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Everglades Universityfinancial billing


Everglades University, a.k.a. Keiser University is an online scam pretending to be a revolutionary online college. They are a for-profit school, and are not accredited. They represent to you on the phone that you can pay as you go and set your own schedule, but actually will bill you for an entire semester regardless of how many classes you actually take. This can be around $6, 000 dollars. Even if you withdraw from a class, they will continue to bill you for the remaining classes that you do not take, and then turn your account over for collection years later ruining your credit history.

Don't even consider taking classes here.


  • Mi
    Mikey Morgan Sep 16, 2018
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    Verified customer

    I would like to join as well

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  • Th
    Thomas Patrick Aug 29, 2018

    I'm in... These people are criminals. Period.

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  • Yr
    yrc Aug 03, 2018
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    I will like to start a class action.

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  • Ca
    CAK1980 May 15, 2017

    Does anyone want to join to start class action against Everglades University tor finacial aid abuse and over billing? I would love to have enough people to start one against these scam artist! I am sure they can be sued for many more issues as well.

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  • Yr
    yrc Aug 03, 2018
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    @CAK1980 Lets start a class action.

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  • Sc
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    This is a sales organization that happens to sell classes instead of blenders or penny stocks, or any other scam.

    It operates with the same ethical standards as you would expect a place that is basically a call center to operate, which is none.
    The head guy gets paid millions, yet it is "non-profit, " as is their private jet, of course.
    If they call you, hang up and call your local community college, please.

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  • Do yourself a favor and do not even bother applying to Everglades. Learning online is a fine idea, but it’s not something you should pay to do. There is nothing you can learn online from Everglades that you can’t learn for free by simply reading and watching videos. If you’re heart and mind are set on earning a degree online, then find someplace better. Everglades is not good. I worked there for a long time and I know first-hand that it’s not a good place. It is run by the most greedy people you could ever imagine. The faculty members are just ok, but they’re not the best-of-the-best like your admissions adviser will try to tell you. Believe me on that; I hired a bunch of them and I know most of them. They’re mostly great folks, but no better than the faculty of any other school. Heck, most of them teach for other schools too because they’re not paid enough to actually make a living from Everglades.
    Why that is the case might make you scratch your head when you consider that a freshman entering Everglades will spend more than $80, 000 just in tuition and fees to earn a degree. That’s online! No dorm. No food. No gym. No classrooms.

    It will take 41 months to earn a degree. It’s not an accelerated program and it’s not part-time. It’s all the frickin’ time, year-round for 41 months. You are not permitted to take a semester off, or even a month or two without being “dropped” from the program and having to reapply for admissions. No summer vacation. If you do take time off, you will be hounded by phone calls, emails, and letters telling you that you must come back. That’s when you will truly learn about all the different fees that Everglades has.

    It is my sincere hope that you prosper and do well in life. Please know that the statement, “You must have a college degree to get ahead in life.” is one of the biggest myths perpetuated in American Society. You are a child of the most-high God and you are destined for greatness. Don’t get yourself bogged down in the quagmires of the Everglades.

    We are all part of the same thing, hurling through the cosmos together, our beginnings and ends well hidden from view. Let's live in peace and stop trying to rip off each other. It is a time of abundance regardless of what you are told. There is plenty for everyone. Peace.

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  • So
    Someone who knows the real deal Jul 30, 2011
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    First let me dispel any rumors about accreditation. Everglades is and always has been accredited. As of January 2010 it is SACS accredited. That’s the good part. So don’t let that be an issue for you.

    Having been an employee for many years and having recently been fired, or let go as they so eloquently put it… I will now give my opinion of the place. Please understand that much of what I am about to write is indeed my own opinion and based solely on my own observations and experience.

    It seems to me that every policy and every decision made by upper management is based on greed and ego, and it seems to me that they want to take as much of your time and money as they can possibly get away with, and then they will still want more… lots more… and when you give them more, it’s not going to be enough… ever.

    If you are considering working there, I do not recommend it, even if you are desperate for work. I consider it to be not a happy place. It is a culture of condescending intimidation, ridiculous demands, awful hours, and stupid... really stupid bosses making really stupid decisions daily. The turnover of employees is, well, indescribable. Ask them for yourself. If you’re an academic person, ask who the Dean is. Ask to speak with the Dean. Ask how long the Dean has been there. Ask about the previous Deans (there have been many… many!). Ask how long they stayed. Ask who your Department Chairs will be. Ask how long they’ve been there. Ask what happened to the last one. If you’re applying for a staff position, ask some of the same questions about DoAs and VPs… again, many, many have come and gone. If, when asked, your interviewers are not forthcoming with the information, or if you’re told something that differs from what I’ve just described, then think about it. Make up your own mind about what it might mean.

