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Everest College Complaints & Reviews

Everest College / loss of money

Dayana C on Mar 24, 2016
I went to Everest years ago, it use to be name Brymant college when I went. Its been about 8-11 Years. But honestly I think this was a waste of my money big time. I got a loan from SallieMae. They promise you a job, I tried so hard to get a job through them and I never did through them...

Everest College / Corrupt Business Practices

FormerInstructor on Sep 29, 2015
I worked for Everest College Hamilton Mountain Campus under the campus president Connie Greubel for many years. Even when it was known as CDI College, before the name change. I finally left because I was no longer able to deal with the internal business practices. This is a warning and notice...

Everest College / beware dont waste your time and or money on this college

Reviewer71966 on Aug 18, 2015
Recent grads Please don't think this is a quick fix to job skills opposed to college. THIS IS NOT COLLEGE just a bunch of incompetents Charged with the task of creating additional incompetents.. .. Which is how you feel after a few months. Paid over 15k to show up and be treated like le...

Everest College / Lie and didn't keep up with their promises.

JIMMY L, on May 4, 2015
I have decided to go to school to become a pharmacy technician, but i have a felony charges in the past, so when i visit the campus for the first time, i present my problem with the counselor and also hand him my expunged documents at the same time, and i ask if i take this class, is it...

Everest College / fraud,lies,emotional distress,

lamika raines on Apr 17, 2015
I in rolled at Everst College in 2005 and stop going in 2007. I was allowed in by takeing an assessment test to be able to attented school i took up criminal justice. I did not have my high school diploma and the person who was responsible that day fixed the test for me and a friend of...

Everest College / Tuition

Amanda07 on Mar 25, 2015
I attended Everest College in 2013, graduated 2014. I have never had a job in my field, and will not be able to aquire a job in this field due to Everest. I have paid into a $20, 000 student loan. Now all of a sudden they stop taking payments...why? If my education is null and void...

Everest College / Misleading potential students

Joedirt75 on Oct 14, 2014
The reason I chose to go to Everest College is that I was given a grant to go back to school and it was one of the organizations that offer’s a condensed program in a short amount of time. I took the addiction studies program that is 8 months long with another 2 months of co-op...

Everest College / Discrimination and misrepresentation

no ones business on Jul 16, 2014
This school mislead me in what they had to offer, what i would be making once i graduated, class sizes, teacher accommodation's, school accreditation's and what they were willing to do for me. They have discriminated against me and many students on color, race, and how much money...

Everest College Ma Program / Misleading information

Kristakay7 on May 19, 2014
Admissions Rep, Teo, Gave false information while giving information about their medical assisting program to attract more interest in the program. Beginning of January 2013, I met with Teo, my admissions rep, who knew I was interest in becoming an RN. I told him, I was only interested in...

Everest College / Educational

JoeDirt71 on Feb 19, 2014
Everest is very good at selling their programs to perspective students, but once they've got you and your money, there is little to no follow through. The programs are weak in substance and the promises they make of getting you a job? What i've seen is people being placed in...

Everest College / Liars!!!

B bobby on Feb 10, 2014
They make up rules as they go such as no hats in the building even when you're not in class cause it's a health violation and discriminate against my fiancé and I every day we go there for classes they said we were having sex out in the parking lot when we were outside...

Everest College / Liars!

B bobby on Feb 10, 2014
This school lies! No where in the student handbook does it say anything about PDA but yet they constantly harass me and my fiancé about a quick kiss before class yet let others get away with it. No where in the student handbook does it say I can't wear a hat when I'm not...

Addiction and Community Service Worker / False Advertising

angerashell on Jan 15, 2014
I graduated in the year of 2011 from the Addiction and Community Service Worker course. While attending I was ill advised about the course and mislead, I was told that once obtaining this diplomia that I would be able to find a job entry level as a addiction councillor or work within the...

Everest College / No Morals

Everest sucks on Oct 29, 2013
This school is a joke! Everyone from the Campus President as well as vice president, admissions managers, reps and career services are liars. The admissions girls dressed like if they are going to a club and ready to strip. They enroll students who have no business in a class. They...

Everest College / school complaint

MRobledo on Sep 9, 2013
this Everest College is nothing but a rip-off and can be sued for False Advertisement. they promise things that they don't even keep up with. i took the criminal justice course and never got hands-on all we students did was nothing but work book. there are so many things i have to...

Everest College / NON-Educational

angryateverest on Aug 7, 2013
I attended Everest College From November 2009 - June 2010. For Level 1 Dental Chairside assistant, Everest college disputes that and says I was present for the first day of level 2 and attempted to bill me for it, but thats another matter, I found the whole experience to be a very dim...

Everest College Phoenix / Non accredited college

Single mom angry on Jul 3, 2013
Started at Everest in 2010 got my AA degree, they told me they wold help me find a job, I am now still working dead end job, no help from Everest at all, employment help is a joke. I never researched their accreditation and now paying for it . Just found out they are not and now I owe 23...

Everest College / becomming a medical assistant

TAMMY ODELL on Jun 8, 2013
I went to everest HOPING to change my life and get a career. LOL that place is a joke. Not only are the people you talk with like car salesmen but they exaggerate on getting you a JOB after you get your degree. I got my RMA by the skin of my teeth. I hate everest and wish I would have...

Everest College / School a Scam To Build It's Pockets

Kathgra on Jun 6, 2013
I am a single mother (age 45) who made the BIG decision to upgrade my skills and go back to school. I met with three schools in Ottawa because I needed to make sure all my courses to be an Executive Office Administrator were instructor led. My learning style is hands on with instrution...

Everest College / More in it for the money than students success

Vshadow1 on Apr 13, 2013
This college caters to people that need special education and rather dealing with these people seperatly they have the whole class suffer. They literally dumb down the education and give us the answers that are going to be on the exam for the module. So when people actually graduate they...

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