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eznetincome.comemillionaire/googlecash scam

I was foolish in giving my credit card info to the above so called businesses eznetincome and emillionaire.
Is there anyone out there with the info on how to cancel this as my bank won't dispute it as I did give the card info as
an approval. I cannot find a way to cancel this scam membership, PLEASE HELP

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  • Na
    natasha Mar 03, 2009

    hi.. i have done the same.. no money has come out yet but i am very worried. i was so silly to have filled the form out and submit it!

    i have just sent an email asking them not to carry on with my purchase and to cancel everything.. i hope it works! I am also going to let my bank know and hope they can stop any money going out..

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  • Ja
    janet Mar 05, 2009

    Did you try the 800 number? I just made an inquiry. It 'smy understanding. You have 7 days to look over the information. Then cancel. If you don't do so after 30 days you will be charges $47.00 membership every month. Is the information you received not a good idea to try, in your opinion? Janet

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  • Pa
    PAULA Mar 11, 2009

    Your best bet is to close your account with your bank and open a new one your bank should be more helpful make sure before you do that that your bank will not authorize any more charges to the account you close.

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  • Em
    emark Mar 18, 2009

    Dispute the Charge ! Call your credit card company, ask for the Claims Department and lodge a complaint - that is, tell them you want to dispute the charge. Provide the information they request and let them work the problem for you.

    Your request to the vendor to cancel the account or get a refund will probably be ignored. So I repeat dispute the charge. You can also file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau, and the Attorney General of the state where the business is located if you can figure that out (the scam artists don't like you to know their name and address).
    I hope that helps.

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  • Ar
    art0007 Mar 20, 2009

    4644 West Gandy Blvd, Ste 4-503
    Tampa, Fl, 33611

    Found info for you on the disclaimer

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  • St
    Steve Mar 21, 2009

    The only recourse I can see here is to have your credit card issuer CANCEL your credit card and re-issue a new one. I too was concerned about where the bottom line was with this EZNETINCOME and I refrained from providing my credit card for that $1.95 S&H as they did not state anywhere what the total cost for the product was and if they can grab money from the credit card in future. So I looked here and found many complaints. I shall not bother with this one.

    Thanks for your comments and experiences with this. Your misfortunes on matters like this prevent many others from making those same mistakes if we/they take the time to think and search a bit. So... Thanks again for these comments. (Steve)

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  • Gl
    GlimmerGirl Mar 26, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    yes cancel your card they cannot take any money with different numbers as they do not have your routing number they cannot touch your money they also mislead as i just read the same thing and googled their name to see feedback form other people... i think its horrible i d try to sue them too even if you get your name on a legal document as most reliable work at homes do not charge a fee at all and do not use testimonials on earning 24/7 $$$ it takes real hard work to make money period. unless it be a scam and the also ruin it for other business which you can buy into for example as they make you feel the whole world in a con... id definitely call a lawyer just to see if you can do anything... 9or make a post for all also taken in and get the signatures then maybe you can make some civil action good luck and im sorry you had to go thru that as i did it once myself so do not feel too bad better 47.00 then 4700.00

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  • Ka
    kayley Mar 26, 2009

    Hi i was also another person who fell for the whole money making scam but as i live in Australia i was hoping some one could help me to get in contact with these ### as every num i have got is a fake one please help

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  • St
    steve Apr 03, 2009

    Contact the fraud department of your credit card company contact the FBI IP3 Website and file a complaint the Harris County DA's office in Houston Texas. to investigate who is a part of this scam.

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner May 09, 2009

    EZ Net Income is just emillionnaire scam under another name:

    This is the person behind this scam - just do a search for his name + emillionaire and you will see that.

    So contact him direct for a refund:

    Brock Felt.
    Telephone number: [protected]

    Address: 4903 Yacht Club Dr, Tampa, Florida, FL 33616

    Email address: [protected]



    Another email to try, I found it at:

    [protected] (Customer Care Specialist) and
    [protected] (Company Owner)

    Phone: [protected]

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  • Sm
    s.mangi Jun 14, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Go to the site-give info plus $1.95 to receive info.U receive NOTHING.will be charged $47.00 monthly for membership that can not be stoped unless U cancel your credit card used to order the $1.95 info you will never receive.

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