    If you are considering attending, I recommend you to look elsewhere. Again, this is just my opinion; Everglades is not worth its high tuition and outrageous fees. It’s way too expensive. I think the education is mediocre at best, and most classes are really bad.

    And now the facts about the tuition and fees:
    Tuition: $6, 060 per semester (four classes; no discount for more classes) Soon to go up by 5%
    Ed Fees: $800 per semester (what they are for is still a mystery to me and I worked there a long time!)
    Books: ~$400-600 per semester (30% markup over list price + $5 per book “handling” + shipping)
    There are several other fees involved and they are too numerous to mention here. See page 62 of the EU catalog, which is available at
    By the way, to my knowledge a link to the catalog is not to be found on the EU website. But now you have it.
    So, that brings us to well over seven thousand dollars per 12 credit hour (four class) semester. This is, in my opinion, way too expensive for what you will get. There is nothing offered at the school that you can’t find somewhere else better and for less money.

    Have a nice life.

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  • I0
    I'm not paying a DIME!!! Jul 15, 2011

    I just dropped out of Everglades University becasue I got accepted to a better school with a better aviation program. Now I am stuck with paying over three thousand dollars in classes I did not take(two classes). The reason being is becauase I have the GI Bill and the way it works is if I don't take the classes then the goverment makes the school pay back the money for the classes I did not take. So my question is if the goverment finds it fair to take money back for classes that I didn't take, then why do I have to pay for them?! This school is a scam! Since I have been attending Everglades we have been through 3 or 4 deans and staff is constantly quiting or resigning. I'm glad that I fianlly opened my eyes and got out of there and decided to go to a school that is actually accredited and has a good reputation. Another point I want to make is that Everglades University is always getting audited so they can keep their accredetation. Also of 54 credits only 10 transfered to my new school. This school is a joke and waste of money. Trust me and go to a school that is well known in your particular industry. So in a nutshell Everglades University is super expensive for the quality of classes you are getting, they are for profit, all they care about is making money! FYI, I use to go to the Everglades University in Sarasota majoring in B.S. Avaition Technology. Which by the way the staff at Everglades compare closely to their other aviation degree Aviation Management.

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  • Re
    Read This Article Sep 03, 2010

    Read This:, 0, 1878717.story

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  • Ve
    Very Happy Student Aug 06, 2010

    You sound like an have a choice of where you daughter wants to go? I am not following this story...if things were so bad why not leave?

    I have heard great things abut this school. To take so much time to write such a lengthy posting seems a bit intentional?

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  • An
    ANTHONY VAUGHN Mar 02, 2010


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  • Sh
    Shirley Grose Feb 12, 2010

    I FEEL STRONGLY that something is not right with this setup for online and/or campus classes. I feel pretty sure that my daughter

    and I were lead into a situation that could have been financially devastating if not for the Florida 3 day cooling off law for

    cancelling contracts.

    February 11, 2010, I WAS INVITED TO TOUR Everglades University at East Altamonte Drive, Orlando, Florida, with my daughter who

    was interested in the Alternative Medicine degree advertised on TV. The recruiter phoned us in response to an email my daughter sent

    after seeing the ad. The University contact was relentless. He called over and over and over. So, he talked us into an appointment

    for a "tour" of the University, which had to be done as soon as possible because classes begin in March.

    WHEN WE ARRIVED at the school, my daughter was "interviewed" instead of getting a tour of the school we agreed to. Instead, we

    were taken directly into a small bare conference room and told that this was an accredited school, one of only 7 in the US,

    started only a few years ago, and that they offered Bachelor of Science Degree, which would transfer to any school. We were kept

    in this room for 3 hours talking to a recruiter. We were told that my daughter's credits would transfer. From what I understand

    now the school is not regionally accredited to do so.

