Family Dollardefamation

V Dec 10, 2018

I have been going in family dollar for a long period of time, always were a good customer... So one day I went in the store and the mangers aproaches me and say to me, " do I have some explaining to do?.. I was very shock at what was going on and I was told that someone came in the store and said I had stolen pull ups, I never stole anything and it fustrates me that I didnt do the incident, I was so embarrassed by other customers being in the store, as I spoken to the manager, she never did say I was banned, so next day when in.. The assistant manager approached me again and said that I was banned, the manager never told me I was banned, again I was so hurt and almost in tears in a crowd of customers standing and in being falsely accuse of stealing, was no police involved, and when u are being accused, u have to evidence that a person did it, I never in my life experienced this... The assistant manager telling a different story from the manager story... I'm hurt that I can't shop where I been shopping at for months and yet they havent checked the camera to see who really did it, but im being accuse of stealing and embarrassed and I was put on blast in front of other customers...

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