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I had applied online for various bad credit loans. I recently had filed bankruptcy and was in search for a loan to pay off my van and put a little money aside for various medical issues I have. My current loan on my van was at 22%. I received a call from a Scot Mitchell at 'Fairway Lending'. I returned his call and received a voice mail.After three days of not hearing from him I called him back.

He picked up the phone, which had a lot of background noise and static on his end.He informed me that he tried to get me a loan through bank of america,wells fargo and chase. They all declined but he did have good news that he got me a loan through fairway lending,which has investors and others pool money together for bad credit loans. He said I was approved for a 20 thousand dollar loan at 7% for 5 years at 396 dollars a month. This sounded great to me as it was a lower % rate than my current auto loan and it would give me the extra money I need. Plus the payments are less than my current auto loan a month!

He read me my social security number and place or work, address, everything was correct. So he then told me that I would need to money gram or overnight him 1,980 dollars to secure the loan and this would be applied to 5 months of payments. I knew right then and there something must be wrong.

I asked him how I would receive my money. He said I could fax him my checking account information and they would deposit my money overnight into my account or I could pay for the overnight express shipping of my check for 20 thousand. This all sounded too good to be true. I informed Mr. Mitchell that it would take me a few weeks to get that kind of money up. He said that would be fine and to 'take my time' getting the money, that the loan was still good.

I just wanted to report this to your website to let others know this is a scam. I had my hopes up until he told me about the money upfront and wouldn't tell me where,when or what bank he was off of or from. I still don't know what state, city or actual address this person was calling me from but it does make me uneasy about them having my social security number! BEWARE of these thugs, I am in my 60s and on a fixed income. They thought they could take advantage of me but think again! Everyone beware!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Feb 06, 2008 8:59 am

These people are trying to pull the same scam as Allstate Financial Group and North American Lending. Other companies trying to pull this same scam are EquiTrustFinancial, Direct Financial services, True Life Financial and Premium Growth Financxial Group. Do not do business with any of these scam artists.

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