Family Dollarunethical behavior/did not honor clipped coupon

W Nov 17, 2019

11/17/2019; 1:45PM Asist Man/Cashier Analis. I had a clipped coupon of $5 that expires on Nov 20. She claimed system cant accept it because it's not for that store. I asked for a manager She said there were none. Called manager on cell who said it couldnt be accepted. I told her you just lost a customer for $5. Called to get name of assistant manager and she said she couldn't give me her name and hung up on me. I called 2 more times and nobody answered. Very unethical behavior.

Family Dollar

  • Updated by WomnofGd · Nov 17, 2019

    I asked Assistant manager for Rep number because she said she couldn’t give me her name. She asked what I wanted it for and I said because I was going to write a complaint to the General Manager on the website just as she suggested I do and that was when she hung up. As if the rude treatment wasn’t enough at the store, she had the audacity to hang up on a customer. My question is, what qualifications does an Assistant store manager need to have in order to work for family Dollar because it seems the bar seems quite low. I have been shopping happily at this Dollar Store since it first opened and have used clipped $5 when you spend $25 a million times and never had this happened. It’s the ONLY Family Dollar I shop at, unfortunately, it will be the last. A company that can’t honor a coupon that is theirs and has no qualms in losing a customer over $5 obviously does not need my business. I will tell everyone I know of the horrid treatment Family Dollar gives their customers so all those I know and love will not have to be treated with the disrespect I was treated. And word of advice, It would be great if you guys hired people that were actually fluent in english and understood the language well, especially if they are going to be in a position of authority.

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