Expediabooking flight

Q Sep 07, 2018

ok - last week i tried to book an online flight but could not complete the booking without purchasing the flight protection insurance that i did not want - this, after many expensive phone calls and a lovely lady called Anne (who called me back to save me money) resolved the issue and refunded the insurance money.
Today with the same card i have the same problem when booking four flights. You want the insurance purchased and i dont want it. Again you have cost me a fortune in phone calls and sadly this time i got a newbie customer services who said she would not/could not call me back. It costs me £1.50 per minute to call you. So with the same card i cannot pruchase my flights unless i check the box for flight protection - thats fraudulent ...But the worst part is trying to get anyone to talk toyou . Twitter facebook - i gave you a second chance after last week and you have dragged me through this stressful malaise...

  • Updated by Quecunt · Sep 07, 2018

    what a waste of time this is - all i wanted was to talk to someone next tuesday

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