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I added this to another complaint against them but decided to start a new one because I am afraid that someone is going to end up getting hurt. Family Equine of Central NY is untruthful and false advertises their horses as well as uses BAIT and SWITCH tactics. I have been watching them for almost a month now regarding a horse in particular Dance Hall Doctor.

On December 8, 2007 my brother emailed me a newspaper ad that Family Equine of NY had placed regarding a Blue Roan Draft Horse by the name of Dance Hall Doctor. I am in the market to buy a Driving horse and this was their ad on December 8th. Blue Roan Gelding , 1/2 draft , 12 yrs old, 15.2 hands, quiet & sound, rides & DRIVES, Perfect Christmas Gift! $3250; Groton First ran on: 12/08/2007. I decided to look at this horse on their website but for some reason it was down all day. I didn't want to call them until I got a good look at the horse's pictures first. I searched around on some equine websites that offer horses for sale. I was able to locate this horse on Horsetopia. This was the way they advertised the horse on December 8, 2007, which was the same day the newspaper ad ran. Because of the length I am posting the interesting part of it:

Dance Hall Doctor is a fine Blue Roan gelding, 12 yrs. old. 15.2 hands tall and approximately 1300 lbs. Bob has begun training him for hunting, by shooting on and around him. He is doing great. This gelding is from Texas and has been in the East Coast for approximately 3 years leading pack strings in New England... And we've put him in a harness and GROUND DRIVEN him...we were told of driving experience but he seems to have had some work somewhere along the line.
No trades on this gelding please. See his video on our site as well as more pics. God Bless our troops! [protected],

OK - their newspaper ad on December 8, 2007 said this horse rides AND DRIVES. However, on the ad they placed on Horsetopia the same day says "And we've put him in a harness and GROUND DRIVEN him. We were TOLD of his driving experience but he seems to have had some work somewhere along the line."

I am glad their website was down that day. Had I not seen the 2nd advertisement on Horsetopia, I more than likely would have driven out to Groton expecting to try out and drive this horse pulling a cart. I would have been major pissed off if these people put a harness on Dance Hall Doctor and only ground drove him. This kind of advertising the Aicheles placed is called BAIT AND SWITCH. I let them KNOW about it too and they took the DRIVES part out of their newspaper advertisement they ran. Them telling the truth on this horse lasted all of about a week and it only gets better or worse really.

Dance Hall Doctor sold right away for well over $3000. The person who bought him then returned him to Mr. and Mrs Aichele. Since they placed an untruthful and false ad on this horse a month ago, I decided to keep an eye on him. My friend emailed Mrs. Aichele and asked her why the horse was returned. Her response was the horse was returned because he could only be ridden in a group with other horses. When the new owner separated him from her riding companions, he started prancing around. She stated she was going to take him out the next day alone herself- with her head injury that keeps her out of work. Well it makes sense that he was afraid. He was insecure as he had been leading pack strings with other horses for a few years. This horse is unsafe to ride alone and will probably need to be worked with by whoever buys it.

Today New Years Day I found another ad on Horseville placed by Lorraine and Robert Aichele on this same horse Dance Hall Doctor. His price is down to $2500. This ad disturbed me so much I felt it was my duty to write a complaint against Family Equine of Central NY. I left a couple sentences out because of the ad length but Here is the link:
It says:

Disciplines Youth; Western Pleasure; Trail Horse; PARADES; Pack Horse; Lesson Horse; English Pleasure; DRIVING; All-Around; 4-H;
Big Blue Roan warmblood dead quiet, good for beginners, use to packing out on trail as lead horse or pack horse, has seen tons of trails
[protected] for more info. Merry Christmas all and GOD BLESS.

