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Door to door magazine sales man. I made a purchase and then sent the cancellation. No repsonse from the business after 8 weeks, no magazines.

I figure this is fraud.

Anyone else dealt with these hucksters?

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  • Di
    Diane Bliss Nov 09, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I have not bought anything from someone selling door to door in a very long time. When this young man came along selling magazines subscriptions, I was very impressed by his ability to sway me into purchasing a subscription. Of course it wasn't until a week later that I was told FTFT was a scam and don't expect any magazine to come. So back to "No Thank You" and close the door.

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  • Sc
    scott fisher Nov 20, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I dealt with them and cancelled within the 3 days and still haven't received my refund and it's since august. I was promised my refund by telephone conversation and am still waiting. I am soon considering legal action. The number is [protected] toll free. Try and call, just make sure you have a receipt number handy

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  • Ti
    Tiffany Nov 26, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I used to work for this company, and the company itself is legit. What the problem is, is the little hood rats that they're so desperately hiring now. They take the money and pocket it and never turn the order in. More than likely, that's what happened. I know the owner personally and I know he strives to run this business as professionally as he can, but if I were you I would take legal action as well. He needs to know what his employees are apparently doing. Also, don't let them into your house! I can't tell you how many times I've heard people talking about all the stuff they stole from people's houses when they went in to sell them a magazine! They also operate without licenses.

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  • Li
    Lily Mae Stafford Dec 02, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I would like my subscription to Readers Digest, or my money, amounting to 65.00. You will hear from me again!!!

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  • Am
    Amy Beech Dec 02, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I also tried to cancel my subscription, but got the run around. Three months later I did receive a magazine- but the wrong one!

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  • Ge
    Geauxboy08 Jan 26, 2009

    I agree with the exact same text as described above. Readers Digest or my 79 year old mother's $65. I too you will hear from again.

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  • Dr
    DrTyrell Feb 17, 2009

    They had me in their system. They said it takes 90+ days to start.

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  • El
    ellen Mar 10, 2009

    Never pay in cash. Then you can put a stop on the check.

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  • Va
    Valdezvis Mar 17, 2009

    I was a victim of this operation as well. I want my money back. I feel we need to get together and do something about this. What a fraud. I've tried calling to cancel and of course it does not match up.

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  • Wi
    wildcatjes Mar 19, 2009

    I am also having problems with them. They said i would be called and asked if I really wanted the subscriptions or not. They also said it would take 4 weeks to cash my check and it only took one week and I was never called.

    I am going to try the toll free number soemone else left on this page!

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  • He
    heather Apr 04, 2009

    Just had one of them come to my door! Bought something of course because I am a teacher and I always try to support students but after she left had a bad feeling and went and found her (she did not get far) and asked for my check back!! Oh why do I have to be so trusting!!

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  • Jo
    jonny May 01, 2009

    yes some came to my house asking for this face to face magazine ### and i though it was cool and all
    but what really happend was that i got decived into this face to face crap
    so now i got to call this number and cancel this ###
    and get my money back
    not only that i didnt get a recripe from this girl i met on this day only a name and email
    but now i got to go through this holy ### just to get it off my account from my bank
    what a ###ing mess
    did ya ll have to go through this ### as well

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  • Ka
    kacie May 04, 2009

    yeah so i alwayssss say no to people like this. 2 guys came to me up to my car!! not even my door, I was trying to leave! I am a young women, 20 years old and I had my 6month old son with me too, you think they would feel bad & not do that! NOO! so the one time I say yes and sign up for something..I go to my husbands work & a guy he works with said he did it before and paid cash so he never got magazines or his money back. I went straight to the bank like 15 minutes after and cancelled my check, $33 is better then $85! I wish I could of found them and got my check back. I also read someones post saying that they cancelled the check and now they are getting calls from collection agencies saying they subscribed for it so they need to pay. Well I called the number on the back of my receipt and I press 3 to go to the cancellation lady and the inbox is full!! never again will I buy something like that! The guys were super nice too & I said if this is a scam please tell me & they were like no no..blahh blahh! ###s!

