Executive Dating CalgaryTerrible company


This company was eager to sign me one however after one introduction that was already in a relationship I have received no further intros, nor have I been able to reach either my counceller or any members of the company by phone or email.

They did respond to the better business bureau however they were not honest in their response, which was they were responding to my calls and were working on my file.

The guarantee was 2- 7 intros a month two months later going on three I have had one non available intro. I believe this is a real scam, so I caution any of you thinking of using this so called proffessional dating service.

They offerd me to put it on hold, transfer or cancell, well that is great but you can't reach them and why would I give this to someone else who cannot contact them. A refund would be nice but that isn't going to happen either when they are unreachable.

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