Expediahotel booking

T Nov 15, 2017

Booked Dream Weaver Inn, Puerta Penasco Mexico. Now the hotel's website says they're closed. Expedia was paid in full and no cancellation allowed. The basically non-English speaking customer service ASSURES me someone will call me in 24-48 hours but the trip for 2 is over the Thanksgiving weekend, next week. Clearly Expedia didn't check with the hotel to see if they were actually taking bookings and it's hard to say who else might be in the same boat. The chance of rebooking at this point are probably nil, but we've already made a ton of plans there. We want Expedia to get us a comparable room, with free parking and that will take dogs (as Dream Weaver said they would) for a comparable price. This is the second major issue I've had with an Expedia booking - the other resulted in us having to take an additional day to get home from a vacation.


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