Family Dollar Storesbeing escorted out the store by a cop accused of stealing!

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It was about 4:30/ 5 sept 9 2019 me and my husband was shopping and looking around for about 30 mins as I approach the counter I notice the police. So I stood to the side after I paid for my items waiting on my husband the cop ask me to step outside I went thinking ok maybe he knew me and just wanted to talk but instead he ask me did I switch purses in the store im like no why would he ask me the same question again.. Then he said what care are you driving telling me to walk with him I go that my truck over there... He goes so that's your truck yes sir it is me and my husband came here together then he goes so that car isn't your no.. Sir I mean what's the problem I told him if your looking for the lady that's stealing its not me you should be in the store questiong her... My husband was going out to see what's wrong but he said the cashier said don't go out he is just questioning her about a situation... I was so embarrassed about this. I don't steal never did im a 50 year old small business owner well respected.. This bothers me.. My name is charlotte and im passed!

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  • Km
      Sep 10, 2019

    What was the result of this inquiry.

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  •   Sep 10, 2019

    Sounds to me like the police officer was simply doing their job. Why would you be so sensitive to this if you did not do anything wrong? It is perfectly acceptable for the police officer to do their due diligence by questioning people that may have been involved in a theft. As a small business owner, you should appreciate the effect that unchecked shrink can have on an establishment. You getting all booty bothered about the situation shows insecurity and a sense of entitlement on your part. Also thinking the police officer just wanted to have a conversation because they knew you seems rather suspect. Maybe they were on to something when they suspected you of malfeasant behavior.

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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  •   Sep 10, 2019

    You didn’t know that police officer yet thought he wanted to chat. He questioned you about your car (or ‘care’ as you spelled it) but never mentioned stealing. The thief had a different purse and you hadn’t changed purses.

    Something smells fishy. The officer was doing their job and you weren’t inconvenienced much.

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  •   Sep 11, 2019

    I'd LOVE to know how a fifty year old buisness owner can survive in this world with writing like this!

    Me and my husband was...

    I went thinking okay maybe he knew me. (How can someone you don't know know you and you be fine with that?)

    Yes sir its me and my husband's we came together...

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