hair. When she did the highlights she only did part of my hair and I wanted the right side done again because you couldn't even see them. I went back on that Monday and they put highlights in my hair again and the girl who did it on Saturday gave the other girl the color that she had used. They turned my hair a golden color no blond whatsoever. I went back again on the following Monday for the manager to fix my hair first she put toner in my hair and took out all my natural color. And then my hair was more of a Golden Ginger color. She then proceeded to put highlights in my hair but it is all a ginger color and I do not want to hear from anyone that my hair might not take highlights because I have had them in my hair for 30 years. The manager informed me that the girls who did it the first two times I put the wrong color in my hair that it was not the color that I wanted. I have a line across the back of my hair and in the middle in the top that is golden and does not match my blond hair at all. I would like my money back I was told I could go back next Tuesday and then try to fix my blonde highlights. I have very fine thin hair and I'm afraid that you guys do anything more with it it will fall out. I would just like my money back.

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