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Big problems @ that shopping center. Located on a couple suburban crossroads in upper-middle class area

The shopping center is overrun by a bunch of bullying kids who park their trucks in the lot and stay there all day.

They play loud music, litter, make comments at customers, ride their trucks up and down the lot, and worst yet, a rash of break-ins have happened there.

Police have been called numerous times and there has been nothing done by the management company Carl Freeman company.

May 17, 2019
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  • He
      Jun 26, 2019

    I can’t believe I even found this review! It’s unreal. I was there shopping and had to run back out to my car since I left my wallet in it. I got cat-called at and had rude comments made at me. Sure made me feel crappy. When I just ignored them, one of these guys threw a bottle in my direction. I told the store about it when I walked back in and the response I got from the store was like “oh we know about it and gave the shopping center a report and described what’s been going on but nothing is ever done.” This type of behavior is very demoralizing but also can lead to more dangerous behaviors.

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  • Pa
      Jul 11, 2019

    I was shopping at the Fair Hill shopping center in Olney MD several months ago and was nearly run down by some kids that frequent their lot in their vehicles/large trucks. I complained to the grocery store there (Harris Teeter), the Montgomery county Maryland police and to property manager Carl Freeman companies. Harris Teeter told me that this has been an ongoing issue. My granddaughter and I were at the store late afternoon. I usually take her to get ice cream at the Baskin Robbins shop there at the same center after we finish our grocery shopping. When we were heading back towards our car, a pick-up truck nearly ran us down. I pushed her out of the way, to which she dropped her ice cream and I was able to very quickly move out of the way, twisting my ankle quite badly in the process. These young men, about a dozen of them, and their trucks are often seen in the parking lot, playing loud music, drinking and racing through the parking lot area and loitering. They also shout out lewd sexist, and very rude racial comments. Incidentally, my daughter encountered them as well a couple weeks after my incident and they were extremely disrespectful of her. After my initial run-in, i had contacted Carl Freeman Properties, who told me that this would be taken care of. I was very surprised to see that this same situation has continued - and escalated - months later. It has actually gotten much worse. The property mgt. company isn’t doing anything about this. I also found out there are NO security cameras and there is almost no enforcement of the rules for these young men to not loiter. I have taken numerous pictures of the trash they left, liquor bottles, beer cans, and I emailed Vallie BonHag at Carl Freeman Properties and never heard back. Nothing is being done - this is beyond sad and has become rather ridiculous. If this behavior and recklessness of these young men continues, someone will surely get injured, or even worse - killed.

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