These people are STILL placing false and untruthful advertisements on this horse. Not only are they advertising him as a DRIVING horse STILL- now they are advertising him as a horse that PARADES. This is disgusting. What if someone were to buy this horse without seeing it first like the other person did who wrote the first complaint and then hooked this horse up to a wagon. How dangerous would that have been? What if someone bought this horse because they advertised he as being is so well trained he PARADES? This is NO driving horse and NO parade horse AND THEY KNOW IT. This horse was returned because he was afraid to be away from the other horses. This is a horse that came from a former Dude Ranch in Maine who led pack strings or worked as a pack horse ONLY. The Aicheles admitted that this horse MAY have had SOME driving experience because they put a harness on him and are STILL to date 1/1/ 2008 advertising him as a DRIVING HORSE. Now they have added on that he is a PARADE horse too.

I say if ANYONE gets hurt because Robert and Lorraine Aichele placed false misleading lie-assing advertisements then these people should be held ACCOUNTABLE if someone gets hurt or worse yet- killed.

I printed out all of their advertisements on this horse and made a copy of the ad they placed in the newspaper.


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    Kelly Apr 10, 2008
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    I'm still a non buyer but must have really pushed Lorraine's buttons 'cause I received a rambling, hostile email from her, in response to my earlier, somewhat innocuous post under the Straight from the horses mouth thread from March. so if anyone would like to see the garbage she spews, email me & I'll forward it to you.

    In the meantime, if you have a legitimate complaint with them, you can contact the Better Business Bureau at this website:

    1 complaint has already been filled against them.

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    Dottie Tarricone Jan 16, 2008
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    STAY AWAY from FAMILY EQUINE ! They are a manipulative group and after communicating with Brande Graham, reading what Lorraine or Robert Aicheles posted on their Website @ I believe the complaints posted again are TRUE. Brande and Family Equine have done a good job of convincing me and others.

    They are con artists, they have posted FALSE DECEPTIVE AND MISLEADING INFORMATION on their website to MISLE and CON customers into believing that they are HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY people. I am going to post this as a brand new complaint, because they DESERVE it.

    I sent Brande Graham and email regarding her comment she placed on this Complaint Board (directly above) in defense of the Family Equine. I wanted to see pictures of the horses she bought from Family Equine. Brande offered people to write to her for references and ask to see pictures of the horses she bought. I asked her twice for pictures and she never sent them.

    Lorraine Aichele asked Brande Graham to set me up . She sent me a harsh email letter, in defense of her friends....But on Family Equine's Website today, Lorraine Aichele is making it appear that I contacted Brande out of nowhere and that people have been terrorizing them and targeting their customers.

    Lorraine or Robert writes " Here is a sample of an email sent to a INNOCENT CUSTOMER that bought Neon"

    What they failed to post on their website is my ORIGINAL letter to Brande regarding her comment, and how she emailed ME at least 6 or 7 times.
    Here is my first email letter to Brande through the Complaint Board:

    E-Mail from "Dottie Tarricone" to "Brande Graham" at brandegraham @
    Mon, 14 Jan 2008 08:10:44 -0800

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion regarding Family Equine. They have been in business for over a decade and only have a handful of references. Why do you feel that these complaints against them are false?

    You have no right to invalidate another persons feelings or experiences they have gone through with the Aicheles. Documentation doesn't lie. Everything has been backed up to include who the Aicheles associate with.

    They have a very BAD reputation and at least 35 people have come forward with horror stories of their own. To include complaints about Patchwork and how they sold donated items and pocketed the money. There was also a story how Cornell gave them a horse for the Patchwork disabled riding program and they sold it for profit instead. Whether any of these people post a complaint is up to them.

    I suggest you take the time to get on the internet and research CJ Oakwood as well as Dr. Benjamin Turner.
    I would like to see the pictures of the horses you bought from them from the beginning. Send them to my email address.

    Brande Grahams Email Back to Me (check out the time):

    Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 08:13:46 -0800 (EST)
    From: Brande Graham"
    Re: Family Equine
    To:"Dottie Tarricone"

    You are correct, everyone is entitled to their opinion of Family Equine and the way they do business. My First hand opinion is not based on what I have read, not what I have heard not what I think may be true, but on my personal first hand experience with them and the horses I have purchased from them.

