Expo Construction IncorporatedPoor workmanship & abandonment!!!


Expo Stucco subcontracted to apply Dryvit exterior on my home 12 years ago. Recently, water leaks were discovered in two separate walls necessitating extensive reconstruction of the walls. The cause was found to be directly related to poor workmanship when the stucco was applied. The seams between the roof and walls were caulked without flashing and the caulking broke down allowing water to seep into the walls. This was well documented by an independent engineer. When Expo Stucco was notified of the problem they refused to help in the repairs leaving us stuck with thousands of dollars in repair costs! In Montana, the statue of repose limits the time a contractor can be held accountable to 10 years. Unfortunately for us, the problem was not discovered within that time frame leaving us with no legal recourse. We were not asking for any sort of financial compensation only help with time and materials to rectify the problem. We were abandoned by Expo Stucco and I would advise anyone considering using them to look elsewhere!

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