Everett Chevrolet Hickory NCservice on 2015 equinox

S Sep 04, 2018

I have had transmission leaks 5 times in less than a year. All Ive received are gasket replacements and my transmission continues to slip. I was pretty much told it was all in my head or possibly the rug in the floor under my feet...really?? Bandaid on a big problem just waiting for my warranty to expire so I'll end up paying for the repairs. I have askwd for a motor/transmission replacement but all i get are excuses. I was told they got me an additional warranty but not in addition to my 100k, but only added to what is on the car at the present time. May have given me 10k more?? Wow. Ive called GM everytime this has happened and all I get is a person the set up a repair appt at this bad excuse for repairs dealership.

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