    They have never sold me a horse that was a surprise when I got home, they have all been horses each with their own personality, and I believe that Robert and Lorraine told me the truth about every one of their flaws known to them, as well as their good points.

    I'm sorry that maybe your personal experience with Family Equine may have not been as mine was, (5 times over by the way) always good.

    Matter of fact I'm the only one that bucked up to save Neon from going to auction and I know they are thrilled that he will have a loving home. I am a true horse lover as I believe Lorraine and Bob to be as well.

    As for CJ Oaks I do not know him, and probably neverwill and if they choose to do business with him that is their business, not mine or yours. He's under attack because of his views on horse slaughter, it may be harsh. but it is unfortunately a fact of over population of horses and not enough resources to care for them.
    As for my views on horse slaughter, It is a horrible way for a horse to die, but I ask you is it worse for a horse to be left in a snow and ice covered field with no food or water to starve to death?

    If you are truly concerned for the welfare of horses you should be attacking the back yard breeders or premarin companies that produce PMU foals,( Premarin (including Prempro, Premphase, Prempac, and Premelle) is a drug made up of conjugated estrogens obtained from the urine of pregnant mares -- put out in many forms (pills, creams, injections, patches, vaginal rings) and is used to reduce the symptoms of menopause in women or women who have had a hysterectomy. It is also prescribed to nearly eliminate the risk of osteoporosis (the brittling of bones) and reduce the chance of heart disease in women over 50).

    Dottie I ask you what have you done to be pro-active as far as "saving the horses?" Lorraine and Bob are not getting rich doing this, nor do I think they are trying to, I believe they do it,to match up a horse lover with a horse that needs to be loved.

    Here is MY email Responding to hers:

    EMail from "Dottie Tarricone" to "Brande Graham" at brandegraham @
    Mon, 14 Jan 2008

    Have you ever seen how horses are murdered at the slaughterhouses? There are many videos posted on the internet.
    Copy this into your web browser
    This is what YOUR friends, the Aicheles, support and you along with them.
    Maybe after viewing this video, it will change your view on why horse auctions should be shut down for good and they will but I doubt you will even look at it. 1000’s more horses are killed at slaughterhouses than those who are left to starve or freeze to death or left to die in someone’s pasture. Whoever harms or kills an animal are losers.

    I am a very outspoken advocate against animal abuse of any kind, to include mares being bred in factory farms for their urine. So much so, I can quote: For close to 66 years since Premarin has been prescribed , millions of horses have been forced by humans to live in deplorable conditions and then are slaughtered when they can’t produce urine anymore. There are over 700 factory farms in operation where at least 80,000 mares live their entire lives penned in tiny stalls, unable to lie down or turn around. The stalls are deliberately narrow to prevent the pregnant mares from turning around and detaching the cups that collect their urine. The pregnant mares live in what are called“pee barns”. Most suffer from untreated UTI’s and are in constant pain. The PMU foals are sent to auction by the millions and slaughtered.

    The Aicheles have been in business for over a decade and there are only a handful of people who stand up for them. I never said I bought a horse from them. Where did you get that impression? I may be investigating them for all you know. What I will tell you is we have so much evidence stacked against these people its mind boggling. Let me ask you this? Why do Bob and Lorraine change their website around so frequently? They were trying to misle their customers into believing they are these good Christian folk who aren’t into abusing animals,when in fact they are.

    The website shows what they are into. Look at the picture of Bob shooting a gun off the back of Dance Hall Doctor. They had the audacity to post this statement “we under no circumstances advocate violence towards animals”

    They were going to send Neon Nights to auction who probably would have ended up being trucked out of the country for slaughter. Does he still have that large sore where his girth goes? You speak out of both sides of your mouth. You saved Neon Nights from the very people you are defending. You think horse auctions are OK where most horses are killed, yet you are against the production of Premarin.

