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J Aug 02, 2018 Review updated:

I'm NEVER coming back here! Nothing against Dr. Lopez, he's cool I guess. The girls at the front desk however are LAZY and make you do their job for them! I got a call THE MORNING OF my 6 month old sons appointment letting me know there was an issue with my insurance. So I called my insurance company and they fixed it the problem stating he was eligible and OK to see the doctor. I called the dr. office to let them know, told them they can call my insurance to verify or check in their system. They then said that their system is not "real time" and takes a couple days to update. SO WHY DID YOU JUST CHECK THIS MORNING TO ALLOW TIME TO FIX THE PROBLEM BEFORE THE ACTUAL DATE OF HIS APPOINTMENT??? They refused to contact my insurance company. This went on for several hours (they called me before 8 AM and it wasn't resolved until his appointment at 4:30PM)!!! Even when I got my insurance company AND the dr. office on the phone and EVEN when my insurance company assured them our coverage was fine, the front desk ladies were still asking for LUDACRIS things like a letter that was sent to me WAY back in January?! Mind you, we've been to this office before, it's not like we were new patients. Finally we go in for his appointment, not one of them smiled, not one of the 5 girls apologized for inconveniencing me for 8 1/2 HOURS of my day, and not one of them thanked me for doing THEIR JOB! All of them rolled their eyes and acted like I made their day rough. God forbid they have to actually work or actually go above and beyond to accommodate a customer. Absolutely NO customer service. This is the most despicable display of professionalism I've seen in a work place. NOT coming back and I would recommend you save your time and your insurance companies money and find another doctors office.


  •   Aug 02, 2018

    “LUDACRIS” is a rapper. “Ludicrous” is the spelling of the word. You must be fifteen years old.

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