Exploiting devotees by Street vendors on SriVari Metuluprices are unreasonable and no check on the standard pricing

R Sep 11, 2018

Hi team,

I would like to bring to your notice that there are juice, butter milk other vendors on srivari metulu /steps who charge uneven price for everything. When I check the price of the same product with other vendors, the prices is different.

For example: 100 ml of lime juice is being charged rs 30 and when I ask on the unreasonable price then there is no answer shows don't care attitude and told me to complaint where ever is possible as the vendor's bribe all officers on duty and vendor believe that no one should question them as the entire administration is corrupt.

Please take an action on vendors and check the price and mention the toll free number in most places to escalate these kind of issues. Please prove that all the officers are not corrupt.

Raghavendra rao

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