    The Aicheles have you under their spell. I, personally, think you are just like them. You claim to be a horse lover, yet what are you doing to advocate for their rights. People like the Aicheles eventually fall from Grace and that is exactly what is happening to them right now. If people have posted comments against them, again, you have NO right to invalidate their experiences, feelings, or emotions on what they have experienced first hand. Their feelings are REAL and they are VALID. Compares to a woman being raped by a man and is told that she asked for it. Please send me pictures of your horses. I didn’t see an attachment there.

    Brande Grahams Response to this letter:
    Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 18:36:18 -0800 (PST)
    From: "Brande Graham"
    Subject: Re: FYI
    To: "Dottie Tarricone"

    Dottie, I don't know what you are talking about...we were debating experiences with the company family equine, my personal, and your ...well you don't have any experience with them. But you must of had tons of experience in feedlots, auctions, etc...from the way you write. I understand that you are passionate for your cause....what was it again I forgot when you started to attack my cold feeling less heart.

    I challenge you to put the shoe on the other foot, you own a business do the best you can it take pride in it and then have some nameless, faceless, people attack it...with no evidence. Wouldn't you want people that have had good experience to stand up for you. I am being honest with my experiences.

    My Email Responding to Brande's above:E-Mail

    from "Dottie Tarricone" to "Brande Graham" at
    Mon, 14 Jan 2008

    There you go again. Calling the people who posted the complaints against the Aicheles Nameless and Faceless people. Your comments are very cruel and cold towards others. They are NOT nameless and faceless people. They are human beings who have valid complaints and have been hurt by these people.
    For your information, your friends are under some serious investigation. If there wasn't evidence, there wouldn't be an Investigation going on. The people who filed complaints have photographs, documents, website advertisements, emails, telephone conversations, videotapes.... It is AGAINST THE LAW to post false information on the Internet.

    Evidence doesn't lie. Lorraine has denied posting website advertisements or sent email letters. Like they put themselves up on the internet? Everything has been handed over to the proper authorities. I am sorry, but I am ending it here.

    You are obviously a very loyal friend to them but I would let them fight their own battles. The only advice that I can give you is to continue being their friend and supporting them over the next couple of years.

    If the Aicheles are the people you say they are, then they have NOTHING to worry about. Right? I will not be answering any more of your emails.

    Brandes email:

    Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008
    From: Brande Graham"
    Subject: Re: Family Equine

    To:"Dottie Tarricone
    Dottie...we all see what we want to see....and some of us have experienced it.....I shared with you my first hand experience of dealing with Bob and Lorraine, but it just wasn't the experience you where looking for, so it must not be real.....? right?

    E-Mail from "Dottie Tarricone" to "Brande Graham"

    Mon, 14 Jan 2008 18:24:55 -0800

    You seem to forget the comment you posted last November under the complaint about the Worthless Registration Papers.

    You blew off your mouth before even reading the complaint- and said whoever wrote the complaint must be "Mentally Disturbed".

    That post was pulled by the Complaints Board by Court Order- as evidence.

    Again, Just because someone posted a complaint against the Aicheles, you invalidated his/her feelings and emotions by making the comment the person must be suffering from Mental Illness. Are you a Psychiatrist to make such a Diagnosis?
    I've got your number.

    Brande's Email to Me:Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 17:42:35 -0800 (PST)
    From: "Brande Graham"
    Subject: Re: Reply
    To: "Dottie Tarricone"

    you have my number? are you threating me?


    E-Mail from "Dottie Tarricone" to "Brande Graham" at [email protected]
    Mon, 14 Jan 2008 18:24:55 -0800
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------NO, I am not threatening you nor do I have your telephone number. The phrase "I've got your number" means "I m on to you."

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this point.
    I looked this up for you ON THE INTERNET before you contact the State Police Computer Terrorism Crime Unit.

