Facebook / banning tommy robinson

United Kingdom

You have banned the most honest man who tells the truth of what is really going on and has done for years, things the msm will not report on, tommy has brought to the attention the truth of what is really going on in our country the genral public have a right to know, the traitor goverment wants him out of the way and banning him from social media if for one moment this will stop him and all his thousands of followeres you need to wake up, he is no way a racist the muslims are taking parts of our country over with there own laws/scools ect, there are muslim rape gangs that the msm does not report on all very hush hush, what is happening to our freedom of speach, i could go on and on but you only listen to the msm /goverment and muslims its pathetic

Mar 4, 2019

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