    THE RECRUITER as he referred to himself told her about the wonderful program starting in March. He sold

    us their program because it sounded reasonable until we both asked "how much will this cost?" We had been

    there several hours before the financial stuff was discussed. The Everglades recruiter said they were hand

    picking their students so their school's image would not be spoiled, and she was the kind of student they were looking for because

    of her great grades on her transcript. He said only a few would be chosen. It was emphasized that the staff help her get a job

    after school. She was shown a grainy picture of an alumni who was accepted at Georgetown, DC. He thought she should go there to

    finish her degree, too.

    THE RECRUITER SAID THEIR SCHOOL was expensive but don't worry our financial aid person works magic with FAFSA. You will get

    grants and we have scholarships and loans. You won't have to worry about paying these fees. It sounded like he said the school gave

    grants. It sounded like her fees would be waived by the school. He was very good about phrasing things so that the way we heard

    them might have been too good to be true. After reading the contract I have no doubt about where the free things came from and who

    the fees were to be paid by, and it's not the University, it's was my daughter. None of those fee wavers and universtity scholarships were

    in writing, though.

    HE TOLD HER TO READ THE CONTRACT but not to worry about the fees because she wouldn't be charged those. It sounded like she was

    awarded scholarships and grants from the school, and the fees might be waived. He said he would have to pass it by the board but

    they usually agreed with him. At one point he said that the fee was $6000.00, and it sounded like that would be per year, and

    besides, she wouldn't even pay half of that just a very small payment per month. Instead, on paper, it was $6060.00 per SEMESTER,

    plus fees, plus books. While she was reading the contract on the other side of the table, he asked me personal questions that I

    was flattered to answer. I was distracted. The room was stuffy. I was tired. My bottom was numb.

    WE MET AND SHOOK HANDS with the vice president, the financial aid representative, and a secretary who came to our conference room,

    and then we, after 3 hours, finally "toured" the university, and shown a few long desks in two classrooms. She was told she might

    have a whole desk to herself because classes were that small and personal.

    THEY WERE A FAMILY there he said. The staff bought food for students who couldn't eat and Christmas gifts for students' children

    who couldn't afford them. No one worried about fees. We didn't tour the entire large building. We were taken to the library where

    we met the librarian who told us about his credentials. The library was small and looked not so full of books. I noticed on the

    bulletin board with a few other things there was a notice that tuition had to be paid by a definite date each month in order to

    attend class. After the stories about Christmas gifts for the needy children, the notice conflicted with the stories.

    CLASSES WERE SET UP one class per month--for the adult learner's convenience. If that is so, then according to the pre-printed

    contract, the student would have to pay $6060.00 BEFORE they could begin that first class, which would mean that for one class you

    paid up front $6060.00 plus fees, which was not what the verbal understanding seemed that we seemed to hear.

    SINCE WE DIDN'T TAPE the "interview" we had no proof of fee waivers and such, only the recruiter's word, a recruiter who said he

    attended Oxford in England with Chelsea Clinton, and who rode the empty airplane alone on the first flights after 911 to attend

    Oxford in the honors program, who said he didn't tell that story to just anyone about how he was selected as one of two students

    from Tampa to go to Oxford and learned how to drink in the pubs as part of learning how to read and drink then read some more. He

    also said that we would not see him again. The staff would take care of us. He was only a recruiter.

    WHEN THE FINANCIAL AID PERSON came in to talk about FAFSA, my daughter said that she'd filled them out before but she was not

    eligible. The recruiter said that their financial aid person could work magic. Just don't you worry. She said we can claim your mother as a

    dependent, and a stepson who had moved out as a dependent, and she suggested a few other things that I was uncomfortable with and

    wondered if it was illegal to claim but she said oh, no, this is quite legal. She added, this isn't tied to your Federal tax return.

    WE ARE BOTH EXHAUSTED and can barely think at the end of the session in the conference room. The stuff that sounds too good to be

    true happens at the end when both of us feel tired, and now, maybe a little off guard. I remember thinking that the name of one of

    the professors that he mentioned sounds like the same name of a visiting student posted with her name and others in the lobby.

    Some red flags are there but we just need to go home. It's late.

    LOTS OF THINGS DON'T SIT WELL WITH ME WHEN I GET HOME SO l with me so I search the Internet to find students whose credit might

    have been ruined by this university, people who say they are paying exhorbitant fees, students who are very dissatisfied. I searched for

    information before we went to the university in Orlando but I found nearly nothing UNTIL I searched for the phrase: Everglades

    University Florida problems, which brought me her.

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