    "I've got your number"
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted by Lap of the Goddess on November 22, 2003 "where did "I've got your number" originate?
    means "I know what you're up to"

    Lorraine or Robert Aichele then posts this on their Family Equine Website below only ONE Email letter I sent to Brande Graham. She left out Brande's letter to me WHO BROUGHT UP PMU MARES FIRST and she says:
    "If you are truly concerned for the welfare of horses you should be attacking the back yard breeders or premarin companies that produce PMU foals,( Premarin (including Prempro, Premphase, Prempac, and Premelle) is

    She purposely leaves out EVERY SINGLE email letter that Brande Graham and I sent to each other. Like I said before,

    STAY AWAY from this business! They are manipulative and coniving. They have posted DECEPTIVE MISLEADING INFORMATION on their website to MISLE and CON customers into believing that they are HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY people. And that they have been targeted and victimized out of the blue by people.
    Go to

    They write under my email letter:
    Can anyone believe this garbage???? This is pure terrorism and will be dealt with as such. What in GOD's name does any Premarin or horse slaughter have to do with us? Look around you folks, there are many, many folks selling horses in New York besides us, and many folks selling many more than us. This email and all others just like it have been turned over to the FBI for terrorism, You have no rights to terrorize my customers and my family. Why would anyone in their right mind say these things? Buying one or two horses from an auction or sale and getting them good family homes is a service to the horse world. “

    And…We do not promote horse slaughter in any way, nor do we abuse any horses here now or ever on our farm.

    Yeah, they do promote horse slaughter because they SELL horses at auctions to get rid of them and associate with CJ Oakwood who is a huge advocate of horse slaughter. The Aicheles don't buy just ONE or TWO horses from auctions to RESELL- they have bought and sold close to 40 horses they got from auctions since June, 2007.
    They have bought and sold 100's of horses from Auctions over the years!

    Brande even confirmed that in her email letter to me saying
    "Matter of fact I'm the only one that bucked up to save Neon from going to auction"

    If Lorraine or Robert Aichele EVER contacted the FBI or State Police and tried to fool them by withholding evidence they would be arrested for reporting a false incident.

    I am going to do what everyone else seems to be doing, POSTING A NEW COMPLAINT.

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    Brande Graham Jan 13, 2008
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    Verified customer

    The finger pointing at family equine,auctions and feed lots for ill treatment of horses is crazy, the finger pointing should be at the people that buy and breed horse that leave them in their back yards with no food or clean water allowing them to become emaciated or the inexperienced owners/trainers that abuse their horses because they don't act or preform the way they want .
    Lorraine and Bob are good horse loving people. They are honest about the horses they sell and they do their share of rescue! I know,I have bought 5 horses from them and would buy another 5 (if needed) I refer family, friends and anyone else looking for a horse to buy from them. They have always been up front and super honest about the horses I have purchased. I have been to thier farm on numerous occasions (not as a friend but as consumer) only to see well groomed, feed and cared-for animals. I find that these complaints are totally false. feel free to e-mail me for a reference or photos of the great horses I have purchased from them.

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    Sherry Hill Jan 13, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Ms. Ginn,
    I have known and heard about this business for years and your horse may well have been drugged when you bought her. The Family Equine uses a farm vet by the name of Dr. Ben Turner of Midstate Vet to treat their horses as well as cattle.

    They have highly recommended him to new customers to do the pre-purchase exam on the horses they sell. They have placed his name on their website as their Vet on their -About Us- page. This Vet got in trouble by the Food and Drug Administration for giving illegal drugs to cattle sold for slaughter and for human consumption. FYI I found this on the internet under the FDA:




    "The following firms/individuals received warning letters for offering animals for slaughter that contained illegal drug residues:

    These violations involved illegal residues of streptomycin in a dairy cow; penicillin in a dairy cow; and gentamicin in dairy cows.

    Warning letters were sent to the following veterinarians as a result of illegal residues reported in animals treated by these individuals:

    James E. O’Shea, D.V.M., New Berlin, NY


    Douglas E. Evans, D.V.M., Georgetown, NY

    All of these residues involved the illegal prescription and dispensing of gentamicin in dairy cows that were later offered for sale for human food. There is no permitted level for residues of gentamicin in edible tissue of cattle. "

    Anyone that buys a horse from the Family Equine should use their own Vet to do the pre-purchase exam as well as drug testing.

