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Ra May 08, 2019 Review updated:

I have a broker but been paying Infinity directly with auto pay. I only call Infinity if I ever have any questions because I don't trust my broker Hoda. My renewal came up and since I have auto pay everything went through as normal. Well my broker text messages me saying my card on file expired call her to update. I was working, so later that day I went online to Infinity website and paid $200 to cover any additional down payment as usually the first payment of
a renewal is more. My broker texted messaged the next day saying she sees the payment of $200, but I still owe EZone $150 as there renewal because 30days before the policy expires they "review" for cheaper prices. She said my renewal didn't go through because I didn't make full payment. I called Infinity and they said she never touched my account and no broker code auto generated on to my account to show proof she ever checked if there cheaper prices. She did nothing, but I still get charged $150 and she threaten to take me to collections. I called Infinity again to find out how to remove her from the policy as I do not need a broker. I am stuck with this broker another year unless I pay her an additional $150 for cancellation. I also have a commerical account with Infinity on a separate policy and have to pay her broker fees on that one too. She suggested it's cheaper to have two separate account. One personal and one commerical. That's $150 at every renewal for two accounts! I don't know the law about brokers fees but when I asked about being up front of her fees she said it's in our contract. Ain't you supposed to sign a contract every renewal? This wasn't the first time she done this to me. She also did this to my co workers and ripped alot of them off as well. I don't like change and that's why I keep paying her fees but I am losing hours at work and cannot afford to keep throwing away money. I don't need a broker and should be able to remove her but Infinity said they have a contact with broker and broker has contract with me. My policy renewed May 7, 2019 at midnight with my auto pay account. Auto pay is attached to my checking account. Hoda only wanted my card updated so she can take her $150. My problem is paying a broker fee when there was nothing done. Where can I find a copy of contract saying I pay Ezone $150 at every renewal. Why is there another $150 to cancel contract with Ezone. That would be $300 total when I'm a single mom in California working my tail off. I cannot come up with that kind of money. My desired resolution would be to not pay them and let me cancel for they are a very sneaky company. Not honest.

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      May 08, 2019

    Good afternoon ra4207,
    We're terribly sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with the broker. We can certainly understand why this would spark some frustration. We would like to help you and review your complaint. At your convenience, send us an email to mobile.[protected] and include a policy number and any additional information that you would like to share for a review. Thank you for contacting Infinity Auto Insurance. Have a great day.
    -Orlando, CS Consultant

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