Extended Stay Americageneral manager at the las vegas midtown location in las vegas, nv

L Aug 02, 2018

Good afternoon,

I am writing to file a formal complaint and make notice that several prior guests of this property and my company headquarters are planning to file a class action lawsuit against your company and your General Manager Terri Rodriguez for discrimination and wrongful removal from the property for bias and unfounded reasons that she deems necessary to remove a guest. I have in the past contacted your Guest Relations department with my complaint with no resolution ever made and no one above Terri Rodriquez contacting me. I submitted proof that Terri Rodrgiuez lied to have me removed from the property after a 6 month stay because she claimed that I smoked in the bathroom of my room even though my room was cleaned every Friday of my stay by housekeeping and no one ever found any smell of smoke or any evidence to support her claim. She tried to tell me that I would need to pay a fee of $250 on top of my weekly rental fee that I paid at the time bi-weekly. When I refused and asked her to show me proof which she was not onsite at the time of the incident she refused and told me I had until 11am the next day to get off the property. When I submitted my proof of her dirty doings like me complaining about marijuana smoke from a room right off the elevator on the 3rd floor where I stayed and she coming in and out of that room without rectifying the situation or even kicking them off property. The inability of the staff to keep the property safe and clean. She retaliated by calling the other Extended Stay Properties and telling them to not rent to me. I have always utilized your Company whenever I traveled for business or leisure as far back as 2007 and I have never had an incident occur like this or even felt anything but well treated when I stayed at any of your Extended Stay properties across the country and to be treated the way that I was by Terri Rodriguez and then find out from other patrons that they had the same experience with her or her staff is disheartening and puts a big blemish on your companies reputation of being a home away from home for people Relocating or in between permanent housing. I would think that your company would not stand for such dealings and would launch a formal investigation into why this would be something that would be allowed to occur continually each with similar incidences of either proposed smoking or some other fabricated situation that Terri Rodriguez deems would give her the right to remove paying customer's from your property located at 3045 South Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89109. I plan as well as the prior guest who have been victimized by Terri Rodriguez plan to open the lawsuit as of 8/6/18 if no one contacts me in regards to rectifying this situation or even investigating the numerous complaints.

Best Regards,
Lorinda Ingram

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