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    Victoria Emerson Jan 12, 2008
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    Yes, it looks like they write their own letters and are adding them on to their website one at a time. There is one letter that is new, finished and ready to be posted. Its a story about a pony named Tumbleweed (hes on their website). The lady liked MK Bars and her husband loved Dance Hall Doctor. He, being an avid hunter, couldn't believe you could actually shoot off a horse! I read the ENTIRE letter before its posted. Sure pays to know html code in order to open up a website. Guess what? Its perfectly legal! Their website is amature hour.

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    Jessie Daniele Jan 12, 2008
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    Lorraine must sit on there computer day and night to see if there are any more complaints. Read my post above. From the looks of Lorraines letter, they must have trained Dance Hall Doctor to DRIVE within a month. One ad on 12/8/07 said they put the horse in a harness and GROUND DROVE HIM - thus in their mind they felt it ethical to advertise him as a DRIVING HORSE in the newspaper and on the internet. Lorraines letter to me.

    E-Mail from "lorraine" to "Jessie Daniele" at
    Sat, 12 Jan 2008 05:59:45 -0800
    He is sold, thank your for your concerns for his training, my health./ All is well, he rides super as we said. If you have any questions please feel free to call us individually, this complaints board is a bit onesides, don't you agree? I would love to answer each question you have. And he does drive and ride fine. Myhusband, kids everyone has ridden him and the previous person is happy that traded him back in. all is well. [protected] please call

    HEY lady, I don't have any questions for you nor do I want to meet you or look at your horses. Your Bait and Switch Ad was enough to make me run. And NO I don't think the Complaints Board is ONE SIDED. As I recall, the Complaints Board pulled all of your comments as well as your friends that you all posted under the complaint regarding Worthless Horse Reg. papers back in December, 07.

    I have read your Customer Reference letters on your website and I personally think you wrote most of them yourself or had your friends write them. The lady who bought a horse from you that reared, pinned its ears, and then worked with her for 18 months and thought that was swell has rocks in her head. Her letter proves that the types of horses that you sell are dangerous. You have been in business for 10 years and thats all the references you have? HOW SAD!

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    Shelley D. Camacho Jan 11, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Family Equine's new shipment of horses will be arriving after January 20, 2008. Their website advertisement BRAGS:

    "Robert will be traveling to the West to get a load of good ranch horses that have all have been working in the feedlots! Ready after the 20th of January. These horses come from CJ Oakwood.

    C.J. Oakwood is their good old boy. He is a Livestock Auctioneer in Illinois and owns and operates CJ Cattle Company. Family Equine buys former worked to death feedlot horses from CJ and then offers them for resale in New York. They also truck horses to C.J. to unload the horses they can't sell. "You know, "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine."

    C.J. is an avid supporter of HORSE SLAUGHTER and wigged out when hearings were being held and finally, the last remaining horse slaughterhouse was closed down for good this past summer in Dekalb, Illinois.

    Here are a few of CJ's rantings and ravings I found on the internet so potential customers of Family Equine can get a gist of the "characters" of the people and business associates that they surround themselves with.
    Heres CJ's website:

    Copied from the-

    "Horse slaughter ban would be a blow to production agriculture"

    C.J. Oakwood wrote on Feb 13, 2007 9:50 AM:

    " Our politicians have not a clue what is going to happen to the equine industry and the welfare of horses IF WE BAN THE PROCESSING OF HORSE MEAT FOR EXPORT. .
    The ANIMAL / TREE HUGGERS in this country need to find another planet to live on before they ruin this one.
    FOR ALL THOSE " HORSE HUGGERS"... what are you going to do with these animals if we cannot dispose of them???
    I PERSONALLY THINK WE SHOULD HAVE HORSE MEAT AVAILABLE AT THE IGA! If anyone thinks hitting a deer with your vehicle is a bad deal.....try hitting a horse that has been turned loose by its will probably belt on! "

    Updated: Jun 17, 2007 - 01:29:45 am CDT
    Daily Chronicle Online Dekalb Illionois

