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Where do I start? BUYER BEWARE! RENE PEREZ is a FRAUD... PANAMA INTERNATIONAL MOVERS is a FRAUD! Extortion is the name of their game! And, if you don't give in... they steal and damage your stuff!

Right now, I'm at a loss for words! We just received our 20 foot container from David, Panama to Bogota Colombia using Panama International Movers as our agent. We have $4, 385 worth of damage! But this is not all! Let me fill you in on the details leading up to this frustrating and absolutely disturbing situation!

We met Rene Perez, the owner of Panama International Movers over the internet and found him to be very knowledgeable and responsive! We bid out the contract for the move between three companies... and Rene's bid was in the middle. Long story short... we chose to go with Panama International Movers. The container gets to David (LATE)... and there were three guys like Rene had said. However, only two were movers, and the driver refused to lift a finger. We were promised three movers... so, guess what, I pitched in and helped (and I worked harder than either of the movers that day)! I wanted my belongings packed appropriately and securely... so why not, right? Well, three hours later, my back was hurting and the driver puts the lock on the container and jumps in the truck ready to take off... I yelled and banged on the door... WHOA! Hold on! I go to the back and check the lock... it wasn't locked... he didn't thread it through! I made him lock it, and I wrote down the number on the lock, the container, etc... The container left! I think to myself... am I going to have problems with Panama International Movers?

So... we leave Panama for Colombia... and we wait. Not a word from Rene for three days! We decide to call... no, Rene is on vacation. So we ask... and our container? How is it? Where's our insurance? Our Bill of Lading? The person hasn't a CLUE! Rene finally emails us back two days later... don't worry, everything is fine...a nd by the way, the check you wrote isn't good so if you don't pay me now, there will be additional fees. Hold on... well... the check was written wrong cause the driver told us the wrong name! Rene replies... listen, now is not the time for arguments... either give me the money or you don't get your stuff! OK Rene... give me your bank account number. HE gives us a bank account under his personal name. No Rene, we will only pay Panama International Movers. Well... he sends another bank account number with a different company. No Rene... we will only pay Panama International Movers. HE was pissed... but he gave us an account for Panama International Movers. We wire the money... $3, 100 to be exact. Next day, we get an email... you still owe us $500. No Rene, we owe you $3, 100 like the email you wrote us, and the contract says. Well, then why did you pay me $3, 600 on the bad check? What? We look and he was correct! Well, do you know how that came about? The Driver was on the phone with Rene and told us that the payment required was $3, 600 and to make out the check to International Panama Movers. OK... we did... we didn't print it out. We trusted Rene at that point! We believed him... made out the check... but guess what... RENE PEREZ is a FRAUD!

Next... Where is my bill of lading and Insurance... Rene? No you don't get that! WHAT? YES I DO! I've moved internationally several times, Rene... I want my Bill of Lading and my insurance... now! HE sends it... OK... looks good... but is the insurance real? The container is already in Cartagena... we will find out after having $4, 385 in damage and missing items! Story carries on...

We get antsy after two weeks go by... We contact Rene... where is my container? I don't know... call Mudanzas Chico, a Bogota, Colombia agent that the shipment was consigned to by Panama International Movers. We finally get in touch with Alejandro from Mudanzas Chico. He says that because of the Ms. Colombia beauty pageant in Cartagena, our container can't be released for 5 days because they are on a break... it's just how it is. Hmmm... ok... oh yes, you will have to pay shipping fees too... oh really! Well, the time comes and we have to shell out the payment for this side before we even get the container. NO SIR! We call Rene from Panama International Movers and guess what he says... that's your problem! Either pay him, or you don't get you stuff... and, the fees will just keep adding up... so don't pay him and I make more money! Well... I freak out... He hangs up! That's customer service... Great job, Panama International Movers!

We pay Mudanzas Chico... and days go by without ever hearing from them... On the 7th day... we finally call and demand the container! Sure... it will be here tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and it's not here. Well... you'll just have to wait until Monday... OK... what's one more day? Monday comes and... Alejandro... where is my container? You said 12pm... where is it... oh, it's coming! Well... 4pm comes... WHERE IS MY COMTAINER? It's coming... 15 minutes later, it comes. However... it's not my container! It's two Mudanzas Chico trucks! That's right... they unloaded our container into 2 of their trucks without our permission! Fabulous... no? So, we notify the insurance company right away... this doesn't look good... in the near future... we will upload the photos on a website for your viewing pleasure of how the trucks were packed! The insurance company says... yeah... make a report. OK! You bet I will!

We start unloading... piece after piece is either badly damaged, scratched, or torn open. Countless boxes were mis-matched... things were just not the way we packed them! We were distraught at this point! But the icing on the cake... we have an abundance of items missing! 54 boxes, a brand new refrigerator, A King size Mattress, and so much more! Oh yeah... did I mention we were encouraged to severely under value our goods on the separate insurance list that Rene from Panama International Movers had us make out. Yes... that's standard practice... one list for Insurance, and the other for aduana's... ok, Rene Perez... we trust you! We trust Panama International Movers... WHAT WERE WE CRAZY? YES! Our missing goods and damaged items are worth well over $15, 000! Can you say... sucker?

Well... this is not over... and there will be plenty of follow-up to come on this topic... so stay tuned!

Panama International Movers, S.A.
Industrial Center
The Americas, Warehouse #4
Panama City, Panama
Tel: [protected]
Fax: [protected]
E-Mail: [protected]
P.O.C: Mr. Rene A. Perez
Sponsors: IntlMove International Movers, FL
Unipack Global Relocation, Inc., CA

By the way... Rene Perez also owns a company called Eurovan Movers... BUYER BEWARE!

Eurovan Movers - Panama - BUYER BEWARE
Eurovan Movers is an international freight forwarder that manages the movement of cargo via air, land & sea to destinations worldwide. -- RENE PEREZ OWNS THIS COMPANY- FRAUD! BUYER BEWARE!
Location: Panama, Panama City
Phone: +[protected],
Fax: +[protected],
E-mail: [protected]@
RENE PEREZ's Sponsors:
Sponsors: IntlMove International Movers, FL
Unipack Global Relocation, Inc., CA

They really don't care! That's your problem they say! Oh really... I won't rest... ever!

, PA
Jul 07, 2012 11:36 am EDT


My name is Ben. I grew up in the Canal Zone back in the day and I was living in Houston, Texas. While i was on a ship working, my wife planned our move back to Panama. She chose a door to door service. While, the state side component of this move was first class, they chose Rene Perez in Panama to handle our belongings. After paying the moving company for the WHOLE service, and they were paying 650 to Renee for him to move our stuff from colon to Panama City. So he contacts my wife and asks for an additional 1400 on top of what was being paid to him already. I was angry and I wanted to match a face to a name i googled him and stumbled upon all of this info. Thank God this CRIMINAL didn't have my stuff in his possession out of customs. I immediately flew my wife to Panama, we hired our own truck and hand picked a customs runner on our own to do the final leg ourselves. Thank God for the internet. I am sorry for you people and what this ### of the earth put you through but you taking the time to write about him has helped my family and I want to personally thank everyone that complained about this guy online. Hopefully people like this end up behind bars which is where Rene Perez belongs.

Thank you,