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C Aug 04, 2018

Good day
I cancelled my service with Telkom last month out of pure frustration with the pathetic service being received.
I have complained for over 15 years about the shocking connectivity I have been experiencing. Little wonder if this is what My Telkom connection looks like. See attached pictures.
Every time I had a fault, I was told that a call had been logged for the connection to be moved. I had to limp along with this for years on end. I think that enough is enough now, fortunately there are now alternatives to choose from.
My complex will have fibre from 1 September.

When it again stopped working last month I finally decide that as Fibre is on its way I may as well cancel rather than live with this rubbish, and with a phone line that has cracled and buzzed for years on end.
As I received no service after I cancelled on 29 June - I refuse to pay for any further service after end june.
If you insist on charging me, I then inisit that you first come out and replace this mess and not have it in my front garden. This means taking this mess out of my garden and moving it into the proper Telkom Box which is about 30 metres away.
Please advise which option you prefer.
In the meantime - I will pay the June account and nothing further.

Kind Regards

Colin Chapman
Business Improvement Specialist (Director)
Mobile: +[protected]
email: colin.[protected] or [protected]

I have sent my objection to about 6 different email address for Telkom - none of them work, they all bounce.
... Please send me an email address that I can forward details to. I am tired of spending hours on the phone and using up all of my airtime on your useless call-centre services.


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