    In Our View: Message to Judge and Cavel Inc.: Enough is enough

    CJ OAKWOOD wrote on Jun 20, 2007 4:17 PM:

    " "Why is Belgium telling United States judges what they should do in regards to American laws? Judge Kapala accepted a letter from Belgium that attempts to sway his decision in favor of horse slaughter. I think we need to let Belgium know that we Americans will not stand for any country dictating to us which of our laws is constitutional or not" KEEP PROCESSING HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

    Cow-Calf Weekly Mailbag December 31, 2004

    Apparently Rep. John Sweeney (R-NY) and Sen. John Ensign, DVM (R-NE) don't have a clue ("Horse Slaughter Ban Poses Broad implications"). How did Ensign get through vet school?

    I will SUPPORT NCBA 100% on FIGHTING this piece of legislative FECAL MATERIAL ! I hope R-CALF gets on the wagon, too.
    The next thing these NUTS will try to do is stop the harvesting of beef, pork and chicken!
    CattleCo Data Systems
    Oakwood, IL

    I don't know of any REPUTABLE Equine business who would associate with or buy horses for resale from someone who writes nasty ### like this. Selling horses for slaughter are his meal ticket. He could care less if they are sent to slaughter and in the violent manner in which these horses are killed (in Mexico they stab them to death with a dagger).

    If anyone buys a horse that came from CJ OAKWOOD, they are in essence keeping him in the horse auction/ slaughter business. Please consider to NOT buy horses that are sold at auction. If you feel you are saving a horse, you are doing just that.... saving ONE. But if you STOP buying horses that are sold at Auction, you will be saving thousands or more in the end.

    Legislation is in the works to pass into Law banning the transporting of horses outside of the United States for slaughter.

    This is GOOD. This Law will shut down the irreputable horse auctions once in for all . Once that happens, irresponsible horse owners won't be able to dispose of their unwanted healthy, sick, lame, disabled, elderly, pregnant, horses and foals at the most disgusting and disgraceful auctions in the US just to make a buck. They will be forced to spend the $50 to have their horses humanely euthanized- rather than stabbed to death in Mexico or Stun-Gunned in Canada.

    Before buying a horse from a Horse Dealer and not a well-known reputable Equine establishment, ask where the horses came from. Feedlot horses have been worked into the ground. They work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, for years on end. They walk on concrete in many situations, drag semi trailer truck tires, work in rain, sleet, snow, and windy dust bowls. They start their day at 3 am moving 1000s of head of cattle and herding them into the trucks bound for slaughter. Their frustrated "cowboys" spur and whip them to keep moving the cattle. They are rammed by cattle, fall down, and after a hard days work- put in a stand stall for a few hours. They are not groomed or brushed out, feet picked, or loved .... once the horses finally give out from all of the hard work.... they are sent to auction.


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    Shelley D. Camacho Jan 06, 2008
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    Makes you wonder why they use Tie Downs and harsh tack on their Kid Safe Horses during in their Lesson Programs- to include Robert and Lorraine. Pictures don't lie!
    Here's my story Deb- copy and paste into your web browser.

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    Deb Ginn Jan 06, 2008
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    To add another comment to anyone considering buying a horse from family equine - when you ask for a kid safe anyone can ride horse don't expect to get one. I swear the mare I bought must have been drugged because after I got her she turned into a completely different horse. She is not and I dont foresee her ever being a kid safe anyone can ride horse. I have worked with her now for a year and a half and although I've made some progress I can never trust her. She will rear, buck and bolt. Although I am somewhat attached to her and have put in numerous hours working with her she basically has another 6 months to improve or I will have no alternative but to get rid of her. People should be honest when selling someone a horse - I couldn't even imagine putting a child on her nor would I ever take a child for a ride with me on her as you never know when she's going to decide to rear, buck, spin and bolt. Future advice for anyone looking for a horse - look elsewhere than family equine because they are not honest about the type of horses they are selling. I was specific to them when I said I wanted a KID SAFE ANYONE CAN RIDE HORSE!!!

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