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  • Mu
    mustangstevegt May 14, 2009

    i got a call from a local cop who stopped one of these salesman. she wasn't carrying her ID either. The website for face to face, american cash rewards or travel work play.com all are not functional. supposedly they are in a contest of some kind to raise money for a trip or something. I did call [protected] (travelworkplay) and inquired about the program and magazines without leading them on too much. I gave them the saleman code number, the salesman puts next to their name. Then the lady on the phone confirmed the salesman name to that salesman number so i knew she was indeed one of their people. It still seemed legit from that perspective.
    Like i was saying, the most suspicious thing was that she had no picture ID on her. Ask for that. I didn't. That, and the fact NONE of the websites associated with this program are functioning!
    I only ordered 1 magazine so I wouldn't get ripped off too bad if it came down to it. The girl looked to be about 18/19 years old, if that.

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  • No
    november Jul 29, 2009

    i was hooked yesterday. I told the seemingly innocent girl that I could not donate much due to my own poor situation(i'm a student, trying hard to gather the tuition for the next semester). The girl begged me to order. She told me I could cancel it after I paid her. She also left her own number in case I need further assistance. When she left, I found none of the number listed, including her cell, is working.
    I wonder why such companies ever exist in the country, why no one investigate such companies and stop them creating more scams.
    The 888 number someone left here is not working either. I'm suspecious maybe some of the message leavers are from the company too.

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  • Su
    Superior WI Jul 30, 2009

    Two guys to the door, nice as hell, helped them out. Read these board messages and suddenly felt a distrust for the human race.
    Caught up with them and got my check back no questions.
    I feel rotten if they were just trying to better themselves, but safe.
    Im a positive person and a believer in people but i value having peace at mind.

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  • Vi
    victoriassecrets Jul 30, 2009

    I found a website where this company does their hiring. I posted my complaint there as well as every other site I could find! I am going to comtinue till they give my money back! Anyone wanting any other sites I find please email me! If enough of us complain as loudly as we can maybe this will stop! Here is the web address for the hiring site!

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  • Vi
    victoriassecrets Jul 30, 2009

    Sorry forgot to leave my email...[protected]@aol.com
    You reading this FTF? WTF, give us our money back already!

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  • Mo
    mommakell2161012 Aug 05, 2009

    Well I have just been a member of this scam am a single mother of two asked the gentleman to leave several times and he said i just need u to write three of them down and and extra just for points. Well I did he came back a week later and found my babysitter there told her I ordered these magazines and needed to pay, my sitter wrote the check out he told her if i wanted to cancel i could do so and it would take at least 2 weeks for my check to go through took four days and it was out of my acct was done on a friday and by tues when i wanted to do a stop payment it had already cleared. I have called every number several times and sent in the cancellation w in three days as well and still get no response from the company and my bank is telling me there is nothing they can do about it bc i signed the check well i left the check there for my sitter to go to walmart and get food not pay for magzines i never ordered. Any one that knows ne way to help me get my money back please email me at [protected]@yahoo.com... your help is greatly appreciated bc my sitter must think i am rich the total purchase was 263 and i can not afford that w the two children at home...

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  • Fe
    feeling stupidly dum Aug 06, 2009

    I to was a victim. I never buy from those types of salespeople but the girl was so sweet and convincing. I felt wrong after and could not find her to cancel it and get my check back. I followed instructions on back of my receipt and mailed in my cancellation that same day. I emailed several times, now today they cashed my check. Every time I call I get the same recording. Now I feel like an idiot and basically took the food out of my kids mouth. I feel so bad, I told them in an email to refund my money ASAP or I will be forced to get a hold of a lawyer.

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  • Ma
    Marie K Aug 06, 2009

    Here is another "twist" they are doing, this happened to my elderly mother and Thanfully I came in shortly after he left her home.

    Using the Military in Iraq as a SELLING POINT!!

    Was a Young African American, very nice, sweet talkin. He made a good pitch to her, talking about needing refereences for "points" for a trip and money for scholarship for college, this young man was from CA and we are in OHIO. Gained entry into her home (Told her MANY Times do not allow anyone into the house!!!) so he could write something down and get a drink of water. He was that convincing to her he was "trustworthy", That freaked me out!!

