FaceIT Ukraine webdesignTime Fraud


Beware of these guys. They will bill you so many hours for doing the work what was not asked, that you will then be wondering if you should start thinking about the bankruptcy. In addition, they will be be scaring you with stories of the potential of the threat of computer security breaches without any authorization to do so.

Here it is how it works:
1) You give them a basic task set to do, like adding/removing bars from the menu, and connect the merchant account for a checkout. Requesting to get it done in 7 days.
2) Before accepting the contract they will review the code see how feasible the task is and get familiar with the site structure, and accept the contract.
3) Then you will see daily basis 12-14hours billed, but nothing done
4) They will come to tell you that the entire site must be redone, because they dont want to fix one or another thing individually.
5) Entire website = 6-7 days X 12-14hours/day x 5-6 weeks x $22 = ~$8500, instead of 40-60 hours which is $1100.
6) Then the problem making begins, saying they cannot estimate the time anymore. But at the same time requesting the maximum time. which is a month. Asked how long does it take to add/remove tab, they say - 2 hours. So.. 2h*10 similar tasks= 20 hours? But no, when confronted, they will make up new stories, which has nothing to do with the tasks given.
7) Once asked to explain the things how can 2 hours become 2 days, they go wild.
8) When contract is canceled, they will constantly and intentionally going to try to hack the systems, which is in fact criminal activity by criminal statues, and punishable up to 30 years in federal prison.

So be careful when dealing with these guys.

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