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The site is run by a well-known internet predator named Dean Kelly. He also goes by the aliases Dashfoto, gqmadmax, Dsizzle, and a number of others.

The owner of this site (Dean Kelly) is an internet predator. He creates fake names, portfolios of models and uses them to try to attract models to fake castings and photoshoots so he can make personal advances on them. Not only do I have personal experience with this, you can read all about his shenanigans all over the internet by doing a search for "gqmadmax" and by reading these many news articles about him from reliable news sources. Models should BEWARE of this guy, and his sleazy site "" He has a number of profiles on his own site where he claims to be his own brother, others models, etc.


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      Mar 06, 2014

    Hi to all
    First I want to congratulate everyone for being pro-active and sharing their experiences and warning others about scams.
    My name is Dash. I'm a NYC based photographer and I recently purchased as the domain name for my photography website.
    I was not aware of any previous scams and was very happy to find this easy to remember domain name ...
    I run a legitimate business and am able to verify my identity and lack of any association with the persons mentioned in these postings. and dariushshemtoobphotography are now my domains and will remain as such for the foreseeable future.
    To the original poster/s. Please consider the burden these posting impose on my business.
    I invite anyone with any concerns to contact me through the website or my email- [protected] I'd be happy to do all in my power to convince you that there is absolutely no affiliation or even the most remote of connections between me, my business and my ethics and these reported persons or activities.


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