    First red flag, 2 of the magizines he picked out for her were suppose to go to the IRAQ Troops serving in military.Talked about how much they deserve and appreciate this... From conversation with my mother he found out my father served in WWII and he "whipped out" another special card with american flags and said any magazines from that would go to the Troops. "would that not be a great way to honor your former husband??.. WTF???

    2nd Red Flag, he wanted CASH for the subscriptions, was pretty adament about that. Said he got MORE POINTS for turning in CASH. (duh he would have more trouble cashing CHECKS with a out of state license!)

    3rd, the Total was suppsoe to be for 3 mags $171 ($56 ea for 2yr subscribtion) and suppose to have a $15 processing fee but he did not add that in or would have been $183, but when my mother said that was too much, he told her OH that is a error, you only need to pay $71. She went to write a check and he asked if she could give some of it in CASH, so she gave him $10 cash and wrote the rest in a check. Now tell me that order would have made it through still owing $100!!!

    he almost DID NOT leave a receipt for her, but she asked him where it was, and did get that.

    So I immediately tried to find him, GONE..(I only arrived less than 5 min after he left) So I went online and looked up the company and GASPED and then took her to her bank and had a STOP PAYMENT put on the check. Just leaves the $10 cash she gave him. We also stopped at the Police Station to file a complaint and they are now in the area looking for him :) they stopped by to check on her to be sure he did not take anything else or wander around the house

    Oh and here is the kicker on their "receipt" they MAY charge you $20 if you cancel, stop payment, close account, but let em try!

    They did NOT get a license to solicate door to door in our town that is a requirement, I have called and reported them to the local police, local sherif and also repoted them to the BBB . He and FTFT targeted a vulnerable Elderly lady in her home. Used information from his talk to her to convince her to buy the magizines, after he had already written up the "order" All she had to do was select a magazine for her as a reward for helping the Miliary troops..

    They say on the back it will take 4-6 weeks for refund after PROOF of payment is sent. .How do you proove cash besides what the salesperson wrote on the front? how much you want to bet that $10 is not deposited but put inside his pocket and he wrote up a new receipt showing just the check?? And suppose to take 150 days to get your magazine?? UNHEARD OF !! RED FLAGS!!

    All my mother is out is the $10 cash but now she is worried that they have her Checking account information, but I was assured from her bank that they have placed a WATCH on her account for anything coming through from this company or anything out of the ordinary from her normal banking.

    Everyone who has been taken in by them, visit your local BBB office or go to their website ( http://www.bbb.org/us/ ) and file a COMPLAINT! it will help others like you and my mother and might get the wheels in motion!

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  • De
    DENISEJ Aug 09, 2009

    I got scammed too. The 2 guys came to my home and said they'd help us move the following weekend, of course they never showed up!! I can't believe I just threw out $140.00 I got 2 magazines one for each of my kids... This was July 25, but after reading this I have a feeling I too won't be able to get my money back and I won't see either of the magazines...AHHHHHHHHHH WHAT A BUNCH OF ###!!!

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  • Di
    Diggity Aug 17, 2009

    Well, they got me too! Nice young kid talking about earning points to get money for college & for a trip...Told him right off the bat I can't afford it! So he tells me..."Well, you're in the same boat as your neighbor, so I'll fill you in on a little secret like I did her...Order this now...They will call you Monday to verify your info & make sure it's ok to cash your check. Just tell them no, but don't tell them I told you this, and I will still get my points." So I'm thinking ok, I can help this kid out w/o really doing anything. WRONG!!! No one called me, they cashed my check w/o permission, which caused negative charges for me. Yipee...Now the $87 magazine I ordered has cost me close to $350...Awesome. I see this kid again, Chris Appel just in case he comes knocking on your door, he's gonna get a boot in an uncomfortable place!!

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  • Sc
    scoutfinch Aug 23, 2009

    Please be very careful. These people are not who they say they are. One of them attempted to rape a woman in our town this week.


