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On 26th September 2019, me(Rimika Datta) and my Husband (Mayank Ashok Mukherjee) onboarded flight MU 216 from YVR to NKG and NKG to KMG on ticket no: [protected] and journey went well. But while trying to board for the next leg of our journey from KMG to CCU for flight No. MU555 on the same ticket No: [protected], the China Eastern Airlines Ground Staff at KMG (Boarding Staff and Ground Staff #29303) told that my husband's ticket is not confirmed/cancelled and the only way he can onboard the flight is by buying a new ticket.

So, in emergency we had to withdraw cash and buy a new ticket with Ticket No# [protected] for 4149/- Chinese Yuan -(attached copy of the same) to onboard the flight. Apart from the monetary harassment of 4149/- Yuan, this also led to a lot of harassment of me and my Spouse due to rude and unhelpful behavior of the ground staff, lack of their English communication of the staff and lack of proper money exchange Kiosks- all this in a foreign country

After all these harrasment we are calling almost everyday to the Expedia support, Different agents / supervisors promising different things, but nothing is resolved from past 2 weeks.

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    Dobe Oct 10, 2019

    Ridiculous outfit I would never recommend Expedia to my worst enemy. You are a rip off with the airlines, Air Canada being the worst. Credit are being issued by the airline rip off Air Canada in my case but you have to use the credit at THEIR DATES on their terms basically you have to travel during the week when seats are open on the flights in my case rip off AC and return before the weekend when all the seats for Expedia are filled, you need to have open seats on rip off AC and use your credit with humongous fees on top and on the end might as well forget your credit. $732.00 credit my A... I'm out $1, 800.00 with this trip of mine. Next time if there is a next time we will drag ourselves on the plan make sure that everybody knows that my husband is sick with a virus make sure we name the Quack that says he's OK to travel because we will contaminate everybody on the plane.

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