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Please beware of this organization. The owner Donna is one crazy lady and smelly too. Lies to you pretends she cares about her animals yet she's worried about the money. She's always talking bad about everyone and everything. She has no soul and if she does, it's dark just like her heart. Dropped off our dog for her to sit over a holiday vacation, "gave her a donation " and when we picked up our dog she had a puncture wound on her cheek, which required us to take her to the vet the following day. Her face was swollen and full of puss. However Donna never mentioned anything and denied anything happened under her care. Please adopt from some other place.

Oct 10, 2019

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  •   Oct 10, 2019

    Her body odor matters when adopting a pet?

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  •   Oct 13, 2019

    if she smelled that bad why did you go back to her for pet sitting? somethings smelly alright and its not her.

    should have found a legit pet hotel or whatever.

    or hire a dog sitter for the house/whatever.

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