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  • Li
    lisa comings Aug 30, 2009

    scammers- I will never buy from a door to door salesperson again-there punshment will come in time. ###s!!!

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  • Un
    unhappym Sep 07, 2009

    I also purchased a magazine for my son. $63.00 later and no magazine!!

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  • Ej
    EJJacks Sep 15, 2009

    I ordered a magazine for my son six months ago and haven't received it yet. Just called the number on the back of my receipt [protected] - I'm in Colorado - and spoke to a woman who said they tried to deliver it, but must not have had the right address. I confirmed that the address was right (it was) and they are going to re-start the subscription this month (hopefully). She is going to call me back next week to let me know exactly which day to expect the subscription to begin. Not sure if this will actually happen or not, but it is worth a shot. Fortunately they did have my order number with the correct name (my son's) so I know they got it.

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  • Er
    eric avery Jan 11, 2010

    hi my name is eric avery i order some magzines from yall on thbe 8 of january 2010 i would like to cancle my order asap so call me please...

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  • Us
    usanor Jan 13, 2010

    Well, my hubby just got scammed in the tune of $160 last night in GA. They actually came into our RV where I was laying across the bed with a bad back...they came and literally threw themselves on the bed (2 young gals), launched into their sales pitch, etc...I was STUPID and didn't write a check...instead, hubby ran to the ATM for cash...bad, bad and more bad...he SAW THEM SPLIT THE MONEY UP AND POCKET IT...can kiss that $160 goodbye! :-/ Why can't they stop these idiots?

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  • Pa
    paccookie Jan 13, 2010

    I too was scammed yesterday in middle GA. Two young girls rang my doorbell and my son raced to the door to answer it. He was home sick from school. Normally I ignore the doorbell during the day because I hate dealing with people who go door to door selling stuff or handing out religious materials (although at least they aren't trying to take your money, just a little of your time). Anyway, these two girls introduced themselves as being in a contest to earn points towards a trip to Italy. They talked their way into my living room since it was about 35 degrees outside. They said they needed me to ask for information about three magazines so that they could get their points. So I asked about three magazines with zero intentions to purchase anything. They came back with a total of $156 plus a $15 processing fee and told me that a portion of any sales and the processing fee went to charity. I told them I could not afford that and they talked me into purchasing one magazine for a total of $71 for four years worth of a subscription. They used my son as a selling point - didn't I think he deserved an educational magazine? They asked if I could pay at least $20 in cash so that they could get their points today rather than waiting. I said no, I don't keep cash in the house. Then they asked me to go to the ATM. I again said no. I realize that this is the point that I should have told them to get out of my house and to tear up the order form. Against my better judgment, I wrote them a check for $71. After they left, I started feeling really odd about the whole transaction. My son and I had to go somewhere so we looked for them on the way out of the neighborhood. Of course we didn't find them. I looked up the company online and found so many complaints. I put a stop payment on my check (another $30) and now I'm considering closing my bank account to stop those thieves from getting any more of my money. Thankfully I used my personal account that rarely has more than $75 in it. I don't expect to see the magazines. I will send in their little cancellation form just to cover all the bases. I also made a complaint to the BBB, not that that will help anything.

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  • Bu
    busymomof3 Feb 13, 2010

    It's amazing that's its been years and this company is still not brought down. I got scammed $63 in cash.

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  • Ro
    rolph Feb 16, 2010

    FTF ripped me of, and the BBB of Colorado is no better! They're not helping to stop them...they're not shutting them down, and they're not working to recapture lost funds and return it to the owners. I've been trying to get my money back since Aug. 2009 with NO LUCK SO FAR...

    I, too, am an educator who would like to be trusting and help students get somewhere in life, but after this experience I WILL NEVER be fooled again.

