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Dear Sir/Madam
I received a e-mail telling me that I won GBP750 000-00 in 'n Fifa Promotion in conjunction with British American Tobacco/UK Lotto/SA Lotto.

Dear M. Rosslee
Congratulation Winner

After due verification of your details sent to our office, we find out that your email address was among one of the lucky email selected on this promotion draws.


You are required to download, print and fill up the Claims Form and Send it back through email attachment or fax: 00 44 [protected] to me.

Yours truly,

Mr. Max Beleza,
Processing Manager,
Uk/Sa National Lottery

Now, nobody is available and I have not yet received my winnings. What are my options now? The form I completed are from the UK Lottery International Form CM2.

My ref nr: 7PWYZ2006 Ballot Nr: [protected]/20.
According to the email my email adres [protected] was selected by machine Topaz.
The Manager is Allan Mary, and the Chairperson is Mr. Cameroon.
I would appreciate it if someone can let me know what is happening with my winnings. If this is a scam I will still not let this go. It is cruel to give people hope of a better life when they have been working hard all there life and then just to wash your hands from it, because it seems to be a scam.
Somewhere it has to be stopped and attended.
Thanking you in advance
M. Rosslee ID([protected])
P.O. Box 12388
South Africa


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      Jul 27, 2009

    I would like to verify the existance of this company, EXPRESS RESOURCES AWARD SERVICES & PAYMENT INC. Just like Rosslee, I also received an email that I won GBP750 000-00 in 'n Fifa Promotion in conjunction with British American Tobacco/UK Lotto/SA Lotto. I should also send the emails with my personal details. I would like to know if this company does indeed exist or if it is a scam. I have attempted to search for the company through the Google search engine, but to no avail.

    Your assistance will be highly appreciated.


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  • J
      Aug 11, 2009


    I have also received the exact e-mail...not too sure! M y instinct tells me it's a hoax. It would be interesting to check with the SA Gaming Board because the mail state it is approved by the UK/US/SA Gaming Board. If you find or hear anything pls post it!

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      Aug 11, 2009


    I have received the same e mail and would like to know if it is real. it would be great winning that amount of money. I was told to forward my details to Max Beleza which i did but still did not receive any response.


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      Aug 14, 2009

    hi guys

    i have read up on this, here is the website

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      Nov 05, 2009

    I've also received this letter today 2009/11/05 and I've send my details also in to them. Fool I am, because this money would've be so great especially now with our circumstances. Are somebody attending to this scam they call it now????

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