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  • Me
    Megs38 Feb 28, 2010

    Back in late August, I was coming home from work and saw this guy sitting on the steps leading up to the second floor of my apartment complex. I politely said hi and went in and locked the door behind me, seeing as how I was going to be home alone until about midnight. Then I realized I HAD to take my puppy out to use the bathroom because she had been inside all day. This is when Joshua Cashman, the "FTF agent" for anyone in North Carolina, was able to get me. He started talking about selling subscriptions to get points to win a trip to the Bahamas and asked me if I would like to sign up. I told him that I wouldn't have the extra money until my next paycheck in a couple of days and he was like, "Well, the check won't process until September 8th, so you'll have plenty of time to get the money for it." So, against my better judgment, I signed up for a 2 yr subscription and wrote him a check for $71. And after I had signed up and handed him the check, he had the audacity to try to ask me out on a date, writing his phone number on the receipt and telling me that I knew what to do with it. Also, after I gave him the check, his ride conveniently showed up right then. A few days later, I check my bank account online and, what do ya know, they had already processed the check and put my account into the negative. I called FTF and "under absolutely no circumstances" would they cancel my subscription and refund my money after the 3 day time frame that is allowed to cancel. They sent me an email, with numerous misspellings and grammatical errors mind you, to take to my bank, asking them to drop the overdraft charges based on the fact that I was misinformed when I was told that they check would not be processed until the second week of September. Then, after all that was taken care of, I started noticing several random charges on my account, none of which were more than 1 or 2 dollars, that just had numbers in the description that I couldn't track. So, after going back to my bank they advised me to close that account and go to my secondary account that I had set up in case my first account was ever compromised and had to be frozen. And, to top it all off, almost 6 months later and I still have yet to see a single magazine.

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  • Je
    jennchic03 Mar 06, 2010

    Hi everyone - Here's how to fight back.

    They won't respond to emails, so call them at least every other week and speak to a supervisor. Document ALL phone call dates and letters mailed to them. I am STILL waiting for my refund since September 2009, 6 months ago! My last interaction was in January (2 months ago). They told me over the phone that they'd mail the $60 refund within 30 days. As always, it never came. I will be calling them this Monday and threatening legal action.

    Here is their contact information, directly from the receipt.

    Phone number: [protected], open M-F 9-5.
    Address: Face to Face Technologies, Inc / PO Box 1060 Kittredge, CO 80457.

    You will want to have your receipt number with you when you call (the sales rep should have given you a yellow stub receipt). They will try to ask you questions you might now know (like name on the subscription, exact amount), to make you sound confused. Stay confident and never say "I don't know".

    Good luck and don't give up - that's exactly what they're counting on to make money.

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  • Ir
    Irritated And Pissed Mar 15, 2010

    I was also scammed by this compnay, the girl at the door said i would be called before they submitted the check and i didnt receive any phone call or anything!! Now 6 months later they try to charge me fees for insufficient funds plus the amount of the magazine and processed it through my account!!! They hold no responsibility for this transaction and refuse to speak to me or help me with this situation!! I hope this company goes out of business and all the little ### that benefited from it!!

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  • He
    henl822 Apr 01, 2010

    I too fell for this really sweet young girl that came to my house. I was recently laid-off so I am on a very tight budget but I wanted to help her out in this so called "sales competition". I have grown daughter & remember those days of her competing in different type sales activities so I know how hard they work. But the ones that my daughter participated in were'nt a SCAM!!! She talked me into giving her some cash towards the purchase stating that it earned her extra points...After she left & had been gone a couple of hrs & me thinking about the whole transaction I just had this sinking feeling in my gut that I had just been scamed. I immediately that night started the cancellation process. My check was cashed in two business days after she was here. I then called The Global Marketing Co. who told me that they had recieved my cancellation within the allowed time period & that a ck for the total amount of my purchase was being issued & should be to me within 4 weeks. Well we all know that didn't happen so I called back. This time the same rep informed me that FTFT had gone out of business & that there is no way that they can reimburse every customer refunds & that they are just the marketing company so they aren't responsible. I was so PISSED-OFF at this point & I caught her in her lie...I said lady I am looking at my reciept & your company is the same address as the one it lists as FTFT's for refunds which means that you are one in the same!!! So, I think we should all join together & open a Class Law Suit against this company. I checked on doing it individually & just to file a suit for anything under $500 is a $80 filing fee. If we all join together we may get something done.

    Angela H

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